Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes November 05, 2009

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
November 05, 2009
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman BOS
Dan Lief, BOS
Sally Rowan, BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Eliza Greenman, Island Institute
Skip Stevens, Transportation Committee
Ron Axelrod, Transportation Committee
Phil Whitney, Transportation Committee and Harbor Committee
Jeff Berzinis, Harbor Committee
Karin Whitney, MAC
Chris White, MAC

I. Call to order: 9:45 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
In reference to the October 08, 2009 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes, Sally Rowan recognizes a misspelling on Page 2, section II, Carl Brunner should be spelled, Karl Brunner.
Dan Lief moves to accept the November 08, 2009 meeting minutes with the one change mentioned. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 46: 4645.52
Warrant # 47: 14981.39 (school)
Warrant # 48: 5796.76
Warrant # 49: 23452.38
Total: $ 48776.05
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
IV. Correspondence
A. Islesford Fire Chief / EMS Resignation Letter
The Board of Selectmen has received a letter of resignation from Zone II Fire Chief and EMT Courtney Chaplin, dated October 27, 2009. A copy of this letter needs to be forwarded to Dawn Kinney in Augusta. Sally Rowan will give the address for Ms. Kinney to the Town Clerk. The Board of Selectmen wishes to thank Mr. Chaplin for his service.
A meeting of the Islesford Fire Department was held last week, which was well attended by current members and other interested residents. No one has agreed to take on the Fire Chief position at this time.
Concern is voiced by the Selectmen and the audience about the current state of emergency services on both Islesford and Great Cranberry Island. Concerns include the lack of training taking place and the lack of licensed EMTs available.
Selectman Lief suggests the Board research the idea of paying someone to organize the emergency services and training for both islands, possibly a commissioner. This would require voter approval.
Eliza Greenman is willing to give some of her time to help with Zone II Fire Department reorganization.
The Town Clerk mentions that Maine Municipal Association has a Fire Association and could maybe be helpful.
Phil Whitney mentions that the Island Institute holds yearly emergency services meetings with Chris Farley and recommends attendance by emergency personnel.
Sally Rowan and Dan Lief will speak with the Islesford Firefighters and report back at the December BOS meeting.
V. Old Business
A. TEPA Update
The Town is now ready to go out to bid on barge ramps and dolphin piles at Islesford and Great Cranberry, as well as an eighty foot gangway and other upgrades at the Manset Facility. The Selectmen give the go ahead and bid proposal will be in the newspapers next week. Bid proposals will also be sent to a short list of contractors who are familiar with the islands. The Facilities Supervisor will contact Kleinschmidt Associates and ask them to send the proposal out.
B. Transportation Committee, Request for Proposals / Bids
The Transportation Committee has prepared a Draft Request for Proposals for the proposed Commuter Ferry Service. The Service proposed is submitted contingent on the TCI voting for this service at their March 08, 2010 Town Meeting. The proposal bid id for fixed two year period as a demonstration project. The selected operator will be paid a fixed annual fee for providing required service.
The commuter service schedule would consist of the following required:

LCI Depart: 6:30 AM
GCI Depart: 6:45 AM
NEH Arrive: 7:00 AM
Frequency: Weekdays year round except National Holidays

NEH Depart: 5:00 PM
GCI Arrive: 5:15 PM
LCI Arrive: 5:30 PM
Frequency: Weekdays September 1 to June 1 except National Holildays

