Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes January 05, 2010

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
January 05, 2010
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Dan Lief, BOS
Sally Rowan., BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Eliza Greenman, Island Institute
Karin Whitney, MAC
Phil Whitney, Transportation & Harbor Committees
Malcolm Donald, MAC
Bruce Komusin
Jeff Berzinis, Harbor Committee
William Dowling, Planning Board & Transportation Committee
I. Call to order: 8:45 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval Previous Meeting Minutes
In reference to Section V, Old Business, subsection A, Fire Departments, Sally Rowan would like to include a reference to a comment made by Kate Chaplin about the amount of time needed for a proposed position of EMS Director to take care of such tasks as training, administrative issues, necessary paperwork, etc. Kate Chaplin believes that the work would only entail one to two days per month.
Richard Beal moves to accept the minutes with the above addition, for the December 08, 2009 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
III. Review / Sign Financial Warrants

2009 Warrant # 55: $ 4,113.76
2009 Warrant # 56: $ 33,222.16 (School)
2009 Warrant # 57: $ 4,067.76
2010 Warrant # 01: $ 26,768.74
Total: $ 68,172.42
Richard Beal notes that the school warrants have not been signed by the School Committee Members. The warrant is signed by the Superintendent. All Warrants were signed by the Board of Selectmen.
IV. Spring Road Closures
The Facilities Supervisor recommends that the BOS take care of spring road closures. His recommendation is to close the roads from April 01 to May 01, 2010, for weight loads exceeding 10,000 pounds or over 5 tons.
The Selectmen choose to set the weight limit at five (5) tons, with the exception of petroleum trucks; for emergency deliveries of other types of trucks, the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen should be contacted for permission. This weight limit on Town roads will be in effect April 01, 2010 through May 01, 2010.
The Facilities Supervisor will place a notice in the Mount Desert Islander newspaper and signs will be posted at Great Cranberry and Islesford.
V.Road Proposal
Selectman Lief expresses concern about the budgeting of a large amount for roads before discussing with the public, or having a comprehensive plan in place. The Town does have roads that are in need of treatment. These roads have been identified in an estimate from Pike Industries, Inc.
Reclamation and gravel topping:
• Harding Point Road / The Lane / Dog Point Road (GCI)
Shim coat and one inch of asphalt:
• Cranberry Road (GCI)
• Main Road / Wharf Street / Co-op Drive / Sand Beach Road (LCI)
The total bid price is $345,058.55 for treatment of these roads.
One other suggestion is reclamation of some town roads to gravel. Harding Point Road for instance, would need reclaiming of the base if asphalt were to be added. Reclaiming other Town roads to gravel is an option. Sally Rowan asks if the gravel roads would accommodate emergency vehicles and is assured that they will. The S.W. Cole Report for roads was done for TCI in January 2005 and may need to be updated. The Town is still waiting for an updated report from Pete Coughlin of the Maine Department of Transportation.
Selectman Lief suggests budgeting over a five years for roads maintenance plan to distribute the cost. A hearing could be held on Islesford and Great Cranberry to present the plan to voters for input once the plan is complete. Selectman Beal would like to see some of the major work done this summer. The Town Treasurer suggests that the plan be called a roads capital plan.
VI. Appoint Animal Control Officer
Animal Control Officer Tiffany Tate has formally resigned her position as of December 31, 2009. This is a state mandated position for each municipality.
Richard Beal nominates Barbara Meyers of Great Cranberry Island for the position of Animal Control Officer. She has experience in the field and is interested in the position.
Richard Beal moves to appoint Barbara Meyers as Animal Control Officer for Town of Cranberry Isles. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
It is also time to appoint Shellfish Warden, which is also a state mandated position for municipalities with a Shellfish Conservation Ordinance. Nickolas Hadlock is still interested in the position.
Animal Control supplies and manual will be sent to GCI by the town office staff. The Town Clerk will notify Ms. Meyers when ACO training is offered.
Richard Beal moves to appoint Nickolas Hadlock as Shellfish Warden for the Town of Cranberry Isles. Sally Rowan seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.
VII. 2010 Budget-Budget Committee Proposals
• Ed Gray of Great Cranberry Island asks the Selectmen to consider asking for a commitment from those residents who receive training funded by the Town for positions such as constable, EMT, etc. His suggestion is prompted by the fact that many individuals who have been previously trained with Town funds end up leaving the islands after training. Mr. Gray suggests that instead of training a group of people, to train one really good EMT or constable and pay that person for their services with funds used to train others. This discussion was taken up at the December Board of Selectmen’s meeting. Selectman Lief agrees that Mr. Gray’s point is well taken, but our current situation with lack of trained professionals is critical. Enough bodies to fill the positions is a problem, and if we ask for the commitment maybe those individuals who are willing to take the training will not want to continue in a volunteer capacity.
• The Board of Selectmen has met with Neil Courtney of Camden who is willing to work as a consultant to help TCI move forward with emergency services organization. A rough draft of a proposal was presented by Neil Courtney to the Selectmen detailing services that would be provided.
