Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes August 24, 2008

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Meeting Notes
Transportation Committee Meeting, LCI
Tuesday August 24, 2008

Notes prepared by Axelrod

Attendance: Phil Whitney, Dan Lief, Eric Dyer, Ron Axelrod, Skip Stevens, Katy Morse Fernald, Barbara Meyers, Erica Merrill

The meeting intended to follow the Agenda; however, there was a discussion item added on the hearsay information that Beal & Bunker was facing employment issues and with other issues of cost of fuel, etc. would it be a viable service this winter. The feeling amongst those present was that if there was a problem, it would not be a sudden stop and David Bunker would see that service is maintained even if he had to operate the boat.

Survey Update:

Surveys were returned to Katy who was collecting them. There are still a number of surveys not yet returned and the consensus was that we would tabulate the surveys handed in before September 8th. They should be returned to the Town Office up until Sept. 8th.

A framework / template to analyze the surveys is to be developed by Jim Fisher. Eric Dyer is to confirm this with Fisher.

Skip said he would ask his wife, Sally, if she would do the data entry of the surveys.

The information from the Ice Cream Socials appears to mirror many of the surveys; however, this information should also find its way into the data base we will have to base our assumptions for future needs.

The basis of this effort is come up with the needs of the community.

Review of Norris Memo:

Current & Historical ridership information: further information is needed from Beal & Bunker (B&B) and Cranberry Cove (CC) to understand their ridership numbers, operating costs, and other items that pertain to their cost structure that they would release and understand the business model. We are interested in their insurance, fuel, maintenance and other costs for the year round service as this is our main gateway. Dan Lief will contact Pagels and Bunker on setting up those meetings.

The survey findings developed from the surveys and Ice Cream Socials will give a base of information that will be evaluated by the Committee to see what “holes” we have in our data collection. There may be a second phase of data needed. While we focus on the March ’09 Town Meeting to report our recommendations, we should proceed with a good basis of data and information from TCI. There are three factors affecting year round population: job, housing, transportation.

The Norris Memo described the need to catalog the existing vessels in order to understand future needs. This information should come from B&B and CC when meeting are planned for them.

Documenting the existing infrastructure is helpful for future planning and identifying improvements to accommodate the potential changes wharf and ramp needs for docking, and new vessels. This should include the landside parking facilities. Eric Dyer will provide this information.

Freight: concerns about safety of carrying freight on a passenger boat were discussed. We need to understand the freight business better to understand our total water transportation needs and the leverage we have to make sure it benefits TCI to the greatest extent it can without hindering the freight haulers. Discussions with Britzinis (spell?) and “the Allen brothers” needs to happen to get a whole picture.

Sustainability of the island year round population is goal and resultant survey information will help determine what that specification would include: schedule (6:30am and 6pm boats), safety, infrastructure needs, and crew time.

Mission Statement:

A draft Mission Statement was passed out by Ron as a start. It was agreed that comments, changes, new drafts, etc. would be submitted to Skip who would craft a statement for review at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:

The survey data will be reviewed with the focus to develop a specification of needs and wants for an optimal ferry system.

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