The summer schedule includes only the morning commuter trip, and assumes that late afternoon trips will be provided by existing regularly scheduled services from NEH. A full version of this draft document is on file at the Town Office.
Selectman Lief recommends that the Request for Proposals be sent to the Town Attorney for review. He also suggests that there is still much work to do before the article is put before the voters, (revenues, vagueness of grant possibilities, etc.). Mr. Lief asks the Transportation Committee to come back to the December Board of Selectmen’s Meeting with more information.
Phil Whitney recommends that the warrant article needs to reflect the worse case scenario, regardless of grants, head tax, etc.
Dan Lief suggests public forums on the Commuter Service.
Chris White also recommends that the warrant article be kept very simple. He also wonders if a portion of the excise tax on vehicles could somehow be used for this purpose as well. (State law requires that the excise tax on vehicles be used for roads within our town; this change would have to go through legislature for approval.)
Jeff Berzinis suggests that the proposed ferry schedule may need to allow for boarding and landing time. Long term berthing may not be needed.
The Town Clerk agrees that any proposed subsidy number needs to be conveyed to the voters and the warrant article needs to be written for a yes or no answer. This work must be done, including any funding from banks, grants, etc. for budget consideration in January.
The Facilities Supervisor suggests that an “up to” amount be used for this article.
Head tax, landing fees, or use of ramp fees for this purpose would have to be approved by the voters.
A memorandum is presented to the Selectmen from Transportation Committee members Ron Axelrod and Phil Whitney. The memorandum suggests that “a formal working subgroup to coordinate issues of mutual interest between the Town of Cranberry Isles and the Towns of Southwest Harbor and Mount Desert. These issues would initially involve discussions of harbors, wharves, ferry operations, etc.-our connections to those mainland towns, which are Transportation Committee concerns.” The Selectmen are asked to “initiate this process by assembling three representatives consisting of a member of the Transportation Committee, Harbor Committee, and a Selectman to meet with the appropriate person(s) at NEH to secure landing at NEH for the Commuter Service.” Securing landing rights at Northeast Harbor is of particular importance.
Richard Beal will call Mount Desert to find out what process to take for discussion on the request for landing rights.
It is hoped that the Request for Proposals will be sent out next week after review by the Town Attorney.
C. Longfellow School
Rezoning of the furnace is now taken care of at the Longfellow School. An additional heating zone has been added and the large unused area will not have to be heated. The proposal for window replacement has been reviewed by the School Committee. Their comments are:
• To include any lead paint precautions
• Consider replacement of all windows as opposed to a few
Approximately $20,000.00 has been allocated. The Town Clerk is authorized to go forward with financing arrangements. The Facilities Supervisor will go forward with bid specs and maintenance contract.
Problems with the hot water heater and boiler were recently recognized and repaired. His concern is that these things are not being looked at regularly.
Richard Beal would like to be authorized to hire someone to do yearly safety checks at Town Buildings. It is also recommended that a maintenance contract is needed with heating contractors.
Dan Lief moves to have Richard Beal work with Eric Dyer to make sure that all Town Buildings heating systems are inspected on an annual basis for safety. Sally Rowan seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
D. Dock Improvements
Jeff Berzinis and Eric Dyer are looking into stainless handrails. Kleinschmidt is reviewing the lighting. Other short term improvements will be included in budgeting process for 2010.
A crane is needed to move the eighty foot gangway at Great Cranberry Island. A spot is also needed to store the gangway as well.
Dan Lief is concerned with lack of Town Maintenance. The Town is responsible for the public restrooms at Islesford Dock, (June 1-November 1 and May 15-June 15). Manset also needs close management. Timers for the lights at public restrooms would cost about $200.00 per bathroom.
The Facilities Supervisor will make sure lights at Manset Dock are turned off for the winter. Problems with lighting at GCI, Islesford and Manset are still occurring. Selectmen Beal would like to propose funds in the upcoming budget for lighting at Town Docks. The Facilities Supervisor is working with Kleinschmidt on costs involved. Money may also be left over from the FTA grant to help with lighting costs.
E. Comprehensive Plan
A draft copy of the proposed comprehensive plan has been turned in to the State Planning Office for review and approval. Copies of this may be viewed on the Town website via a link to Hancock County Planning Commission for documents and maps. Copies are also available for viewing at the Town Office and the Libraries on GCI and Islesford. It is hoped that this will be ready for vote at March Town Meeting. Public hearings will be held before vote on the plan.

