Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes December 11, 2008

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2008
Islesford Neighborhood House

Dan Lief, Chairman BOS
Aaron Gray, BOS
Richard Beal, BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Town Clerk
Phil Whitney, Harbor Committee
Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster
Courtney Chaplin, Islesford Fire Chief
Jeff Berzinis
Mike Royx
Karin Whitney
Cynthia Lief
I. Call to Order: 8:31 A.M. by Chairman Dan Lief.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
In reference to the last Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes, November 20, 2008, the following corrections were made:
Change: Under Other Business, bullet item seven, page 6, “The memo states that ‘coordination of emergency service responses on Bear Island (ESZ4) and Baker’s Island (ESZ5) shall be the responsibility of Acadia National Park’.
Richard Beal moves to accept the November 20, 2008 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes with modifications. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
Eric Dyer has sent an email dated December 09, 2008 to Code Enforcement Officer expressing interest in the alternate C.E.O. position for Cranberry Isles. A December 10, 2008 reply from the C.E.O. stating no objection to presenting this idea to the Board of Selectmen.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
The bill for the truck repair at Great Cranberry Island Fire Department has not been received by the Treasurer as of yet.
Warrant # 61: 10,011.91
Warrant # 62: 30,281.36 (school)
Warrant # 63: 87,893.10
Total: $128,186.37
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

V. (taken out of order) New Business
B. (taken out of order) Sutton Island Fire Chief
Last summer Courtney Chaplin and Margaret Blank attended the annual meeting of the Sutton Island Preservation Society to discuss emergency services with Sutton Residents. According to Mr. Chaplin, The Association for the Preservation of Sutton Island has asked if he will be the Fire Chief for their island. Rob Fernald of Sutton Island has derived a map and intends to do house numbering. A calling tree list has been coordinated and emergency call procedures were discussed. The calling procedure is to dial 9-1-1, preferably on a land line, and report which island and the location on the island that the emergency is occurring at. Mr. Chaplin is preparing a budget for 2009 which includes funds for a portable pump, some hose, and hand tools to be kept at Sutton Island for emergency use. Hartley Rogers, Sutton Island Resident, has offered space in a building to store the new equipment.
At the November 20, 2008 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting, discussion took place over a letter written by Sutton Island Resident Dan Nussdorfer pertaining to emergency response for Sutton Island.
Two email messages from Carl Brooks, GCI Resident, have been received by the Town Clerk. Mr. Brook’s December 08 email mentions a Memo of Understanding with Acadia National Park that was signed by Selectmen on October 05, 2006 for emergency response at Baker and Bear Islands. The Memo of Understanding agrees that “coordination of emergency service responses on Bear Island (ESZ 4) and Baker’s Island (ESZ 5) shall be the responsibility of Acadia National Park.” A December 09 email from Mr. Brooks suggests that “Sutton dispatch must be separate from Islesford. That is the Islesford pager system cannot be used for Sutton.”
Selectman Lief states that Sutton Island Residents must be made to understand that they need to work with the Town in preparation for emergency response, as most committees work as volunteers. He further stresses that the Sutton Residents must need to realize that getting to Sutton Island in a timely fashion for an emergency may not be possible. He also feels that Sutton Island 9-1-1 calls should be dispatched to Islesford Emergency personnel as well as Acadia National Park.
Selectman Beal states that tax paying citizens from Sutton, Baker and Bear Islands need someone to represent the Town of Cranberry Isles in the event of emergency.
The Board of Selectmen formally nominates Courtney Chaplin as Fire Chief for Fire Department Zones 3, 4, and 5 for the Town of Cranberry Isles.
Courtney Chaplin will contact Acadia National Park to notify them of this nomination.
Selectman Lief stresses the importance of having quarterly reporting notes from those committees requested of. Selectman Beal requests that quarterly reports be added to the website by the Deputy Clerk.
The new fire truck for Islesford is to be ready to be delivered to Islesford near the first of 2009.
December 19 is the expected completion date for the Islesford Municipal Garage.
Minor details are still yet to be completed such as the telephone hook up, the heating system to be up and running, and as of today’s meeting the permanent electric is not ready. Bruce Fernald suggests the installation of ceiling fans to distribute the heat efficiently.
