Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes May 20, 2008

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Meeting Notes: TCI Transportation Committee
May 20, 2008, Great Cranberry Community Center

Ron Axelrod (by phone)
Richard Beal
Kate Fernald
Karin Whitney
Dan Lief
Barbara Meyers
Skip Stevens
Phil Whitney
Eric Dyer
Alyson Mayo
Jim Fiher (by phone)
Everett Profit
Sonja Colby
I. Review of previous meeting.
• We need to stick to the ground rules.
• A review of these.
• Especially important to go one at a time, not interrupt, listen and “share the air time.”
• Some discussion, at the end of the meeting, about whether to hire Bill Firm to facilitate. No decision reached.
II. Review of future meeting dates.
• Need to publicize dates, per town ordinance re the same.
• Need to coordinate the schedule of all town meetings.
Decision: reschedule June’s meeting from the 17th to the 19th.
Action. Ask Nan to coordinate meeting times.
III. Review of committee member tasks.
Assignments to date are indicated in the document “TCI Transportation Committee/Task Groups/5-20-08, appended to these meeting notes.
Action. After brief discussion, it was decided that each committee member would review the list, as updated by Alyson, and determine which of the empty slots he or she would volunteer for.
IV. Discuss questions for surveys.
Extended discussion raised the following issues (identified by item number on the questionnaire):
• Item 1: Demographics: we need to determine transportation needs in terms of age group and period of residency (summer, year-round, etc.)
• Item 1: Intent of survey is to include all adults, not just households. This needs to be made clear in the survey instructions.
• Item 1: Should we ask for household data as with the national census, such as number in household, number of children?
• Item 3: About purpose: need to determine which purposes are considered essential, which incidental.
• Item 3: Freight: we need to consider this as a separate purpose, and include transportation of fuel to the island.
• Item 3: Barging? Separate freight boat? Need to include these questions in the survey.
• Item 3: Need to query respondents about night boats.
• Item 4: We should query all modes of alternate transportation, e.g. private boat, water taxi.
• Item 4: Change trips per year to trips per month.
• Item 5: “Boating Facilities” is too broad. Divide this into categories: boats, docks, boat-to-shore access (e.g. ramps), HC access.
• Item 5: Freight. As with item 3, the rating of “ferry transportation” needs to include freight, which includes barging as well as freight carried on the ferry.
• Item 5: Extensive discussion of relative virtues of quantitative and qualitative data, with no conclusion that would affect the nature of the questionnaire.
• Item 6: Should this be re-worded to focus on how well the current system meets the respondent’s needs?
• Item 6: We need to distinguish between year-round and summer residents.
• Item ‘n’: Additional items related to inter-modal transportation, such as connecting to off-island transportation, and parking.
Other issues re the survey:
• How well does the current instrument reflect our criteria for a successful transportation system, that is, are we asking questions that will provide data helpful for meeting the criteria or that will help us evaluate the criteria themselves?
• How much time should we allow for each interview?
V. Review Ice Cream Social format and questions.
• The questions and format look okay. If there are other ideas about these, email Eric.
Decision: Because of the conflict with Memorial Day weekend, postpone these events until after school is out for the year.
Action: Set new dates by email.
VI. Set time frame for data collection.
May 23: Deadline for feedback to Eric about the questionnaire.
May 28: Final draft of questionnaire.
June 1: Begin interviews.
June 17-July 1: Complete interviews.
Action: Skip to write letter to community about the committee, what people can expect, etc. Dan to have Nan send this out.
VII. Draft Mission Statement. Tabled to next meeting.
VIII.agenda items for next meeting.
• Deal with mission statement
• Reports from task groups.
• Report on interviews to date.
• Report on results of contact with other ferry systems and MDOT.
Meeting review.
Need to continue to work on listening to, that is, hearing, each other.
Need to stop relying on Eric to do everything.
Adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

1-800-861-4084 AND ENTERING PASS CODE 1043997.
Meeting Notes by Skip Stevens: any comments or suggested changes should be made to the author by June 1.
TCI Transportation Committee
Task Groups
This working document outlines different tasks that need to be done to reach our goal of developing a Transportation Plan to address issues related to boat transportation between the islands and the mainland. Please let the Committee/staff know of any additional information that needs to be included. The workload has been divided into Task Groups, which will inform the Committee of their progress as everyone moves forward to make the Transportation Plan a reality. Committee members can choose tasks specific to their interests, but everyone will need to sign up for a couple of items. Also, all committee members need to participate in public involvement events, though some will take a lead role in organizing such events.