Selectman Beal is working on a proposed ordinance for consideration at 2011 Town Meeting for the disposition of foreclosed property acquired by the Town for back taxes. The ordinance would define what to do with foreclosed property, whom is authorized to sell or keep the property. Selectman Beal explains that this a local control issue.
F. MSW Committee
By request of the Selectmen, the Facilities Supervisor has been researching local municipal solid waste committees and has some recommendations for such a committee. It is reported that most towns have a solid waste committee. The purpose of this committee would be to assist Selectmen and Facilities Supervisor with policy and operational issues relating to household solid waste, recycling, and special wastes. Some examples may include but are not limited to:
• HHW / UW
• Waste removal schedules / policies
• Recycling programs, recycled materials usage
• Composting
• Equipment research & recommendations
• Efficiency review & recommendations
• Deposit bottle collection
• Community education
Concern is voiced over the amounts of returnable cans and bottles that are disposed of in the general waste stream. This money could possibly be used for charitable contribution.
Selectman Leif recommends not creating a new entity for this purpose, but to use a subcommittee of the Municipal Advisory Commission plus interested volunteers from the community.
The Facilities Supervisor is asked to draft a letter thanking Tony Smith, Chairman of the Acadia Disposal District, and his volunteers for taking care of the universal and hazardous waste collection from Cranberry Isles. No bill has been received at this time for the extra effort needed to handle the waste from our Town. Richard Beal will order chocolates from Isle au Haut for a thank you gift. Eric Dyer will provide the mailing address for Mr. Smith.
The Facilities Supervisor is asked to please make sure that a trash can is placed at Islesford Dock. Karin Whitney has a spare trash can in her garage to use for this purpose.
VI. New Business
i. Letter of Support
The Board of Selectmen signs a letter of support for Hancock County Planning Commission’s USDA-RUS application for solid waste related technical assistance funding.
ii. Financing
The Planning Board has requested the ongoing consultant services of Hancock County Planning Commission to complete the updates to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. The Consultant will perform the services for the consideration of an amount not to exceed $3242.00. The cost includes $969.00 in excess costs from the previous contract. Apart from these excess costs, billing will be for the actual labor and other expenses incurred. The project shall be completed by April 01, 2010.
Dan Lief moves to sign the agreement with Hancock County Planning Commission. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
B. Maine Forest Service, VFA Program
Maine Department of Conservation, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service and the Forestry Committee of the Maine Fire Chief’s Association is offering applications for the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program. No grant request will be considered over $3000.00, requires a match, and is basically for wildland fire suppression.
The Board of Selectmen is not interested in pursuing the grant at this time.
C. Budget & Warrant 2010
i. Historical Society Budget Request Letter
A letter has been written to the Great Cranberry and Islesford Historical Societies. The letter requests explanation of how funds donated in the past were utilized, and if so desired to provide detailed requests for specific projects for the ensuing year for consideration. Historically the requests for donation to historical societies have been written as a warrant article. The Selectmen wish to include the Historical Societies as a separate line item under Department 56, Donations. Letters have been sent to other organizations listed under Department 56 by Chris White.
Selectman Beal also recommends separating ambulance from fire departments under Department 52, Public Safety.
ii. Budget Process & Departments
Frank Reese has designated departments for the Budget Committee Members. Paperwork has been distributed for each department. A budget workshop meeting is trying to be coordinated for sometime in the next two weeks.
VII. Other Business
• In reference to tree trimming at Town road intersections, it is reported that more trimming needs to be done at the corner of Sandbeach Road and Main Street at Islesford. The Facilities Supervisor will contact property owner Cliff Smith about this need.
• A letter has been received from the TCI Animal Control Officer (ACO). Tiffany Tate is willing to finish off 2009 as Animal Control Officer but does not wish to continue for 2010. Jessica Krasnow of Islesford is interested in the ACO appointment. Ms. Krasnow has attended ACO training in the past, and is willing to attend future trainings. This position is mandatory to have for our Town.
Dan Lief moves that the Town Clerk work with Jessica Krasnow towards an appointment as of January 01, 2010 to take over as ACO and to schedule training. Sally Rowan seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
Selectman Beal requests that the ACO tools, (catch pole and gloves) be returned to the Town by Tiffany Tate.
IX. Audience Communications (taken out of order)
• Phil Whitney reminds the Selectmen that there is still a request standing for a view easement at Manset, and that he believes the piece of property is for sale and wishes them to look into this property and to follow up with the request.
VIII. Executive Session: Solid Waste Contract Adjustment, 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(D)
11:50 A.M. Pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6) (D), we go into executive session for the purpose of discussing the solid waste contract and its proposed adjustments. Dan Leif seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
12:24 P.M. The Board of Selectmen reconvenes into regular session.
IX. Adjournment: 12:25 P.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.

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