Courtney Chaplin reports that the fire department is probably not going to attend fire training in Mississippi this year. Approximately $10,000.00 has been raised and an additional $5000.00 would be needed to cover the training. The fire department intends to do on-island training this year to include marine training and basic training this winter. Selectman Lief requests that Mr. Chaplin coordinate with Great Cranberry Island Fire Department and to include them in training.
$8739.00 is available at this time in the Selectmen’s Contingency Fund.
Richard Beal moves that Denise McCormick be authorized to issue $5000.00 for training for the fire department using 2008 Selectmen’s Contingency Fund. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
Mr. Chaplin will go back to members of the Zone 2 Fire Department and ask if there is still interest in the Mississippi fire training. Over ten members would be attending the training.
Richard Beal moves to borrow the required funds for the purchase of the fire truck and further authorize Denise, should something happen and we not have the meeting in time, to issue a check for $130,000.00 upon delivery. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
Selectman Lief and Denise McCormick will work with the Islesford Fire Chief this next week on the first draft budget for Zone 2.
Courtney Chaplin asks the Selectmen, in reference to the Facilities Supervisor Position, why the Town is spending the amount of money it is for the position to someone who lives off island. Mr. Chaplin feels that our community is shrinking and the position could be better filled by someone who lives here year round. Selectman Beal has had two calls last week from individuals who are seeking the opportunity of applying for the Facilities Supervisor position. These individuals were instructed to express their interest in employment to the Town Clerk. Selectman Lief disagrees with hiring for the position annually. Mr. Lief would consider changing the definition of the position, and reiterates that the Board does prefer to consider island residents when hiring or awarding contracts. Selectman Gray states that it would not make sense to retrain another individual for the position annually. Mr. Chaplin asks if performance reviews are done on Town employees. Mr. Lief says yes, but there is no file on these. Employee performance reviews are discussed by law in Executive Session. Selectman Lief suggests that prior to the January board meeting, that the selectmen use some thought about any possible changes to the Facilities Supervisor position. The Town Clerk will research performance reviews and criteria.
IV. (Taken out of order) Old Business
B. (taken out of order) GCI Dock Repairs
The Board of Selectmen signs a contract with Harold MacQuinn, Inc. in the amount of $177,045.00 for repairs to the Great Cranberry Island Dock. Work is to be completed on or before April 31, 2009. Selectman Lief also signs change order #1 to increase wave screen batter pile lengths to 45ft. since geotechnical boring information has become available. This information indicates greater depth to bedrock. The incremental cost of the change order is $6700.00. Forty-five feet pilings are recommended as a safety feature. Nineteen of these piles will be ordered for the job.
V. Old Business (Revisited)
A. Revaluation
A memo for the record to RJD Appraisal has been recorded by Selectman Dan Lief in reference to the reevaluation contract that was signed by the Selectmen at the August 12, 2008 BOS Meeting. Mr. Lief spoke with Robert Duplisea of RJD Appraisal by telephone and informed him “that the Reevaluation contract amount of $73,000.00 has not been budgeted yet, and that the reevaluation must be put on hold until after the Annual Town Meeting, March 09, 2009. The budget item must first be approved by the Voters of the Town of Cranberry Isles. Mr. Duplisea agreed that the reevaluation will not proceed at this time.” This item will appear as a line item on the annual town meeting warrant. Selectman Lief suggests that public hearings be held.
B. GCI Dock Repairs
Previously discussed.
C. Municipal Garage and Salt / Sand Shed Update
Selectman Lief congratulates the Facilities Supervisor for a job well done on the salt / sand shed project. The shed is completed and being used at this time. The state match of funds for the project is expected to arrive by the end of the year. The ambulance will be moved to the new garage as soon as the heat is on, and the plow truck will be stored in its place. Salt bags need to be moved to storage and there are some tires at the facility that need to be cleaned up.
Selectman Lief has requested that the Facilities Supervisor draft a letter to the owner of boats and vehicles which have recently been stored on Town Property near the salt / sand shed. Selectman Lief would like to see them moved off Town Property or for the owner to approach the Selectmen to ask permission to store the equipment at the location.
