Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes July 07, 2009

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
July 07, 2009
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Sally Rowan, BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Ron Axelrod
Hugh Dwelley
Phil Whitney
Chris White
Malcolm Donald
Jeff Berzinis
I. Call to Order: 8:47 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
Four documents were notarized by Dedimus Justice Richard Beal for discharge of tax liens. It is requested that the Tax Collector gather recommended procedures for a policy for the Town regarding payment of taxes on properties with liens. It is the intention that payment of properties with liens on the oldest taxes due be paid first.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Richard Beal moves to approve the June 04, 2009 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as written. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 26: $ 6104.52
Warrant # 27: $ 915.02
Warrant # 28: $ 450.00
Warrant # 29: $ 72832.46
Warrant # 30: $ 6090.21
Warrant # 31: $ 77832.89
Total: $ 164225.10

VI. Other Business (Taken out of order)
As of last Saturday, the Town has learned that the marine electrical cable serving Great Cranberry Island from the mainland has one of its three wires severed. Only two wires are now feeding electricity to the GCI. The defective cable is over fifty years old. At this time Bangor Hydro cannot determine where the wire is separated. It is possible that a back-up generator will be placed again at the Longfellow School. The generator will be surrounded by a fence, is safe, doesn’t smell, and doesn’t make a lot of noise.
It is suggested that residents be prepared in case of a fire outage.
Suggestions are:
• Gasoline for generators and vehicles
• Safety check of generators
• Buckets on hand with water
• Flashlights and batteries
• Look after your neighbors
The office staff will develop a poster to alert the public.
IV. Old Business
A. TCI Visual Documentary
Selectman Beal suggests that the Town of Cranberry Isles may wish to have a video to document the Town for promotional purposes. A June 14, 2009 letter from Summerfly Productions has been received by Mr. Beal which includes three estimates of cost for such a documentary.
1. Ten minutes, with one shooting day and four editing days: $2074.00
2. Fifteen minutes, with two shooting days and six editing days: $3098.00
3. Twenty-Five minutes, with three shooting days and ten editing days: $5122.00
All three estimates also include one mastering, one master DVD, one web compression, and travel fares.
This will be discussed again at the August Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.
B. Harbor Committee
The Transportation Committee has initiated a safety study of all TCI Docks. The study was done with the participation of Paul Pottle from Maine Department of Transportation, Steve Ruell of Kleinschmidt USA, Captain Gerald Morrison, marine pilot & navigation consultant, both TCI Harbormasters, various Transportation Committee and Harbor Committee Members, the Facilities Supervisor, and Selectman Richard Beal. Within the safety study are recommendations for improvements at all town owned docks. The Selectmen request that the Harbor Committee schedule a meeting to go through the safety study, recommendation by recommendation, and report back to the Selectmen with the Committee’s recommendations on long and short term improvements and to aid with the budgeting process for next year. The Dock and Harbors Safety study may be viewed at the Town Office for those interested.
C. Comp Plan Update
Two copies of the Draft Comprehensive Plan are available to check out at the GCI and Islesford libraries. Paper copies can be purchased for $7.00 each from the Town Office. Notice of availability of this plan was attached to tax bills.
D. Junk Vehicle Removal Policy
The Town Treasurer has requested that the Selectmen make a formal policy for payment of junk car removal. The last junk car removal was billed to the Town. Bills were sent to the owners by the Treasurer. Only one owner has paid for the removal of their car. Three notices have been sent to the owners of unpaid junk car removals. The Treasurer recommends that individuals who want cars removed from the islands pay up front for the removal.
Richard Beal moves to have Denise and the rest of office staff translate this discussion on junk car removal into the policy that can be put on a piece of paper, put into our policy book; the Selectmen will sign the policy at the next meeting to formalize it. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.
Richard Beal moves to have Eric Dyer be encouraged to attend training for Code Enforcement Officer; the Town will cover per diem pay while he is at training. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. MMotion passes.
