School Board Meeting Minutes May 31, 2007

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of Meeting — 31 May 2007

I. Meeting was called to order by Ted Spurling, Jr., acting chairman, at 10:33 AM.
Present at the Islesford School: Board member Ted Spurling.
Present at Union 98 Office: Board member Barbara Meyers; Principal Angela Hardy; Superintendent Rob Liebow. Meeting was held via teleconference.

II. Voucher—approved and signed last week.

III. Minutes of meeting of 13 April 2007 were reviewed and approved. Motion: Barbara;
Second: Ted; vote: yes (unanimous).

IV. Prinicipal’s Report (See separate sheet): Angela said that projected enrollment at the Islesford School for 2007-2008 is 13—with three eighth-graders graduating, three entering kindergarten, and one new student this spring. The students performed the play “The Little Red Hen” recently to rave reviews and good attendance. Apple Computer has been filming for a teachers’ resource website and has agreed to donate $1000 worth of equipment so that all students grades 5-8 can have the same computers. Graduation scheduled for June 7 with pot-luck beforehand. June 11 to be last school day; June 12 last for teachers. Ubuntu Education Fund (Jake Lief’s school in South Africa) has requested any unused materials such as discarded computers, software, texts, etc for use at their school. Motion to donate unused equipment and materials (Barbara); Second (Ted); Vote: yes (unan). Barbara suggested also that we donate other new materials by raising money, perhaps with a student learning project to gather items and donations.
Angela discussed the need for more estimates for shingling the roof on the Longfellow School. Islesford School needs siding shingles, trim work and painting. Angela would like to start requests for proposals immediately. Water testing has been completed—two kinds; a general test and one for petroleum. Both tests were negative for harmful content and it has been recommended that we repeat the tests for more conclusive results.
Landscaping at Islesford School: Barbara to explore this over the summer. Angela reports that boating costs are up dramatically, due to increased rates and also the cost of three students commuting from Great Cranberry.

V. Public Comment: none
Cranberry Isles School Board—Minutes of 5/31/2007—page 2

VI. Discussion Items: Rob updated us on Governor Baldacci’s school administration consolidation plan. He says that under the current version, just released and 60 pages
long, islands would be exempt from some changes. All schools would have the right to choose whether to join or opt-out, but if the latter would pay penalties. Rob likened this
to choosing one’s own form of execution. Individual towns would not raise additional funds without the money going to the district, instead of the local school. Property would
we commandeered by the district yet debts, if any, would remain a local obligation.
There is now some ambiguity whether the requirement for Essential Programs and Services (EPS) is becoming a ceiling rather than a requirement in order to meet budget
constraints. Rob reports spending far too much of his time during the past six months on the consolidation problem.
VII. Other Business: Angela reports that the service contract on the copier will expire soon and that the only way to continue service would be with a new or reconditioned copier.
Two quotes: New copier at $1360/year for five years (or) Reconditioned copier at m$478/year for five years. Service contract would be the same for either lease and the old
machine would be removed. Rob explained that this payment would go to MDIHS for our share of the lease. After discussion Barbara moved to approve payment of $478/year
for five years to MDIHS for a reconditioned copier. Ted seconded. Vote: Yes (unan).
Angela advised that we need to advertise for a new custodian because Sheila Krasnow has full-time employment elsewhere. Agreement to advertise before the end of June (no
vote taken).

VIII. Future Agenda Item: Classroom configuration (age groups, etc.) for 2007-2008.

IX. Executive Session: Moved by Barbara, seconded by Ted and voted unanimously to enter executive session at 11:26 AM for the purpose of discussing applications for principal position—pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A section 405(6)(A). Executive session ended at 11:50

X. Adjournment: Moved by Barb, seconded by Ted, voted unanimously to adjourn at 11:50 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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