• Selectman Lief sees the fact that TCI spends a lot of money on education and possibly roads, and that public safety is equally important. Phil Whitney suggests that a major concentration of this work be on training for emergency personnel. Costs for a six month proposal for Mr. Courtney’s services are estimated between five and ten thousand dollars ($ 5000.00 to $ 10,000.00)
Dan Lief moves that the Board of Selectmen sign a contract with Neil Courtney,negotiate a consulting contract with Neil Courtney, and that prior to town meeting when then this might be approved, that we not spend more than three thousand dollars ($ 3000.00). Sally Rowan seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
A final draft of the proposal will need to be written that satisfies both Neil Courtney and the Town.
• Eliza Greenman suggests involving the emergency personnel with the school children to get the children interested in the fields.
• Richard Beal would like to see the ability for the town office to do complete motor vehicle registrations. Both the Town Clerk and the Deputy Clerk would have to attend required training to learn the process. Last year the training took place during the week of the annual town meeting and the Town Clerk could not attend. As soon as the dates of the training are made available for this year, it can be determined if the clerks can attend.
• Printing costs under department 51-15, (General Government / Selectmen), are for expected printing costs for the proposed comprehensive plan and the proposed shoreland zoning ordinance updates. Both documents are lengthy and enough for all registered voters must be made available.
• Under department 51-26, (General Government / Elections), $ 2500.00 is budgeted for the continued services of Hancock County Planning Commission to complete the plan after state review.
• This year there will be a warrant article dealing with the proposed Transportation Plan for a two year test plan with proposed figures for costs which are still being determined. One bid has been received for the proposed service. Ed Gray asks if the warrant article will state which mainland port the proposed ferry service will land at. At the time of this meeting, it is still unknown if the Town of Mount Desert will grant docking privileges to TCI. The request for running a passenger ferry from TCI, to and from Northeast Harbor, has been placed on the agenda for the January 11, 2010 Marine Management Committee for Town of Mount Desert. The meeting will be held in Somesville at 5:30 P.M. Skip Stevens and Dan Lief will attend the meeting to represent the Transportation Committee for Cranberry Isles. The article for the annual town meeting warrant will need to be complete in time for the town office staff to prepare the warrant to be signed at the February 02, 2010 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.
• Jeff Berzinis of Southwest Boat and Marine Services has made an offer to Town of Cranberry Isles to dock the commuter ferry boat at his facility at Southwest Harbor and possibly a few parking spaces to go with it.
• Department 51-36, (General Government / Harbor Committee), no funds have been appropriated because the committee still have funds left over from their Shore and Harbor Grant to complete the ordinance requirements. One component that needs to be completed is to finish mapping the harbor at Great Cranberry Island. There are also some proposed changes to the harbor ordinance coming up in reference to barge landing fees.
• Department 51-40, (General Government / Pay Tax), deals with employee health insurance. Last year insurance benefits for full time Town Employees were granted health insurance benefits from funds that had been budgeted for two years. That money has been spent and $13,220.00 has been budgeted to cover the expense for this year.
• Department 52-01, (Public Safety / Fire Department Zone 1, GCI, $5000.00 is proposed for equipment under supplies, and $750.00 for ambulance supplies. No additional funds have proposed for fire department training, however there is a reserve account available.
$2000.00 is proposed for EMT training. The total proposed budget for Zone 1, all departments, is $19150.00 for 2010.
• Department 52-01, (Public Safety / Fire Department Zone 1, GCI, $100.00 is proposed for telephone expenses. Calls will have to be made for the fire department. The Town Clerk is still pursuing a phone service for the Firehouse at GCI, but Fairpoint is still experiencing logistical problems with where the facility is.
• Department 52-01, (Public Safety / Fire Department Zone 1, GCI, Richard Beal suggests raising the proposed $500.00 to $750.00 due to the need to purchase four more medium size oxygen bottles for the ambulance supplies.
• Department 52-02, (Public Safety, Fire Department Zone 2, LCI, proposes $3000.00 for fire department training and $6000.00 for EMT training. The total proposed budget for Zone 2, all departments, is $18550.00 for 2010.
• Department 52-02, (Public Safety, Fire Department Zone 2, LCI, $700.00 is proposed for telephone expenses. The alarm for the heat is connected to the phone system.
• Department 52-02, (Public Safety, Fire Department Zone 2, LCI, $1000.00 is proposed for general contracts.
• Department 52-02, (Public Safety, Fire Department Zone 2, LCI, $2000.00 is proposed for equipment and fire truck.
• No funds have been budgeted for 2010 for Fire Department Zone 3, Sutton Island, as there are no requests for funds this year and there is a reserve account available. Funds have been proposed for replacement of the waiting shed / trash shed / walkway project in the amount of $15000.00 under department 58-20, Sutton capital. There is a reserve account available.
• Department 52-20, Public Safety / Constable, LCI, the amount proposed for Islesford Constable has been increased due to a request and the amount of hours worked in 2009. $2000.00 is proposed for LCI Constable for 2010.
