December 08, 2009

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
December 08, 2009
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Dan Lief, BOS
Sally Rowan, BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Eliza Greenman, Island Institute
Phil Whitney, Transportation & Harbor Committees
Karin Whitney, MAC
William Dowling, Planning Board
Kate Chaplin, School Committee and Board of Appeals
Malcolm Donald, MAC
Chris White, MAC
Evelyn Boxley, Board of Appeals
Skip Stevens, Transportation Committee
Paul Fernald

I. Call to Order: 8:35 AM by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Richard Beal moves to accept the November 05, 2009 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as written. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 50: 6771.47
Warrant # 51: 36829.76 (school)
Warrant # 53: 6154.58
Warrant # 54: 63067.27
Total: $ 112823.08
IV. Correspondence
A. Historical Society Letters
The Board of Selectmen has received letters of response from both the GCI and Islesford Historical Societies in regard to budget requests for 2010.
In 2009, $1000.00 was appropriated to GCI Historical Society. These funds were utilized towards payment of the Receptionist’s salary. Great Cranberry Historical Society expresses their greatest need for 2010 is a heating system for the Cranberry House Arts Center; the estimated cost is $4000.00. Phil Whitney, President of GCI Historical Society reports at today’s meeting that any donation from TCI to help with this need would be appreciated.
A letter from Hugh Dwelley, President of the Islesford
Historical Society, explains that funds allocated for 2009 were utilized for restoration of the Baker Island Cemetery. The restoration has largely been completed. All additional
costs were paid by the Historical Society. Some graves may still need a bit of topping off; any further costs will be paid by the Historical Society. The Society badly needs additional space and are in hopes that current plans to improve the Islesford Neighborhood House will double their space. If the Society is asked to contribute to costs for that work, they might need to call on the Town. Otherwise,
they have no projects in mind for which Town funding might be requested.
V. Old Business
A. Fire Departments
Selectman Lief suggests that the Town consider hiring
someone for consulting services in regard to how to proceed with the current state of emergency services. Islesford Fire Chief and EMT, Courtney Chaplin has recently resigned, and even though there are still many interested individuals to provide fire safety to the island, no one is willing to take the Chief position at this time. As for EMS and First Responders at Islesford, currently there is only one licensed EMT, and that individual is on medical leave. Evelyn Boxley reports that there are six interested individuals who are willing to do EMT training, and asks the Selectmen to consider financial support for the training. If ten residents are interested, the training can take place. Cost for the training is approximately $900.00 each. The Selectmen encourage this effort and ask that that GCI Residents are invited as well. Currently licensed on Great Cranberry are one EMT and one First Responder. Neither GCI nor Islesford has had any recent fire training.
Selectman Lief also suggests that it might be feasible to
hire an EMS director for the Town, possibly half time or full time to take care of such tasks as training,necessary paperwork, etc. It is suggested from the audience that a job description be defined and to determine how much time would be needed to work the position, and to actively pursue ISO 9 status. It is also suggested that the EMT and Fire Department be split into two separate Town departments. Another suggestion is that a stipend be considered for the proposed position as opposed to a salary. Selectman Beal suggests a warrant article for annual town meeting regarding this suggestion. Selectman Lief will pursue the idea of hiring a consultant.
B. TEPA Update
i. Bids for Island Access Improvements
Three bids were received for island access improvements. The alternate bid for pile installation(dolphin piles at GCI and Islesford) cannot be awarded at this time as the Town is currently waiting for the necessary permits for this part of the project. An email from Kleinschmidt Associates, dated December 07, 2009 states that the bidders for the pile installation will need to hold his prices for forty-five days per the Instructions to Bidders, and then it will expire. If TCI does not receive the necessary permits within the forty-five days, this part of the project will have to be rebid. Kleindschmidt Associates is responsible for obtaining the permits.
Total base price bids include construction of Boat Ramp at GCI, construction of boat ramp at Islesford, accessibility improvements at TCI Manset Pier, and accessibility improvements at the TCI Manset Parking Facility.
Bid options are if contractor opts to use existing precast panels from GCI Pier Deck in lieu of new precast planks.
Bid option total price will be substituted for corresponding Base Bid item.
Bid Alternates, pending DEP and NRPA permit approval, bids are for pile installation.

1) John W. Goodwin Construction
Total base bid: $ 237,120.70
Bid options (GCI): $ 93, 516.80
Bid options (LCI): $ 102,004.80
Bid Alternates: $ 7,700.00

2) Courtney Chaplin
Total base bid: $ 246,414.00
Bid options (GCI): $ 92,928.00
Bid options (LCI): $ 106,219.00
Bid Alternates: $ 19,931.00

3) R.F. Jordan & Sons Construction, Inc.
Total base bid: 261,543.10
Bid options (GCI): $ 103,061.57
Bid options (LCI): $ 108,392.89
Bid Alternates: $ 24,145.32

There was reportedly an error made in the bid alternate
section of the John W. Goodwin bid, the portion of the bid which is not being awarded today. Due to the fact that this project is funded by State and Federal monies, the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder must be awarded the contract. Kleinschmidt Associates has recommended that the contract be awarded to John W. Goodwin, Jr. Construction.
Richard Beal moves to accept the base bid from John Goodwin, Jr. Construction. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
The Facilities Supervisor reports that there may be a possibility to purchase two eighty foot gangways from the Sate at 75% of the cost. Selectman Beal advises that Superior Docks needs to be notified if the Town decides to buy from the State as the Town has given its word to Superior Docks that we will purchase a gangway built by them. Approximately $49,000.00 has been spent from the TEPA Grant funds thus far. These funds were spent on Kleinschmidt Engineering, an eighty foot gangway and installation at Great Cranberry Island, and permit costs for the project.
C. Transportation Committee
i. Bids for Ferry Service
Two bids were received in response to a proposal for
specific year round commuter service between Northeast Harbor and the Cranberry Isles. These bids were requested pending voter approval of the proposed commuter service.