The municipal garage is approximately eighty percent complete at this time. Issues with the way the siding was applied are being dealt with between the engineer and the contractor. Two sides of the building are at issue and deal with the attachment procedure for our wind zones at Cranberry Isles. The building will be heated with propane (radiant floor heating) and the tank capacity is 500 gallons.
D. 2009 Warrant and Budget
Budget needs are still in the process for the following departments:
Department 52, Public Safety
Department 54, Public Transportation
Department 55, Education
Department 58, Municipal Facilities

Department 58 budget is expected within the next week. Selectman Beal asks the Treasurer to call Hancock County Commissioner’s Office for the coming year’s tax rate for Cranberry Isles. Selectman Beal will speak with the Zone 1, Great Cranberry Fire Department in reference to budget needs. Jason Pickering of the Municipal Advisory Commission will work with Richard Beal on budget needs for roads. Eric Dyer and Nan Hadlock will work on boiler plate, or standard, warrant articles, (articles that always appear on the warrant). Letters have been mailed by the Deputy Clerk to individuals and committees that are to present reports for the annual report. Reports are due at the town office by January 02, 2008.
In addition to the boiler plate warrant articles, some other articles that are being considered are:
• Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Update
This warrant item may or may not be ready for the annual town meeting warrant. Tom Martin of Hancock County Planning Commission and the Planning Board are responsible mandated updates for the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. July 01, 2009 is the deadline for updating the ordinance, or the Town of Cranberry Isles will be forced to follow state guidelines. Aaron Gray will speak with Steve Philbrook, Planning Board Chair, about why the ordinance draft is not ready.
• Manset View Easement
• 80 feet ramp for Islesford
• Longfellow School Repairs
• Possible additional parking, Northeast Harbor
Phil Whitney asks the Board to look very carefully at criteria for paying for part time employment positions. The Town Clerk has been speaking with individuals who get paid for their positions for the Town and hours worked are being submitted for payment.
Eric Dyer, C.I.R.T. President, suggests that C.I.R.T. will be submitting a proposal dealing with an accessory apartment program. Funds may be needed to move a few moorings in the harbor in order for safety of navigation for barge traffic. The Harbormaster has spoken with some of the owners of moorings in question and the Harbor Committee has recognized that this needs to be done. Dan Lief suggests that the Harbor Committee discuss the damage being done to docks by barges.
Bruce Fernald would like to see a moratorium on spending and borrowing by the Town in light of recent borrowing and spending. Selectman Beal stresses that taking care of basic infrastructure is a responsibility of the Town.
Anyone who has ideas for additional warrant items is encouraged to send them to the Deputy Clerk.
A timeline for budget and warrant by Dan Lief will be devised for use of committees, selectmen, and staff. This timeline will be placed on the Town Website. Workshops will be held in early January to work on the final documents. First drafts of budgets should be done before Christmas. Mr. Lief will work with the Deputy Clerk on included material for the Town Report.
The Islesford School Principal has asked the Facilities Supervisor to speak with Mike Westphal to work on a five year plan for the Longfellow School Building at Great Cranberry.
Cynthia Lief asks for research to be done on the relationship of Town and School Board in regard to responsibility for buildings, (bidding process, etc.). This item will appear on the January BOS Agenda.
Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster, has requested that he be issued a ticket book for use next summer for repeat offenders. The Selectmen stress that Mr. Fernald will be required to attend the Harbormaster’s School in March. Mr. Fernald relates that he is committed to attendance this year at the school. The Harbormaster at Great Cranberry Island will also be required to attend the school. The Harbor Committee is asked to check the ordinance and legality for issuing tickets by the Harbormaster.
The Board of Selectmen wish to schedule the January Board of Selectmen’s Meeting on Tuesday, January 06, 2008.
V. New Business
A. Paper Dumpster (MSW)
Residents’ concerns have been raised about the continued unavailability of a recycling dumpster for paper at Islesford. A paper dumpster is available to Islesford Residents for today’s transfer station hours. Concerns are also surfacing about the mainstreaming of recycled materials. Acadia Disposal District is working on this issue with E.M.R. The Facilities Supervisor is asked to get an estimate for the purchase of a glass crusher. Bruce Fernald suggests that a dumpster should be made available for returnable bottles and cans. Dan Lief would like to form a recycling committee for the Town of Cranberry Isles to work on recycling issues.
