October 08, 2009 Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes and Transportation Committee Workshop

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Transportation Workshop
Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
October 08, 2009
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Dan Lief, BOS
Sally Rowan, BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Eliza Greenman, Island Institute
Ron Axelrod, Transportation Committee
Phil Whitney, Transportation Committee & Harbor Committee
Carl Brunner
I. Call to order: 8:30 P.M. by Chairman Richard Beal
Selectman Beal chooses to start this meeting with BOS business until the Chairman of the Transportation Committee arrives.
An after the fact permit application is expected to be filed by Jan Moss of Great Cranberry for earth moving within the shoreland. It is state law that any individual who plans to dig please call DIG SAFE before hand to ensure that no lines or cables are present at the site. Eric Dyer will write a short letter on behalf of the Selectmen to all known contractors at Cranberry Isles, reminding them that a permit must be in hand for work within 250 feet of the shoreline before any work is started.
The Town of Cranberry Isles has received the Supreme Award in the Town Report Competition held by Maine Municipal Association. The first place award is for municipalities in Maine with a population of 500 and under.
Katelyn Damon of Islesford has expressed interest in serving on the Planning Board. There is one vacancy on the board.
Dan Lief moves to appoint Katelyn Damon to the Planning Board. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
For September 08, 2009 meeting minutes, Richard Beal points out a typographical error, Section IX, Adjournment:
“Sally Rowan moves to adjourn the meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.”

