Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes March 5, 2009

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Meeting Notes
Transportation Committee Meeting, LCI -Town Office
Thursday, March 5, 2009

Notes prepared by Axelrod & Fernald

Attendance: Skip Stevens, Katy Morse Fernald, Eric Dyer, with Barbara Myers, Phil Whitney, and Ron Axelrod, by phone
I. There were no comments on the Jan. 31, ’09 Meeting Notes.

II. The work done since last meeting was:
1. Phil updated the Committee on communications with Steve Ruell of Kleinschmidt Engineers (KE). Phil asked for scope and cost to items F through M in his Safety Memo. Steve Ruell’s response is attached to these Meeting Notes. Two items of note per KE proposal are:
A. KE proposal was $13,000 and Town has only authorized $5,000. Scope and personnel will have to be revised to fit budget.
B. Paul Pottle offered to make one site visit in assistance.
Perhaps the Town’s fisherman (harbormasters) could replace proposed Captain in KE proposal to save costs? Proposed FTA grant funds, if remaining from their scope, could be used towards safety improvements.
2. Barbara has not heard anything from the Island Institute. She will continue to follow-up.
3. Proposed draft questions to the Attorney were sent to the Committee members beforehand and there were no comments. We will wait for Town Meeting reaction before we take action with BOS and then attorney.

III. Discussion on “Process for Implementing TCI Transportation Committee’s
Recommendations for New and Improved Service” date 2-11-09 and previously emailed to the Committee raised the following points:
1. Year round service that meets needs of island population is top priority and we should proceed without political considerations.
2. Service should be profitable, but not have our taxes go up.
3. Need two or three models for Town discussion and background that we have looked at several models including negotiated arrangements, single operator option, and variations thereof
4. A “tiered service” could be proposed where one operator who provided the desired service (6:30 AM & 5:30 PM boats) would have no fee for dockage and others would have a usage fee. This would not squeeze out competition, but focus on a preferred provider.
5. Most townspeople looking for Fall ’09 implementation, and this is what we need to bring to fruition.
6. More input is needed from professionals, operators, and community.

IV. Town Meeting presentation was briefly discussed with the understanding that Katy and Ron would make a presentation of the Town Report narrative and our “…Implementation Process….” Described above.
Next Meeting: March 18 at 8:15 AM- LCI Library with agenda: 1. Focus on Implementation schedule; 2, Meeting and agenda of joint meeting with Harbor Committee

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