B. Sutton Island Fire Chief
Previously discussed.
C. Fair Point Communications / Utility Outage
A battery back up system is needed for telephone service at Islesford. Selectman Beal has written a letter dated December 03, 2008 to Fair Point Communications following the last power outage on November 25, 2008 addressing needs. Many Islesford Residents were without telephone service for five days. The letter requests “that you (Fair Point) investigate this situation, determine the root causes for the loss of communications during this recent storm, and advise the municipality of the actions necessary to rectify equipment failures and planned actions to improve the reliability of Fair Point communications to Little Cranberry Island.” The letter also welcomed a Fair Point representative to today’s Board Meeting. No response has been received to date by the Town from Fair Point Communications.
Selectman Beal asks for the Board’s permission to carry forward through the Town Attorney, citing this letter as a formal appeal to the Public Utilities Commission asking for an upgrade to the battery back-up system for Little Cranberry Island. The Board agrees to proceed with this issue.
VI. Other Business
A December 05, 2008 email message to the Selectmen from Carroll Fernald of the Swan Real Estate Agency consists of listing for land for sale in Northeast Harbor that might be used for additional parking. Selectman Gray strongly suggests that the Town pursue this option. The property is on Harbor Drive adjacent to the Kimball Terrace Inn. The land consists of .49 acre and the price is $550,000.00. Selectman Gray will contact the Swan Agency on zoning issues subject to a parking lot, abutters, etc. and will come to the January Board meeting with further information on the property listing received.
• Both the current parking lot in Northeast Harbor and Manset are at or near capacity. The current lease expires with the Town of Mount Desert in12/31/2013 At this time cost of the lease is $34,700.00 with an annual consumer price index increase. The lease allows for a ten year extension upon expiration and subject to negotiations. 123 spaces are available under the Mount Desert Lease and 126 spaces are available at the Manset Facility. Overflow parking takes place by permit at the Joy Lot in Northeast Harbor at a lease cost of $4000.00. Another consideration for additional parking may be added spaces at the Manset Facility. Selectman Beal suggests that the Town Attorney be written a note and sent a copy of our current lease with the Town of Mount Desert.
• Selectman Gray relates concerns he has dealing with the Transportation Committee and plans for parking / ferry service in Northeast Harbor. Mr. Gray is assured that no concrete plans have been made by the Transportation Committee in reference to Northeast Harbor.
• Selectman Gray would like the Town to pursue the thought of building a new Town Office. The Town Treasurer will seek funding sources and borrowing rates if the Town were to pursue this matter. Approximately $1700.00 was spent on heating the town office building for last year. Of particular concern is that the leased building currently used as town office has been placed on the market for sale by its owners.
• For the record, a certified letter dated December 05, 2008 has been sent by the Plumbing Inspector, Kimberly Keene, to Philip Grausman, Tax Map 26, Lot 18, Islesford. The letter informs Mr. Grausman that his septic system has failed, and raw sewerage is leaking out of his septic tank and onto the ground. The letter serves as a notice and order requiring Mr. Grausman to remove all contaminated soils immediately as required in Section 106.3 of the Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules. The Board of Selectman recognizes this letter to Mr. Grausman.
VII. Audience Communications
• Naming of Private Roads at Great Cranberry Island is nearly complete. Three roads have received no response or incomplete response from abutters of the roads. The roads to be named by Selectmen are:
o Robert Murch Driveway
o Murch Sanborn Driveway (one response received)
o Spurling Trust, Wood, Blake, Lyman Driveway
Dan Lief moves to name the Spurling Trust, Wood, Blake, Lyman driveway Spurling Lane. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
Dan Lief moves to name the Robert Murch driveway Murch Lane. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
Dan Lief moves to name the Murch Sanborn driveway Blue Bucket End. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
• Signs have been posted by Constable Richard Beal at Great Cranberry in reference to recent thefts of diesel, gasoline and heating oil. Contractors and private residences have been affected.
VII. Adjournment: 11:15 A.M.
Dan Lief moves to adjourn the meeting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.

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