Planning Board Minutes September 13, 2006

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Planning Board Minutes
Great Cranberry Island Ladies Aid

Steve Philbrook, Chairman
Bill Dowling
Bruce Komusin
Sally Rowan
Nan Hadlock
Jeff Berzinis
Ed Gray
I. Call to Order: 6:09 P.M. by Chairman Philbrook.
II. Review / Accept Minutes of 08/10/06 Meeting Minutes
Steve Philbrook moves to accept the minutes for 08/10/06 as written. Bill Dowling seconds the motion, with unanimous votes by Sally Rowan and Bruce Komusin.(4-0)Motion passes.
III. Review Application:
Map 17, Lot 01
Southwest Boat Marine Services
Jeff Berzinis
Boathouse Relocation

This property is located in the Business District on a non-conforming lot, which existed before the implementation of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance of March 09, 1992. Mr. Berzinis plans to move the building approximately 25 (twenty-five) feet onto a 6 (six) inch concrete slab with a 4 (four) foot frost wall. The reason for moving the building is to get better accessibility all around the building for both emergency and maintenance plus make the property usable year round. Mr. Berzinis is planning to have Jordan’s move the building.
Section VI. subsection B, C.2 (relocation of a non-conforming structure) of the Shoreland Ordinance for Town of Cranberry Isles directs the Board as they consider this application.
Land Use Standards
A. Agriculture

Not applicable
B. Beach Construction
Not applicable
C. Campgrounds and Individual Campsites
Not applicable
D. Clearing of vegetation
No clearing of vegetation is intended to be conducted for this project, according to Mr. Berzinis.
Not applicable

No sedimentation control plan is included with the application. Mr. Berzinis is willing to submit a written plan for sedimentation control.
F. Mineral Exploration and Extraction
Not applicable
G. Piers, Docks, Wharves, Breakwaters, Causeways, Marinas, Bridges over 20 feet in length and Uses Projecting into Water Bodies
Not applicable
H. Road Construction
Not applicable
I. Signs
Not applicable
J. Storm Water Runoff
Mr. Berzinis plans to update the ditch running along his property line by digging the ditch deeper and using rock for drainage. The planning board agrees (4-0) that this meets requirements for runoff.
K. Septic Waste Disposal
Mr. Berzinis has indicated on the application that he intends to use an “electric potty” for sewage disposal.
Not applicable
L. Essential Services
Not applicable
M. Timber Harvesting
Not applicable
N. Soils
Not applicable
O. Water quality
Not applicable
P. Archaeological Sites
Not applicable
Performance Standards
1. Will maintain safe and healthful conditions

(4-0 in favor)
2. Will not result in erosion or sedimentation
(4-0 in favor with condition of written sedimentation control plan from Mr. Berzinis)
3. Will not result in water pollution
(4-O in favor)
4. Will not have an adverse impact on spawning grounds, fish, aquatic life,bird or other wildlife habitat
(4-0 in favor)
5. Will conserve shoreland vegetation
(4-0 in favor)
6. Will conserve visual points of access to waters as viewed from public facilities
(4-0 in favor)
7. Will conserve actual points of public access to waters
(4-0 in favor)
8. Will protect archaeological and historic resources as designated in the comprehensive plan
(4-0 in favor)
9. Will not adversely affect existing commercial fishing or maritime activities
(4-0 in favor)
10. Will avoid problems associated with flood plain development and use
(4-0 in favor)

(4-0 favor)
Steve Philbrook moves to accept the application for Southwest Boat and Marine Service, contingent on receiving a written erosion and sedimentation plan and approval from the Department of Environmental Protection with a permit by rule. Bill Dowling seconds the motion, with unanimous votes by Bruce Komusin and Sally Rowan. (4-0 in favor). Motion passes.
IV. Other Business
Planning Board members feel there needs to be a clearer definition of buildings and structures in the Shoreland Ordinance. A definition of structure is included on page 38 of the current ordinance, however there is no clear definition of building, or their relationship to each other especially when it involves area, setback and coverage minimums, (section IX, page 12 of the shoreland ordinance). Recently the planning board had a non-conforming patio which brought this to the attention of the board. Steve mentions a memo from the code enforcement officer that pertains to this issue. The board is looking into revisiting the shoreland ordinance in preparation for the upcoming town meeting in March. Steve also feels that we might visit inland zoning as well, at least in reference to setbacks.
· There is no commitment by planning board members to attend the Subdivision Development and Personal Property Rights: Striking a Balance in Hancock County Discussion, to be held on September 28, 2006.
· Nan Hadlock will send Bruce Komusin Kim Keene’s email address, as requested.
· The chairman has requested that Nan send copies of the Southwest Boat approval letter to Jeff Berzinis and Kimberly Keene.
V. Adjournment- 7:05 P.M.
Steve Philbrook moves to adjourn the meeting. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.

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