Should read:
Sally Rowan moves to adjourn the meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
Sally Rowan wishes to add to Section IV, B, ANP Volunteer Letter:
Richard Beal is also interested in serving on the Acadia National Park Advisory Committee.
Sally Rowan moves to accept the October 08, 2009 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as amended. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
In reference to tree trimming at the intersections of Islesford, Dan Lief requests that the Sandbeach Road / Main Street intersection, Mosswood / Main Street intersection, and the Dock Road /Main Street intersection be trimmed back as soon as possible, preferably next week.
The November Board of Selectmen’s Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 05, 2009 due to Tuesday, November 03 being Election Day.
Richard Beal has contacted the Northeast Harbor Police Department and they are willing to let Manset parking residents move to the Northeast Harbor Lot. The Cranberry Cove ferry has decided to end service on Sunday, October 11. Dan Lief calls Mr. Pagels of Cranberry Cove and is awaiting a call from him as to whether he will consider running the boat an additional day to complete the Columbus Day weekend for residents who park at Manset. Karl Brunner / Elizabeth T is willing to run his ferry if Mr. Pagels cannot run on this day.
Break into Transportation Workshop: 9:05 A.M.
• Language is needed for a warrant article dealing with the proposed transportation plan. Recommendations have been accepted which should be incorporated into the article. Recommendations and the Safety Study are to be included in this year’s town report. Sally Rowan suggests that the recommendations be voted on separately.
• As to ramp fee increase, the attorney has advised the Selectmen that in order to increase the ramp fee, it must be presented to the voters of TCI for consideration.
• Eric Dyer suggests that if ramp fees or head tax for passengers are incorporated, then an amendment should be made to the Harbor Ordinance.
• The Harbor Committee has endorsed the short term goals for the safety study, and wishes to have more time to consider recommendations for long term goals. Richard Beal will speak with Richard Howland, Chairman of the Harbor Committee in reference to these goals and any proposed changes to the Harbor Ordinance. Richard Beal requests that Eric Dyer get some quotes on work for short term goals to help with the budget process.
• Ron Axelrod suggests that a photometric survey for lighting may be able to come out of the FTA grant monies to improve accessibility to our docks.
• Eric Dyer and Jeff Berzinis are working on recommendations for materials for hand rails at our dock stairs.
• Dan Lief is concerned that a daily five boat system, with two operators, will not be profitable for either operator. A year round community just cannot support this. A single operator may be able to make a profit. Or maybe it’s a daily four boat system? It might also be possible to assign certain time slots to certain operators in order to lock in ridership. The question is what do we ask the voters to approve or disapprove?
• Selectman Beal suggests that the proposal be put on the floor of the town meeting by the moderator, and then recess for discussion of options. Warrant Articles can be amended from the floor.
• The Transportation Committee has also suggested a two year trial period for the early and late boat.
• $11000.00 may be available in Department of Transportation funds to help pay for the proposed service.
• The Town Clerk reminds the meeting participants that the actual warrant article must require a yes or no answer, voter approval is required to accept grant monies, and we need to know the funds are there before we vote.
• Phil Whitney suggests that a rough draft warrant article be written today and then sent to the Town Attorney for legality and to present options clearly.
• Dan Lief suggests that we vote a two part article:
1) yes or no on a comprehensive (single operator) service first with no subsidy involved.
2) A commuter service added on to existing service and to include any proposed subsidy amount.
He also suggests that the Board of Selectmen be given the flexibility to work out what is best for the community.
• Some control is desired by the Town, especially in regard to safety issues.
• Networking with Mount Desert is recommended for landing of any extra boats.
• It would be helpful of the Transportation Committee to outline what types of regulations would be helpful to the Town.
• It is suggested that a bid process begin now, “voter approval pending” to find out what an estimated cost would be to run an early and late boat service for TCI, excluding a late boat in the summer season, (260 days AM boat and 180 days PM boat). Qualifications should be included with bid proposals. Ron Axelrod and Phil Whitney are willing to help draft the request for bid proposal. Richard Beal suggests placing a notice in the Mount Desert Islander and the Ellsworth American on Friday to appear in the October 22 issue. A draft proposal should be available by October 30, 2009. Approval of draft request for proposal to take place at the November 05, 2009 BOS Meeting. Requests for proposals should be released on November 06, 2009. Bids to be due by December 03, 2009. Bids to be reviewed at the December 08, 2009 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.
• Warrant article language is hoped to be ready for the November BOS meeting.
The Transportation Workshop ends.
11:25 A.M.
Thank you to Selectman Lief for providing lunch for today’s meeting.
Call back to order: 11:50 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 42: 4418.26
Warrant # 43: 24286.91 (School)
Warrant # 44: 327901.60
Warrant # 45: 9523.35
Total: 366130.12
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
IV. Old Business
A. Road Maintenance
Road paving, potholes and sealing are done for this year. The quantity of materials available has run out and what could be done has been completed.
• Dog Point Road will need some drainage work.
• A long term fix is needed for Harding Point Road.
• The Lane and Heliker Road are also in need of repair.
TCI is still waiting for a report from Pete Coughlin of the local roads center.
Numbers for road budget for 2010 are desired ASAP. Denise will email Frank Reese of the MAC and get the budget process moving. Phil Whitney encourages the BOS to attend MAC meetings in the future.
B. Comp Plan Update
No discussion at this time.
C. Ramp Fees
A warrant article is being written for voters to decide on increase of ramp fees. No response has been received from Beal and Bunker in reference to the Selectmen’s increase to $5.00 per landing.
D. TEPA Update
It is recommended by the Facilities Supervisor and Kleinschmidt to wait until spring for barge ramps and dolphin piles at Islesford and Great Cranberry, an eighty foot gangway and other upgrades at the Manset Facility. All necessary permits will be in, and mobilization and engineering costs could be reduced by doing all phases of the project at once. The Selectmen wish for the work to begin on April 01, 2010, and for the bidding to be complete before December to aid with the budget process.
E. GCI Dock Repairs
Concrete repairs that were not included in the original repair contract have been now completed. The estimate for the repairs was $3500.00 and the bill came in at $3475.00. Selectman Beal reports that a good job was done and the concrete was stabilized professionally.
i. HHW, UW Collection
Disappointment was voiced about the hazardous waste and universal waste collection process performed by Gray Enterprises this year. There were leaky batteries, bulbs not stored or transported correctly, etc. The cost will be more, but most of the waste was taken. Higher expectations for next year’s collection are in order. Education on collection of these wastes is recommended for the contractor and workers. Swans Island, Frenchboro, and Cranberry Isles are the only towns that deliver as a Town. The Selectmen wish to convey that the Town is not unhappy with the current contractor services.
ii. Transfer Stations
Dan Lief suggests that the Town may benefit from a municipal solid waste (MSW) committee. It is also suggested that the municipal advisory committee may be utilized for this purpose. Some issues that the committee may help with are:
• Recyclables
• Definition for metals
• Number of available containers
Municipal Solid Waste is one of the biggest budget items besides schools and roads.
iii. MSW Contract Adjustment
The Town Attorney has reviewed the MSW contract in preparation for contract adjustments December 31, 2009. A proposal letter to Gray Enterprises may be discussed at the November BOS meeting.
V. New Business
A. GA Ordinance Signing
The Board of Selectmen adopts the MMA Model Ordinance for General Assistance Appendices (A-C) for the period of October 01, 2009 – October 01, 2010. The appendices are on file with the Town Clerk.
B. ANP / TCI Mutual Aid Agreement
The Board of Selectmen signs a five year mutual aid agreement with the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service regarding activities at Acadia National Park.
The Town agrees to:
• Coordinate all emergency services response on GCI, LCI, and Sutton.
• Respond to a report of fire within the boundaries of the Park with a qualified crew and the equipment necessary to conduct initial attack fire suppression operations.
• Cooperate with Park staff in the immediate suppression of the fire.
• Notify the NPS immediately of any fire or other emergency within the Park that is reported to the Town or Department.
• Recognize that NPS policies and requirements may necessitate special or unique firefighting procedures.
• Work with the NPS to identify and obtain wildland fire training and wildland firefighting equipment and supplies, with RFA funds (when available).
• Maintain and dispose of any property acquired under the terms of this Agreement as set forth in NPS property management regulations.
This agreement in its entirety is available for inspection at the Town Office.
VI. Other Business
• It is reported that a female coyote has been killed at Islesford.
• A letter has been rewritten to Acadia National Park in reference to opening a conversation with them concerning the future use of the Blue Duck building. The Selectmen sign the redrafted letter. Copies of the letter may be viewed at the Town Office.
VII. Audience Communications
• Three flags were recently stolen from Great Cranberry Dock. Lyndon Colby donated $100.00 to buy a new flag.
• The flu shot clinic originally scheduled for October 15, 2009 has been temporarily postponed.
VIII. Adjournment: 1:28 P.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Sally Rowan seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

The next regularly scheduled BOS meeting will be on Thursday, November 05, 2009 at Great Cranberry Island.

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