E. Harbor / Dock Improvements
Previously discussed under section B, Harbor Committee.
F. Baker Island Light
Selectman Beal and Selectman Rowan attended a meeting on June 23 at Acadia National Park Headquarters concerning Baker Island Light, which the Coast Guard has declared surplus to their needs and has made available for disposal by the General Services Administration, GSA. A report was generated by Marilou Ehrler, Historical Architect, on June 23, 2008 following a site visit to Baker Light. Ms. Ehrler reported significant lack of maintenance over the years and has estimated that it would require $703,880.00 just to bring the light up to basic preservation standards. Whoever acquires the light will be responsible for fixing what needs to be done to bring the light up to code. John R. Robinson, attorney, acting pro bono on behalf of the Selectmen, is drafting a letter to Senator Collins in reference to the lack of maintenance by the Coast Guard at Baker Island Light. The full report will be provided to the Town Clerk for retention and duplication for interested individuals. Acadia National Park is also a qualified bidder on Baker Island Light. Acadia National Park indicated that the have been on Baker Island since 1958 and are deeply involved with resource management of the island. They own most of the island and acknowledged that there are still three private properties on the island plus the cemetery. The Lighthouse attendant’s building is also owned by Acadia National Park. An actual site visit is planned for July 21, 2009. Selectman Beal recommends not pursuing ownership of Baker Island Light. Of interest to Town of Cranberry Isles is landing rights to Baker Island, both private and commercial. Historian Hugh Dwelley states that there are documents with the Portland Court that show landing rights to Baker Island for all those with an interest to the island. Mr. Robinson and the Town Attorney are both looking into water rights for the Town of Cranberry Isles at Baker Island. Hugh Dwelley plans to attend the site visit to Baker Island Light on July 21.
Richard Beal moves that tomorrow AM, an email will be written by himself expressing no interest by Town of Cranberry Isles for acquiring Baker Island Light. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.
Richard Beal moves to appoint Norman Sanborn, II as Harbormaster for Baker Island. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.
G. Marsh Lease
Eric Dyer has met with Beth Crevani of Marsh USA to discuss the renewal of the Marsh lease at Manset. Marsh does not need all the space that they are currently leasing. Change requests for lease renewal from Marsh are as follows:
• Monthly Rent- $2300 to begin effective 08/01/09
• Real Estate Taxes –split 50/50 between Town and Marsh
• Utilities- paid by Marsh
• Outside Services (Landscaping, etc.)- Town
• Snowplowing- Town
The rent escalator clause would also be removed.
Richard Beal recommends a one year extension on the lease.
Richard Beal moves for the Facilities Supervisor to work with the Town Attorney on the Marsh lease. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.
H. TEPA Update
Two bills have been submitted to Paul Pottle for reimbursement under the Transportation Enhancement Project Agreement. Bills were for the new 80 foot gangway and installation. Full permit applications may be needed for both locations, Manset and GCI for the new barging ramps. The new GCI barge ramp is planned to be placed adjacent to the old ramp. A dolphin pile may not be needed at this ramp, as it will be further away from the dock. Parking may have to be adjusted. The bidding process for this is hoped to begin soon.
At Islesford the ramp will be closed for one to two weeks while construction takes place, with notice given. The drainage culvert at the ramp is crushed on both ends, and cannot be seen at all now on one end following the placement of rubble near the Blue Duck Building. The Facilities Supervisor has asked Kleinschmidt to add replacing the culvert to the bid package proposal. There may need to be a change order for Great Cranberry Island drainage as well. Three dolphin piles will be placed at the LCI ramp for barges to lie against while waiting to land.
I. Roads & Parking
Public Hearings are planned to be held on Islesford and Great Cranberry Island in August for suggestions on roads maintenance. It is hoped that bids will be in for the August Board of Selectmen’s Meeting for pot hole repairs. The Facilities Supervisor is working with Pete Coughlin of Maine Local Roads on standards to be approved for the bids.
