School Committee Meeting Minutes January 09, 2007

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of Meeting — 9 January 2007
Meeting was held at the Islesford School, 9 January 2007.

Called to order by Chairperson Kate Chaplin at 9:40 AM.

Present: board members Kate Chaplin, Ted Spurling, Barbara Meyers; Principal Angela Hardy; and community members Eve Harrison and Sheila Krasnow.
Present at Union 98 via speakerphone: Supt. Rob Liebow, Financial czarina Nancy Thurlow.

Minutes of 12/13/06 reviewed and approved. (Motion: Kate; Second: Barbara; Vote: Yes, unan.)

Principal’s Report: Discussed by Angela Hardy (See sheet)
-School events (community service and spirit; sports)
-Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment (Professional day Jan 29; NAEP testing of grades 4 and 8 on Feb 8)
-Maintenance (painting at Islesford School; fire exit at Longfellow)
Barbara asked about lead paint in schools. General agreement to have adequate tests before painting. No motion.

Other Business:
Eve Harrison reported on the refusal of her grant application from Healthy Acadia for the sports program. She would like to re-submit the application because she believes tghat it meets their guidelines, and that the program has great local and parental support prividing coaching and transportation. Her budget is $2900 and she has already received $1000 from Island Institute and the donation of boat trailer that she believes she can sell for $1000. Rob suggested that rather than pursue Healthy Acadia she contact him later, as he knows an anonymous donor who would like to contribute to this kind of program.

(See sheet)
Nancy explained the proposed budget with input from Angela, Rob and board members. The board arrived at total proposed budget for 2007-08 of $394,413. Ted moved to accept the budget; Barbara seconded; vote: yes (unan)

Before adjournment, Rob encouraged all to study seriously Governor Baldacci's plan to consolidate schools into administrative districts. He opposes the plan, as it would remove local control, and encouraged all to write to local senators and representatives.

Having no other business, the board voted to adjourn at 10:50 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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