If committee members need additional resources, including items like stamps or printing, please ask staff!
Public involvement Task Group
Help staff to organize public events.
1. Organize details of ice-cream socials
a. Record and prepare report of results
2. Stakeholder group meetings (background work and help as needed)
a.Record and prepare report of results
3. Final committee workshop (background work and help as needed)
a. Record and prepare report of results
4. Public hearings to share plan options and to review final plan
5. Assist with website content
6. Assist with postings in public spaces
7. Mailings
8. Advertising
Three committee members are needed.
Barbara, Sally, Anna (and entire committee should participate)
Stakeholder Task Group
This is also part of public involvement, but requires gathering and organizing information specifically from different stakeholder groups (an initial list was included in the April 23rd meeting packet). Stakeholder group meetings involve working with the Committee and staff to develop meeting agenda and questions specific to each stakeholder group. Task group members may also be asked to facilitate meetings and record input from stakeholder groups, as well as summarize themes.
1. Year-round residents
a. Stakeholder group meeting with focus groups
Every committee member will take part in this.
b. In-home interviews
Every committee member will take part in this.
2. Seasonal residents
a. Stakeholder group meeting
Every committee member will take part in this.
Every committee member will take part in this.
3. Potential residents
a.Off-island stakeholder group meeting.
Two committee members are needed.
Barbara Meyers ________________
b. Questionnaires
Two committee members are needed.
______________ ________________
4. Former residents
a. Individual phone calls.
Two committee members are needed.
________________ ________________
b. Questionnaires
Two committee members are needed.
________________ ________________
5. Visitors
a. On-site interviews
Two committee members are needed.
________________ ________________
6. Local business owners and contractors
a. Personal interviews
Two committee members are needed.
Barbara Meyers/Bill Dowling possibly
Aaron Gray

b. Stakeholder group meeting
Three committee members are needed.
Barbara Meyers/Bill Dowling possibly

7. Labor living off-island and boat company employees
a. Personal interviews
Two committee members are needed.
Barbara Meyers/Bill Dowling possibly
Richard Howland

Key Contacts Task Group
This group will work with professionals who have information we need to gather. An initial list was included in the handout from the April 23rd meeting. Who else needs to be added? Group members will need to create a list of questions for the contact and identify ways the person/organization can be involved or help. Keep committee informed of conversation results and hold on to notes.

1. Harbor Masters (mainland – NEH, SWH)
One committee member needed.
Phil Whitney

2. Cranberry Isles Realty Trust (CIRT)
Covered by Eric Dyer, CIRT President

3. TCI Staff
Covered by Eric Dyer

4. Island Institute
Covered by Alyson Mayo

5. MDI Chamber of Commerce (COC)
One committee member needed.
Aaron Gray

6. Maine Cooperative Extension and Sea Grant
Covered by Alyson Mayo

7. Marketing and research groups
Covered by Alyson Mayo

Inventory Task Group
This group will do an inventory of boat and transportation schedules/assets. A lot of information from individual meetings with ferry, barges, and water taxi operators will be useful so please coordinate with that task group.

1. Inventory transportation facilities (on TCI and mainland)
Two committee members are needed.
Richard Howland
Solutions Task Group
1. Stakeholder Interviews
Boating companies (existing and potential local water taxis, ferries, barges).
Two or more committee members should be present at interviews.

• Personal interviews
2. Connect with key contacts below
Municipal Officials (mainland – NEH, SWH)
Covered by Eric Dyer and selectmen
Maine Department of Transportation (MEDOT)
Ron Axelrod

Hancock County Planning Commission (HCPC)
Covered by Alyson Mayo/Eric Dyer
Isle au Haut Boat Services (George Cole)
Covered by Alyson Mayo
Other Maine island ferry systems
Ferry systems outside of Maine (include WA state)

3. Funding and Ownership Models
• Gather information on financing options (grants…), including the possibility of infrastructure improvements.
• Gather information on different operating models and legal issues.
• Investigate scheduling

4. Compile information from the group for our understanding for the basis of the final plan document.
• Gather and organize information from task groups
• Begin drafting plan document
Committee Members: Ron Axelrod, Richard Howland, Phil Whitney, Kate Fernald, Dan Lief

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