1) Quietside Cruises & MDI Water Taxi (Karl Brunner):
This bid is submitted respectfully knowing that it does not actually satisfy the service. It offers partial
coverage in lieu of a full year commitment. Service offered is for May 01 through Ocotober 31. This restricted schedule does not offer winter services due to safety concerns and
other considerations related to operating through the winter months. Costs for this partial service are:
2010-2011: $ 14, 175.00
2011-2012: $ 14,553.00
6 gallons of fuel per round trip at a base price of $2.75 per gallon
Additional per trip cost 2010-2011: $ 75.00
Additional per trip cost 2011-2012: $ 77.00

2) Downeast Windjammer Cruises (Steve Pagels)
2010-2011: $ 87,200.00
2011-2012: $ 98,100.00
8 gallons of fuel per round trip at a base price of $2.75 per gallon
Additional per trip cost: 2010-2011: $ 200.00 *Depending on scheduled times
Additional per trip cost: 2011-2012: $ 225.00 *Depending on scheduled times

Selectmen Beal has held an informal conversation with a Mount Desert Harbor Committee Member in reference to proposed landing rights at Mount Desert for such a commuter ferry service as proposed. It is reported that landing rights may not be possible as there is a long waiting list for docking privileges at Northeast Harbor. Chris White questions the legality of waiting lists for docking privileges.
A letter has been drafted to the Town of Mount Desert asking for an official response.
ii. Letter to the Town of Mount Desert
Phil Whitney suggests looking at year round access
improvements at the TCI Manset Dock. Malcolm Donald suggests pursuing additional parking at the TCI Manset Facility. It is also suggested that TCI also consider sending a similar letter to the Town of Southwest Harbor regarding landing rights and also working together for year round access in the Town of Southwest Harbor.
The Board of Selectmen concurs on sending a letter asking to commence conversations about working with Southwest Harbor towards dock improvements and parking. Skip Stevens will ask the Transportation Committee to draft a letter for approval by the Selectmen.
iii. Status Update
No further communications at this time.
D. Longfellow School
Two bids were received in response to a request for the
Town’s portion of repairs at Longfellow School at Great Cranberry Island. Repairs include replacement of windows and repair.
1) William F. Dowling:
Partial Replacement: no bid submitted
Glazing: no bid submitted
Painting: no bid submitted
Total Replacement: (Anderson windows) $ 33,000.00

2) Paul Fernald / Cory J. Duggan
Partial Replacement: (Brosco windows) $ 3,500.00
Glazing: $ 10,000.00
Painting: $ 6,000.00
Total Replacement: (Waterville windows with grilles
$ 15,000.00
There appears to be some confusion with the bid specs and what is being asked for in repairs, such as type of windows, lead paint cleanup protocol, amount of windows to be repaired, etc. The Selectmen decide to table the bid awarding and to rebid the project with more specific specs.
Paul Fernald suggests that an immediate repair need for Longfellow School is to replace shingles on the back of the building. The Board of Selectmen authorizes William Dowling to fix the shingles as soon as possible. Mr. Dowling will meet with the Facilities Supervisor to look at what needs to be done.
E. Budget & Warrant 2010
i. Budget Process & Departments
Evelyn Boxley asks how one gets an article placed on the warrant for the annual town meeting. There are two ways to accomplish this. The Board of Selectmen writes the warrant considering suggestions from the public. Another way is to write a citizens’ petition and to gather at least 10% of the number of registered voters for the last gubernatorial election. For the last gubernatorial election in 2006, there were 223 registered voters at Cranberry Isles. At least 22 signatures would be needed for a warrant article petition. Ms. Boxley asks the Selectmen to consider a warrant article asking for repeal of the vehicle importation ordinance. The Board of Selectmen decides to include the question of the annual town meeting warrant for March 2010.
Selectman Beal has drafted an Ordinance for the Retention or Disposition of Tax-Acquired Property in Cranberry Isles, ME. This ordinance would be a mechanism to follow through on what to do after acquisition by the town of tax acquired property and is proposed to be included on the annual town meeting warrant. The Board of Selectmen will review the draft and refer comments to the Tax Collector. The Town Attorney is currently reviewing the document.
VI. New Business
A. RJD Appraisal Assessing Service Proposal
The Selectmen have received a letter from RJD Appraisal, dated November 06, 2009, that offers a proposal for assessing service for next year’s budget. RJD Appraisal is asking for a budget increase to $25,800.00, a 2.5% increase over last year’s contracted price. The Board of Selectmen approves the increase and this will be included in the line item budget for the annual town meeting warrant.
VII. Other Business
The Board of Selectmen signs a letter of support for the Islesford Neighborhood House Association as they work to improve their facility.
VIII. Executive Session: Solid Waste Contract Adjustment, 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(D)
11:10 A.M. Dan Lief moves to go into executive session to discuss the solid waste contract adjustment, pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(D). Sally Rowan seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.

11:18 A.M. The Selectmen go back in to regular session.
11:19 A.M. Dan Lief moves to adjourn the meeting. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.

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