Municipal Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes May 17, 2010

Municipal Advisory Commission- Town of Cranberry Isles

GCI- Ladies Aide Society

Monday, May 17, 2010

Malcolm following an agenda previously distributed by email opened the meeting. The first item was to elect a chairperson and secretary. Malcolm Donald will chair today’s meeting. Ron Axelrod will be Chair, and Chris White will be secretary for the year.

1. TCI’s Manset dock will undergo construction till May 27th and no floats will be in the water for TCI boats. Those wishing to utilize the floats will have to make their own arrangements for the next nine working days. Eric Dyer has tried to assist those three individuals who are affected.

2. Liaison with the towns of Mount Desert /NEH and Southwest Harbor: There was a discussion that we knew little about what was happening in these towns other than what we read in newspapers. Also, these towns know little about our interests. Both towns are vital transportation links for TCI. The MAC will draft a terms of reference for the position of Town Liaison to SWH & TMD/NEH for recommendation to the BOS to institute. These positions/people could be adjunct members of the MAC as provided for in the MAC Charter, Rev. March 12, 2007. Malcolm agreed to present a draft to MAC members by June 1, 2010.

3. Marsh Lease and other Manset items: Discussion of reviewing the Marsh lease and long term needs of land for parking, and a year round LCI dock were discussed. There was insufficient information on the leases, payments, and real estate market. Malcolm agreed to find all outstanding leases, payments and non-payment of leases, and get assessment of the real estate market for the buildings. Included would be a cost benefit analysis of the rental income, cost of financing, maintenance costs, real-estate taxes, and other costs. He hopes to have this information for our July 2nd meeting.

4. Parking Area at Manset: Discussion focused on the need for parking at Manset and in the future. Ron recommended a Parking Demand Study to assess the town needs for parking currently and in the future. The idea is to understand what are the needs for parking and the options for the future at our current three lots: NEH, Manset, and Joy Road.

5. MAC future efforts: Ron agreed to present a short and long term agenda for the next meeting discussion

Next meeting: July 2, 2010, 1 PM (adjusted to boat arrivals) LCI – Neighborhood House