Planning Board January 22, 2010

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Planning Board Meeting
Friday, January 22, 2010
9:00 A.M.
Islesford Neighborhood House


I. Call to Order
II. Review / Approval Previous Meeting Minutes
A. September 16, 2009
B. September 23, 2009 Workshop
C. January 06, 2010 Workshop
III. Review Application
Fir Lee, LLC, c/o Nathaniel R. Fenton
Hartley Rogers
Tax Map 30, Lot 16
Sutton Island
Repair existing retaining wall (4’ x 198’ ±)
New Rip Rap (27’ depth x 40’ ±)
Contractor: Southwest Boat Marine Services, c/o Jeffrey Berzinis
Agent: Leblanc Associates, Inc.
IV. Review Draft Site Plan Review Application for the Shorelands
V. Other Business
VI. Adjournment

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