DRAFT Selectmen's Meeting Minutes May 7, 2019


Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
May 7, 2019
GCI Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Florence Joy Sprague, BOS
Cory Alley, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Ben Sumner, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Dennis Dever, CEO & LPI
Carl Brooks
Joe Connell
Nanette Hadlock
Ingrid Gaither
John Atkinson
Scott Cleaves

I. Call to Order: 8:45am by Chairman Richard Beal.

II. Review / Sign Financial Warrants

Warrant #16 $ 13,598.24
Warrant #17 $ 6,932.88
Warrant #18 $ 72,900.02 (school)
Warrant #19 $ 6,574.88
Warrant #20 $ 151,894.60
Total: $ 251,900.62

Selectmen review and discuss bill for architectural review and drawings for the Breakwater Project at Islesford. Per Cory Alley, the project is ready to be put out to bid.

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
III. Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes: April 2, 2019

Cory Alley moves to approve the April 2, 2019 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

IV. New Business

G. Road Opening Permit: 56 Sand Beach Road (M. Griffith) (taken out of order)

Scott Cleaves of Goodwin’s explains the project to run septic lines across Sand Beach Road. The road will be opened for about four hours, but will not be closed to traffic at any time. Steel conduit will also be ran parallel to the septic lines to accommodate utilities. Dennis Dever explains that he is involved in the project because of the Sub-Surface Waste Water (SSWW) application, but advises that the Selectmen—as the Town’s Road Commissioners— should approve all road openings. Cory Alley moves to approve the permit. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Selectmen sign permit.

A. IDR Liquor License

Selectmen review the annual application from the Islesford Dock Restaurant for its liquor license. Florence Joy Sprague moves to approve the application. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 2-0.

Selectmen sign the application.

B. Sign 2019 Tax Commitment Letter

Denise McCormick presents the 2019 Tax Commitment Letter for review. She also advises that the assessor will begin the quarterly review next week. Selectmen review and sign letter.

C. Town of Cranberry Isles Fire Department Training

Katelyn Damon reports on the proposed controlled burn project at the Maypole. The Town Attorney is working on liability protections and rules. Richard Beal advises that there should be no extra expense to the Town. Katelyn Damon reports that she has notified the property owner about the expenses. General discussion of DEP notification and/or approval of the project. Richard Beal, without objection, tasks Katelyn Damon to get a written acknowledgement from DEP for the Town’s records that the Town is in compliance with DEP regulations for this project. Florence Joy Sprague asks about clear title to the property. Katelyn Damon responds that the Town Attorney is reviewing the title along with all other liability issues.

D. Cranberry Fire Department Energy Savings Program Funding Approval

Katelyn Damon presents program to install LED lighting at the GCI and Islesford Fire Departments using cost sharing grant funding from Efficiency Maine. The Town’s portion of the costs ($2,394 for GCI; $2,503 for Islesford) should be recouped through savings in less than 18 months. Richard Beal moves to approve Fire Department Reserve monies be used to fund the Town’s portion of the project. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

V. Other Business (taken out of order)

Katelyn Damon presents an estimate for an on-demand backup generator at the fire department buildings. Presently, generators are hooked up and maintained manually by members during extended power outages to ensure the equipment remains operational. She proposes to get a second estimate and, alternatively, to solicit an estimate for solar power generation at the firehouses. General discussion. Consensus of the Selectmen is to consider both proposals.

E. PUC Hearing on Cranberry Isles Utility Pole Licensing. Result of Hearing

James Fortune reports that the Maine Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C) has approved placing broadband lines on a limited number of EMERA poles. EMERA must now complete an assessment of the individual poles that have been approved. No action taken.

F. USDA Grant Update

James Fortune reports that the USDA has requested additional invoice documentation from Axiom. No other requests are pending from USDA. General discussion. No action taken.

V. Other Business

Cory Alley reports on complaints that the GCI pool is being overused by non-local shellfish harvesters. Richard Beal explains the history of the Town’s expired Shellfish Ordinance and advises that a volunteer Shellfish Committee must be reestablished before the ordinance can be resubmitted. Cory Alley recommends a reassessment of the Town’s shellfish resources by a biologist. Cory Alley moves to have a Shellfish Committee reestablished and a Shellfish Ordinance reauthorized by the State of Maine. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Cory Alley reports on parking issues at the Islesford Town Dock. General discussion. Consensus of the Selectmen is to straighten out the parking lot area and enforce restrictions. Cory Alley agrees to plan and organize the project.

Cory Alley reports on the status of the tractor purchase for Islesford. He solicited a bid from Bangor Tractor ($60,278) for a Massey Ferguson tractor sufficient for the Town’s needs along with an industrial street sweeper, a rear grader blade, a large bucket, and a front end snowplow. Richard Beal moves to accept the bid for the tractor and implements. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Richard Beal reports on a water purification system being installed at the Town Office in lieu of drilling a new well. It has also been discovered that the pressure tank has developed a leak and needs to be replaced. Richard Beal moves to approve the purchase of a replacement pressure tank and a new filtration system with purification lamps. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Richard Beal asks about the status of the pilings being installed to accommodate the GCI winter float. James Fortune advises that pilings are expected to be installed sometime during the spring or early summer. Denise McCormick advises that the deposit on the project was paid to Prock Marine in December 2018. No action taken.

Richard Beal reports that the Town Attorney has recommended against the proposed idea of a moratorium on new private dock construction within the Town. The Town’s other options, specifically state regulation and the Town’s Planning Board, are the appropriate channels to work through and reduce the likelihood of lawsuits. Denise McCormick observes that the Planning Board’s authority is limited to the provisions of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. General discussion of the proliferation of private docks along Sand Beach at Islesford. Richard Beal recommends that the Town Office staff consult with the Maine Municipal Association about how other coastal communities are dealing with private dock issues.

VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(A)

VII. Audience Communication

VIII. Adjournment

Cory Alley moves to adjourn the meeting. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 10:52am.