The gate has been installed at the Great Cranberry Island Gravel Pit by Rodney Wimer. A padlock will be installed as well. No dumping signs have been hung at the facility. There is a big pile of chips owned by the Town at the site. The Facilities Supervisor recommends spreading the chips at the gravel pit. The chips will be moved to a muddy area near the sand and salt shed, as the Town still occasionally authorizes temporary storage of materials by contractors near the transfer station. The Facilities Supervisor will arrange for moving the chips. Phil Whitney mentions some construction parts still left on the right as drive in. Research will be done to determine who owns the materials and they will be asked to remove them.
Selectman Beal states that the budgeting process will begin on October 01 of this year.
J. Plow Truck Bids
One bid was submitted for the used 1990 GMC plow truck put out for bid by the Town. The bid was from Southwest Boat Marine Services for the price of $2002.00. A gate for the truck is still located at Islesford that goes with it. Mr. Berzinis will return the municipal plates to the Town Clerk that are currently on the truck.
Sally Rowan moves to accept the plow truck bid from Southwest Boat Marine Services. Richard Beal seconds the motion. MMotion passes.
V. New Business
• The Selectmen have received a request to sign an Interlocal Agreement for General Assistance Fair Hearing Authority. Town of Mount Desert, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Tremont, Lamoine, Trenton, Cranberry Isles, and Swans Island have all received the same request to sign in order to establish a roster for the Fair Hearing Authority officers in addition to the municipal officers. A Fair Hearing is held upon request of an applicant for General Assistance in the event of denial, reduction or termination of assistance, or within ten days after any other act or failure to act by Town’s General Assistance Administrator. Each town would agree to make its General Assistance Administrator available as part of a roster for Fair Hearing requests from another town in the agreement. This decision by TCI Selectmen has been tabled until the August BOS Meeting.
VI. Other Business
• A letter has been received by the School Board Chairman, Kate Chaplin, from Heartwood Builders in regard to the clapboard siding project at the Great Cranberry Island School building. The letter was then forwarded to the Facilities Supervisor for presentation to the Selectmen. The letter proposes to donate 160 square feet of leftover hardy board plank siding. The cost to install the siding would be price of $650.00. The Board of Selectmen agree to the proposal, and wish for the Town Clerk to write a letter to Heartwood Builders acknowledging the gift of approximately $400.00 worth of materials to the Town. The School Board will make the final decision on this proposal.
• The Facilities Supervisor has met with Rob Fernald, Sutton Island Resident, to discuss short term and long term needs for Sutton Island. Some items that were discussed include repair of the boardwalk and replacement of the trash collection shed and repairs to the waiting shed, etc. Questions still need to be researched as to Town right of ways at Sutton, and what the Town has responsibility for. Ted Maderia, summer resident of Southwest Harbor may be a good resource to discuss the history of town “roads” vs. private property on Sutton Island.
VII. Audience Communications
• GCI Resident Chris White reports that some of the culverts from the recent ditching are filling up and need to be cleaned out.
• Mr. White also reports that there are some coping stones in the ditch at Manset that need to be placed back where they belong.
• Phil Whitney suggests that someone from the Town needs to visit the Manset Facility regularly, especially during the busy months, to determine what issues need to be addressed at the site.
• Bobby Brown has his Manset Property for sale. It is reported that the gangway on the Brown Dock has been placed in the riparian way of the Cranberry Isles barge ramp at Manset. The Facilities Supervisor will follow up on this.
VI. New Business (Re-visited)
• Two community forums will be held by the Transportation Committee on July 8 and July 10. Options for the future of transportation at the Cranberry Isles will be discussed. The Committee will meet on July 21 and then make a recommendation to the Selectmen for the August board meeting.
VIII. Adjournment: 11:47 A.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board is Selectmen is scheduled for Tuesday, August 04, 2009.
Please note: The public is encouraged to attend.

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