Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes June 11, 2009

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Thursday, June 11, 2009
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Howland, Chairman Harbor Committee
Ted Spurling, JR, Harbor Committee
Roy Hadlock, Harbor Committee
Jeff Berzinis, Harbor Committee
Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster
Sally Rowan, Board of Selectmen
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
I. Call to Order: 4:10 by Chairman Richard Howland. The Harbor Committee welcomes their newest member, Jeff Berzinis.
II. Review / Approval Meeting Minutes
A. March 17, 2009
The Deputy Clerk wishes to add the motion second by Roy Hadlock, and Motion passes to Section II, Review / Approval Meeting Minutes November 06, 2008.
Richard Howland moves to accept the March 17, 2009 Harbor Committee meeting minutes with correction. Roy Hadlock seconds the motion. Motion passes.
The Leary Dock application has been approved by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The Islesford Harbormaster has spoken with Mr. Leary who, according to the Harbormaster, has made a verbal agreement to pay to move any moorings that may be interfered with for construction of the dock. If necessary, all moorings in the area will be moved further out into the mooring field as one unit. Some concern is voiced about setting a precedence of moving moorings for construction of seasonal docks. Approximately twenty existing moorings could be affected.
B. April 16, 2009 (Joint Meeting w/Transportation Committee and MAC)
Richard Howland moves to accept the joint meeting minutes for April 16, 2009 as written. Roy Hadlock seconds the motion. Motion passes.
The Transportation Committee will meet with Paul Pottle of the Department of Transportation on June 17, 2009 to look over our docking facilities in reference to an expanded ferry service, time and transportation to be determined.
III. Summer 2009
A 4x4 board brace is broken on the GCI Dock where the new eighty foot gangway is braced. Eric Dyer will follow up with the contractor. The new gangway is on rollers which carries the weight of the gangway. It is suggested that a weight limit sign be placed on the new gangway. On June 17, Eric will meet with Paul Pottle, D.O.T. to =discuss Manset gangways and ramp. Two EPA permits will be applied for, one for dolphin piles at GCI and LCI, and a separate application for the barging ramps. Work is expected to take place on the new barging ramps this fall. Engineering is done and the bidding process for the project is expected to take place in July.
A June 02, 2009 email letter from Eric Dyer to the Harbor Committee requests that the Harbor Committee support the use of a portion of their funds for the purchase of a high quality GPS receiver / mapping unit. The unit will likely cost between $1000.00 and $1500.00. The Harbor Committee currently has $7261.07 left from grant funds for harbor mapping. Mapping of Spurling Cove at GCI still has to be completed. Norman Sanborn, II and Ed Gray have both offered to help with the completion of this project. The Island Institute would like to turn the project over to us and the unit will be needed to complete the mapping. The Harbor Committee recommends purchasing the GPS unit.
IV. Islesford Dock
Damage to the gallows support and a piling has been repaired at Islesford Town Dock.
V. GCI Dock
Previously discussed.
VI. Sutton Dock
A life ring is still needed at Sutton Island Town Dock. It is suggested that Town of Cranberry Isles be lettered on the dock life rings.
VII. Manset Dock
It is reported that Brown has put a gangway and float in at Manset which is in the riparian way of the TCI Manset barge ramp. Reportedly the float is one third in front of the opening of the barge ramp. Selectman Beal has been made aware of this situation. Richard Howland will discuss this further with the Facilities Supervisor.
Use of the TCI barging ramp at Manset is reported to be only possible at half tide or higher.
VIII. Other Business
None at this time.
IX. Adjournment: 4:15 P.M.
Richard Howland moves to adjourn the meeting. Roy Hadlock seconds the motion. Motion passes.

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