• Department 53-10, Contracts, Ed Gray, $75,000.00 is proposed. This amount may change as contract negotiations are currently taking place.
• Under Department 53-12, Health / Sanitation / CEO / Plumbing, the amounts remain flat from 2009.
• Department 54-10, Public Transportation / Town Roads, $365,000.00 is proposed for capital improvement.
• A Special Board of Selectmen’s Budget Workshop will be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 8:30 AM, at the Town Office on Islesford, to further discuss the proposed budget. The Facilities Supervisor will have notes for why various categories exist within departments, and what they are for. The roads budget will be revisited at that meeting. Anyone who wishes a copy of the proposed budget should contact the town office. This will make the meeting more efficient and give time for questions before the meeting.
• School funding numbers are hoped to be in the Town Office by January 22, 2010.
• A new category will need to be created for Department 54 in reference to the proposed ferry service. The article will include cost of service up to $87,000.00 and another article will be written asking for the continuation of the Transportation Committee.
• The budget committee has requested that the Board of Selectmen decide the amount to be proposed for Department 56-23, Donations / Great Cranberry Island Historical Society.
• Department 57-24 Debt Service, Longfellow School, the Board of Selectmen proposes no funding for Longfellow School debt service at this time as the project is on hold.
• Department 58-16, Municipal Facilities / Manset Lot, there is a proposed increase in grounds as there was an overage in the budget for 2009. Proposed for 2010 is $6500.00, an increase of $3000.00 over 2009.
• Department 58-20, Municipal Facilities / Wharves / Floats / Ramps, Manset, Selectman Beal suggests that up to $50,000.00 be budgeted to hire an engineering consultant for a year round dock at Manset which is subject to approval of the voters.
• Department 58-20, Municipal Facilities / Wharves / Floats / Ramps, Sutton Island, $15,000.00 is proposed for the new waiting / trash / fire equipment shed and repair to the walkway. This is the only request from Sutton Island for 2010.
• Department 58-22, Municipal Facilities / Warehouse / Apartment, Manset, $30,000.00 is proposed to tear down the warehouse, which is subject to approval by the voters.
• Department 58-24, Municipal Facilities / Mansell House, Manset, $1000.00 is proposed to be added for grounds and $1000.00 is proposed to be added for janitorial due to contract renegotiations with Marsh USA.
• Richard Beal reports that the furnace at the Mansell House is in need of repair and he gave Marsh permission to call the repair personnel.
• A warrant article will be included to ask the voters to approve an Ordinance For The Retention Or Disposition of Tax Acquired Property In Cranberry Isles, ME.
• Island Institute Fellow support is not expected to be included in the warrant this year as a fellow is being requested for Great Cranberry by a private organization.
• The Town Clerk will contact Bill McGuinness to request that a representative attend the Special Board of Selectmen’s Meeting on January 13, 2010 for discussion on the proposed easement for a permanent leach field under Town Field at Islesford, and for permission to cut up and repair to exact condition the road to pipe the septic to Town Field.
VIII. Other Business
• A letter is signed by the Board of Selectmen giving permission to James Wadman, C.P.A. to do the annual audit.
• The Board of Selectmen signs certifications and assurances for the Federal Transit Administration Assistance Programs for federal fiscal year 2010. This is an annual document signed by the Selectmen for the TEPA grant.
• A Planning Board Workshop Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 06, 2010 to work on the updates to the shoreland zoning ordinance.
• The Town of Cranberry Isles has never had its own contract with EMR for tipping fees. The Board of Selectman and TCI Acadia Disposal District Representative Cynthia Lief plan to meet with Tony Smith of Acadia Disposal District for explanation of this type of contract. The Facilities Supervisor will schedule the meeting.
IX. Audience Communications
• Bruce Komusin reports that the electrical box on Great Cranberry Island Dock is damaged with wires hanging. Selectman Beal reports that the contractor has already been contacted to fix it.
• Phil Whitney asks how the work on the GCI ramp next month will affect parking at the parking lot. Selectman Beal reports that only two parking spaces will be need to be left vacant for the work.
• Bill Dowling expresses concern over safety of winter ferry landings at both docks, particularly the Islesford Dock during certain wind conditions. The Harbor Committee has discussed this issue in the past. An extension of the dock might be needed for Islesford. Bill Dowling will call the Islesford Harbormaster to express his concern. Mr. Dowling is also concerned with the fact that the wheel is sometimes left unattended after docking of the ferry while the boat is in gear, and with the method of reaching out to the piling for tying up the ferry for docking.
• A warrant article is proposed for short term safety issues at the Town Docks as suggested by the safety study initiated by the Transportation Committee. Each safety suggestion will be voted on separately.
X. Executive Session: Solid Waste Contract Adjustment 1 MRSA §405 (6)(D)
11:00 AM: Richard Beal moves to go into executive session, pursuant to 1 MRSA §405 (6)(D) to discuss the solid waste contract adjustment. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
11:24 AM: Richard Beal moves to return to regular session. Sally Rowan seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.
XI. Adjournment: 11:26 AM
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Sally Rowan. Motion passes.
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