Selectmen's Meeting Minutes November 13, 2018

Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2018
Islesford Neighborhood House


Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Florence Joy Sprague, BOS
Cory Alley, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Ben Sumner, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Laurie Dobson, MAC
Carl Brooks
Bruce Fernald
Serena Spurling
Anna Fernald
Skip Stevens
Chris Hathaway
Cory Duggan
Jean Fernald

I. Call to Order: 8:29am by Chairman Richard Beal.

II. Review / Sign Financial Warrants
Reviewed and signed by the Selectmen in October:
Warrant #46 $ 8,820.92
Warrant #47 $ 7,170.00
Reviewed and signed by the Selectmen at today’s meeting:
Warrant #45 $ 7,442.97
Warrant #48 $ 7,238.64
Warrant #49 $ 71,964.33 (school)
Warrant #50 $ 6,593.23
Warrant #51 $ 127,154.88
Total: $ 236,384.97

III. Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes: October 2, 2018

Cory Alley moves to approve the October 2, 2018 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

IV. New Business

A. Town Office Construction Progress

James Fortune reports that Selectmen Cory Alley and Florence Joy Sprague will meet with Jason Pickering next week to review and prioritize construction items for the Town Office at 61 Main Street. No action taken.

VII. Audience Communication (taken out of order)

Carl Brooks asks if an addendum he submitted to the Town Office was reviewed by the Selectmen prior to approving the October 2, 2018 meeting minutes. Chairman Beal confirms that the addendum was received by the Selectmen and will be included in the public record of the meeting.

B. Lease for 15 Mansell Lane

James Fortune reports that a lease agreement is being prepared with the Maine Seacoast Mission. Florence Joy Sprague asks if bids have been requested for repair work discussed previously. James Fortune responds that bids will be requested once a formal lease is finalized. No action taken.

C. GCI Winter Float Installation

Selectmen review the estimate provided by Chalmers Enterprises for installing the winter float at GCI. James Fortune reports that the float is scheduled to be installed by December 1, 2018. Richard Beal moves to approve the estimate from Chalmers Enterprises as written. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

D. Tree Work

Cory Alley recommends that a number of trees in the Town’s utility right-of-way at Islesford should be taken down to reduce potential power outages. Katelyn Damon reports that she has formally requested that EMERA assess the lines on Islesford and has an appointment with an EMERA official. General discussion. Locations on GCI and LCI are noted as having utility issues. Cory Alley advises that the Town cannot spend money to remove a tree on private property even if the tree might pose a potential hazard to power lines. James Fortune notes that Axiom will address potential issues with its lines as part of its contract with the Town. Consensus of the Selectmen is to work with EMERA to have problem trees addressed and to review progress at the December meeting. No action taken.

A. Town Office Construction Progress (continued-taken out of order)

James Fortune presents an estimate provided by Jason Pickering for installation of an additional heat pump zone at the Town Office. Jason Pickering recommends using the heat pump in place of reinstalling the Town’s propane heater. James Fortune advises that the Town attempt to sell the propane heater. Consensus of the Selectmen is to accept the estimate and sell the propane heater. Selectmen review and sign estimate.

E. Street Opening Permit for Septic System Line on Sand Beach Road

James Fortune reports that the Selectmen must give authorization before a septic line can be installed underneath Sand Beach Road. Code Enforcement Officer Dennis Dever has recommended drilling underneath the road. Richard Beal moves to authorize Denise McCormick to sign any permit that will be required to access the road to permit the septic line to be installed, with a preference toward drilling—if possible. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

F. New Overhead Door Manset Boat Shop

Chairman Beal reports on the estimate received for the overhead door installation at the Manset Boat Shop. Dennis Dever has recommended additional framing work to accommodate the new door. Richard Beal moves to accept the estimate for installation of the overhead door and to authorize up to $800 from the Manset Reserve in contingency funding to address framing issues around the door. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Bruce Fernald asks about residents storing boats in the Manset parking lot during the winter. James Fortune recommends that the parking lot be available for boat storage for town residents during the winter so long as float storage is not impaired. Cory Alley advises that the parking area should be used for storage only—not for painting or repairs. Consensus of the Selectmen is to allow boat storage by Town residents in the Manset parking area from November through March.

G. Town Website

Ben Sumner reports that proposals are being solicited for constructing and hosting an updated official Town website. A cost estimate will be determined for budgeting purposes and proposals will be requested prior to the 2019 Town Meeting. No action taken.

H. Broadband Update

James Fortune reports that service to individuals on GCI continues to be established.

Bruce Fernald asks if any consideration will be made for having a broadband line included with the EMERA utility cable replacement for Islesford scheduled for 2020. General discussion of possibility of leasing cable from EMERA to create redundancy for current microwave service to Islesford.

V. Other Business

Laurie Dobson provides MAC report.

VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(A)


VII. Audience Communication

Skip Stevens presents a request from the Islesford Neighborhood House Association (IHNA) for $20,000 from the Town towards the installation of a septic system. Denise McCormick advises that since the request is above and beyond the normal donation made by the Town, there must be a separate warrant article. General discussion. Richard Beal moves to include the INHA request as a Warrant Article for the 2019 Town Meeting. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Laurie Dobson asks about having a warrant article included on behalf of the GCI Futures Group for construction of a health center on GCI. Denise McCormick advises that a formal request must be presented in writing by the Futures Group.

James Fortune reports on an estimate for wave fencing repairs to the Town Docks. Denise McCormick advises that there is not enough money remaining in this year’s budget to cover all the repairs. James Fortune reports that he will prioritize the list of recommended repairs for the Selectmen to review and approve.

LCI Harbormaster Bruce Fernald reports on a recurring electrical grounding issue on the Islesford Town Dock. EMERA will be out next week to investigate.

Katelyn Damon provides an update on Item IV. (D) from earlier in the meeting and reports that EMERA will be on Islesford next week with a bucket truck in addition to reviewing the numerous hazard trees in the utility right-of-way.

Bruce Fernald asks that bids be solicited prior to the 2019 Town Meeting for the Islesford Breakwater and Dock Extension projects.

Serena Spurling asks about an excise tax overpayment issue. Denise McCormick responds and a refund will be given.

Laurie Dobson announces the establishment of a new business on GCI.

Bruce Fernald asks a question about who might be contacted to pick up junk vehicles on the mainland. Cory Alley responds.

V. Other Business (continued)

Florence Joy Sprague presents a recent Maine Municipal Association article on salt shed safety. General discussion. Consensus of the Selectmen is task James Fortune to prepare appropriate signage for the salt sheds.

VIII. Adjournment

Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 10:38am