Meeting Notes, Tuesday 18, 2009

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Meeting Notes
Transportation Committee Meeting, -GCI-Community Center
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Attendance: Barbara Meyers, Skip Stevens, Katy Fernald, Ron Axelrod, Frank Reece, & Ed Gray (partial) Action Items in Bold
I. Review of items since last meeting:
Ron spoke with State Senator Dennis Damon concerning the letter sent to him seeking availability of funds to support the commuter service. Damon said he forwarded letter to MDOT and he would set up a meeting to discuss it and call us.
II. Discussion of the Board of Selectmen’s meeting August 4, ’09:
The Board of Selectmen met on August 4th to discuss our July 29, ’09 “Recommendations for Ferry Service”. Based on discussions at the meeting, target for September service would be pushed back and may wait till full Town vote in the fall or at Town Meeting in March, 2010. It was agreed at the BOS meeting that Richard Beal and Ron Axelrod would first meet with David Bunker as stated in the “Recommendations”. Richard Beal subsequently refused to meet with David Bunker.
III. Discussion of Committee’s next steps focused around the following:
A. What would the BOS like the Committee to do to conclude these “Recommendations” in order to present them to the Town?
B. Should the Transportation Committee issue a Request for Interest for the Commuter Service from the four interviewed operators?

A list of questions is to be presented before the BOS meeting. Here is a suggested list to be finalized the week of Aug. 31st.

1. The BOS should determine what is remaining for the Transportation Committee to bring defined commuter recommendation(s) to the March 2010 Town Meeting.

2. Issue a Request for Interest (RFI) for commuter service providers that would include requirements the Town had to provide to achieve the commuter service.

3. The BOS need to bring closure to the item in our "Recommendations for Implementation of Service" offering the "Existing Service Provider" (B & B) the option for the Comprehensive Service or the Commuter Service. Since Richard Beal won't do it, another Selectman needs to take this on with a committee person.

The next meeting will be determined after the September 8th BOS meeting.