Selectmen's Minutes June 5, 2018

Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2018
Great Cranberry Island Community Center


Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Florence Joy Sprague, BOS
Cory Alley, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Ben Sumner, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Laurie Dobson, MAC
Ingrid Gaither, MAC
Carl Brooks
William Dowling
Phil Whitney
Karin Whitney
James Amuso
Robert Murch
Susan McNamee
Edward Gray
Chris White

I. Call to Order: 8:44am by Chairman Richard Beal.

II. Review / Sign Financial Warrants
Warrant #21 $ 13,068.83
Warrant #22 $ 178,000.00 (Axiom)
Warrant #23 $ 72,623.27 (school)
Warrant #24 $ 9,306.25
Warrant #25 $ 74,121.82
Total: $ 347,120.17
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

III. Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes: May 8, 2018

Cory Alley moves to approve the May 8, 2018 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

IV. New Business

A. Sign USDA Community Connect Grant Documents

Chairman Beal moves the following motion concerning the USDA Community Connection Grant:

I move that the Board of Selectmen for the Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine:

A. Accept and receive the USDA Community Connection grant, and
B. Execute the Grant Agreement accepting its terms and conditions as a valid and binding obligation on behalf of the Town of Cranberry Isles, and
C. Advise the USDA authorities that Malcolm Fernald is no longer a Selectman for the Town of Cranberry Isles, nor Chairman of its board as of 10 March 2018, and
D. That Cory R. Alley, having been elected 10 March 2018 at Town Meeting, replaces Malcolm Fernald on the Board of Selectmen, and
E. That Richard F. Beal is the elected Chairman of the Board of Selectmen for the Town of Cranberry Isles with authorization to sign and execute all documentation and agreements related to the USDA Community Connection Grant, and
F. That Town Clerk Denise McCormick be authorized to provide certification of the above Motion to Town Attorney Jason Barrett and any others requiring the same, under her signature and Town Seal.

Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.
Selectmen sign motion and provide copy to the Town Attorney.

Denise McCormick presents formal USDA Community Connect Grant documents. Selectmen review and sign.

B. Appoint New Broadband Committee Member

Cory Alley moves to appoint Bill Dowling to the Broadband Committee. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

C. IVFD Cistern

Susan McNamee presents a current picture taken from her property of the cistern on Islesford and asks the Selectmen to continue beautification efforts. Katelyn Damon explains the functioning of the well, hydrant, vents, and flume. General Discussion. Consensus of the Selectmen is to allow Susan McNamee to add ferns to the landscaping so long as they do not interfere with the functioning of the cistern. Cory Alley moves that the Selectmen gather estimates for the construction of a removable structure that will shelter the cistern during winter months to allow emergency services access. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

D. Dog Point Road: Open Bids

One bid has been received for paving Dog Point Road on GCI. General discussion. Consensus of the Board is to cut pavement width to 14’, to stop pavement just before the turnaround at the end of the road, and to earmark $10,000 from the Selectmen’s contingency for use in completing the project if necessary. Richard Beal moves to accept a bid of $142,089.50 from John W. Goodwin Construction for improvement and paving of Dog Point Road. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

V. Other Business (taken out of order)

Discussion of school maintenance issues. Consensus of the Board is to task James Fortune to have an engineer review the Ashley Bryan School for significant maintenance issues that may need to be addressed.

E. GCI Year-Round Floats: Harbor Committee Recommendation

Cory Alley reports that the Harbor Committee recommends building a sturdy float with a 40’ ramp that can be raised during severe weather. General discussion. Two additional pilings would be required. Richard Beal moves to solicit a bid from Newman & Gray Boatyard for a 20 x 24 metal-grated winter duty float that rides in the water one foot higher than normal. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

V. Other Business (taken out of order)

Cory Alley requests an update on the hoist installation at the GCI & LCI Town Docks. James Fortune reports on the project status.

Cory Alley recommends that Dennis Dever be tasked with warning oversized boats tying up to Town floats. Consensus of the Board is to refer ordinance enforcement to the Harbor Committee for a recommendation.

F. LCI Gravel Pit Policy

James Fortune reports on cleanup efforts at the LCI Gravel Pit. He will prepare a policy for the Selectmen to review that will include a provision the any dumped vehicle will be returned to the owner’s property at the owner’s expense. General discussion. No action taken.

V. Other Business (taken out of order)

General discussion of drainage issues that have resulted from the annual road sweeping that took place this spring. Consensus of the Selectmen is to task James Fortune to discuss with the contractor.

G. Disposal of 3 Barrels of Old Road Tar

James Fortune reports on three barrels of road tar that have been rediscovered at Islesford and are believed to be from the 1960s. The tar is no longer usable and the barrels have deteriorated. Remediation cost estimates he has received are about $2,000. Consensus of the Selectmen is to use contingency funds to have the old tar removed and disposed of.

H. Maintenance Surveys for LCI, GCI & Sutton Town Docks

James Fortune reports that Prock Marine is scheduled to complete the survey during June. No action taken.

VII. Audience Communication (taken out of order)

Ingrid Gaither, representing the GCI Futures Group, reports that the Futures Group would like to have portable speed bumps temporarily installed at various points on Cranberry Road to encourage vehicles to slow down. Florence Joy Sprague recommends attorney review for liability concerns of any proposal. Chairman Beal asks for a formal proposal from the Futures Group to be presented to the Selectmen for approval at the July Board meeting. (Amended 7/3/18: Richard Beal reports that speed bumps are not allowed on public roads per 23 MRSA 3651)
The Futures Group also would like to ask about Town property that might be available to lease for the construction of a fitness center on GCI. Chairman Beal responds that the Town does not have sufficient suitable property available.
V. Other Business

Katelyn Damon reports on a recent meeting with officials for EMERA. Issues discussed included emergency services training for dealing with downed wires, review of the utility tree-trimming schedule for the Town, scheduled replacement of the Islesford cable in 2020, and EMERA concern with locations of the Town’s broadband poles. She also reports on details of a make-ready survey EMERA can complete for the Town to determine the costs of moving broadband lines to existing utility poles. Richard Beal recommends that the survey costs be paid from the contingency fund and that the town take responsibility for the survey rather than Axiom. Cory Alley moves to have EMERA perform a make-ready survey to determine where broadband lines can be installed onto current utility poles. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Denise McCormick advises that the Town is authorized to spend up to $1,300,000.00 (including $100,000 authorized for Sutton Island fiber) for the broadband project. She advises that the USDA grant funding is not money available in addition to the allocated funds. Voters would have to approve any additional spending on the project.

Laurie Dobson, representing the Municipal Advisory Committee, submits a letter prepared by the MAC addressing various questions and issues and asks for a response from the Selectmen. Chairman Beal tasks James Fortune to review and prepare response.

VII. Audience Communication

Carl Brooks addresses the Selectmen about concerns with planned broadband poles on his property.

Phil Whitney addresses the Selectmen about concerns with planned broadband poles on his property.

VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(A)


VIII. Adjournment

Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.
Meeting adjourned at 11:32am