May 18, 2010 BOS Minutes

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Board of Selectmen’s Special Meeting
May 18, 2010
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard F. Beal, Chairman Eliza Greenman
Daniel S. Lief Evelyn Boxley
Sally Rowan Sheila Krasnow
Denise McCormick Wanda Porter
Eric Dyer Amy Palmer
Skip Stevens Lindsay Eysnogle
Isaac Krasnow Meg Stevens

1. Call to Order 8:35 AM
2. Approved Warrant #25- $1048.00 Invoice for Pioneer Print who printed up copies of the Draft Comp Plan for the Public Hearing, June 18th.
3. Amy Palmer requested to present a letter to the BOS in regards to the Palmer’s
Installing a new leachfield. The Palmer’s now realize they will need to dig up the Main Rd. on Islesford in a second spot by Richard Alley, Sr. They have requested permission from the Selectmen to do so. They plan to do it some time in the beginning of June, but are still waiting for a Septic Plan from Bill Labelle.
Motion to approve the second road opening by Richard Beal, second by Daniel Lief.
4. C.I. Rescue Policy- The Town currently has no policy for our Rescue Service in place. Selectman Rowan is the representative from the Board who is working on this plan. Wanda Porter, Local Health Officer, stated she was disappointed that so far nothing has been done, and we have elderly citizen’s who need to know that when they call 911, there is someone who will respond. Dan Lief agrees that we are very close to the busy summer season, and we need a plan now. The board all agrees that we should contact someone with an EMT License and offer to pay them for the summer season in case of an emergency.
The Selectmen approved forming a committee to start working on a Emergency Response Plan immediately, and to then work on a Long term plan and set goals until this Service is up and running again. The committee will consist of Dan Lief, Denise McCormick, Evelyn Boxley, Wanda Porter, Amy Palmer, Phil and Karin Whitney. Evelyn Boxley will also ask Katelyn Damon if she would be willing to work on the Committee.
Phil Whitney suggests that the Selectmen contact Elsie Fleming and see if she can help us out with the State EMS and what can be done for small outer islands who have limited resources to accomplish the rules set by the State.
As of now, everyone should know that they should still call 911 in case of an emergency.
5. Early Commuter Boat- The school board has approved a contract with Karl Brunner to run an early boat for High School Transportation. Dan Lief spoke with Barbara Meyers prior to the meeting and she said it is all set for this spring season.
Skip Stevens said he would like it documented in the BOS Meeting records that Barbara Meyers did not speak to Dan Lief on the phone, and that the Town Office had the contract in an email and had not gotten it signed. Dan Lief was surprised by this statement as he had spoken to Barbara. Denise McCormick, Town Clerk, stated that any contract for school transportation would be between the school board and the boat operator, so there is no way that the Town Office is responsible with the contract not being signed.
NOTE: After the Selectmen’s meeting, Town Clerk called Barbara Meyers about the contract for school transportation. Barbara agrees that the contract would be between the School Board and the Boat Operator. Barbara had only asked Mr. Brunner to please send a copy of the signed contract to Barbara in care of the Town Office. Barbara also did confirm that she had spoken to Daniel Lief prior to the meeting.
6. Other Business- Due to the fact that the Town’s Manset dock is under repair, some islanders who must work off island will need to tie up their boats in Northeast Harbor. The Town of Mt. Desert spring tie-up rules and fees are now in place, and islanders are being fined for tying their boats up for an extended period.
Dan Lief motions to approve on a case-by-case basis up to $500 to assist with those who are being fined if they are off-island to work, second by Richard Beal. Unanimous vote to approve. The Town hopes that the Manset floats will be in by June 1st.
There was also discussion of the Town’s moorings in Manset. We are currently down to one mooring. There was a second mooring that has been lost, and Chalmers suggests it would be easier and cheaper to just set a new one then to hire a diver to try and find the mooring. Eric will work with Chalmers and the SWH Harbormaster to get this mooring replaced. Phil Whitney again suggests that the town look into the 3rd mooring that the Town is entitled to. There should be documents somewhere from when the Town purchased the Manset property, and we were informed that there would be 3 moorings.
7. Islesford School’s “Roadside Story”
Isaac Krasnow & Meg Stevens, students at the Islesford School with assistance from their Teacher, Lindsay Eysnogle, gave a presentation to the Selectmen to a project they are currently working on. On Earth Day, the children at the school did a roadside clean-up on Islesford and were shocked at how much litter was along our roadways. The children have come up with a plan to put up Posters & Trash Weaves, and to place recycle bins in various locations around Islesford and Great Cranberry. They would like to encourage people to recycle or take their trash with them instead of litter on the roads and beaches. They are going to have a fundraiser to raise money for the recycle bins, and have asked the Selectmen for financial support for the money they do not raise. They are also asking that the Selectmen and other community members show enthusiasm for this project and to spread the word about their plan. The Selectmen applauded the great presentation that they gave and wholeheartedly support their efforts. They have asked Eric Dyer and Eliza Greenman to help out with this project. Sally Rowan motions to support the project, seconded by Daniel Lief with an unanimous vote to approve. The children will hold their fundraising picnic on May 29th at noon at the Islesford Neighborhood House. The Selectmen asked that the project be put on the June 1st BOS meeting agenda. The children will let the Town Clerk know how much money they were able to raise, and how much money they think they will need from the Town.
8. Meeting was adjourned at 10:21 am.