Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes June 01, 2010

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
June 01, 2010
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Dan Lief, BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Eliza Greenman, Island Institute
Malcolm Donald, MAC
Ron Axelrod, MAC
Phil Whitney
Ed Gray
I. Call to Order: 8:45 AM by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval Previous Meeting Minutes
Dan Lief moves to approve the May 04, 2010 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as written. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.
Dan Lief moves to approve the May 18, 2010 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as written. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 24: 4740.15
Warrant # 26: 35532.51
Warrant # 27: 5495.18
Warrant # 28: 53923.75
Total: $ 99691.59

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
IV. Old Business
A. Roadside Story Update
The Islesford School Students are raising money for recycling containers at Islesford and Great Cranberry to be placed in public areas for summer use. On May 29th, a beach clean-up was held on Islesford. Approximately thirty individuals helped with the effort and $280.00 was raised for the recycling containers. A barbecue was held after the cleanup at the Islesford Neighborhood House.
On June 9th, the Islesford School Students will arrive at Great Cranberry Island on the mid-day boat to have a barbecue which will be followed by a presentation of the “Roadside Story” and then a beach clean-up. Great Cranberry Island Residents are encouraged to participate in all three activities.
B. Cranberry Isles Fire / Rescue Updates
Selectman Lief is currently working with Cranberry Isles Rescue. Margaret Blank has been retained at an hourly rate of $20.00 per hour to help make short-term plans for the summer season and long-term plans for the future in regard to emergency rescue. Rick Petrie from the State EMS will also be working with Margaret on plans for the service. Ambulances are being checked and stocked for the season. A meeting with Paul Liebow will be scheduled in the next couple of weeks to discuss the emergency rescue services for Cranberry Isles. Katelyn Damon has volunteered to work with Margaret Blank to learn the paperwork that is required.
An ambulance driver course will be held sometime in June at the MDI High School. This will enable those who take the course to drive the ambulance while the trained personnel take care of those in need of emergency service. There are volunteers at Islesford who are willing to take the eight hour course. Richard Beal suggests that Blair Colby, Mark Alley, and Norman Sanborn, II also take the course if willing for Great Cranberry Island. Phil Whitney has also volunteered for the course. A list of doctors who will be on the islands this summer and the available dates is being compiled. Selectman Lief reports that there are individuals who are willing to take the EMT course on Islesford this fall. He also states that the biggest issue seems to be help for Lorraine Bracy and Karin Whitney on Great Cranberry. Selectman Lief suggests that pay for EMTs and First Responders be considered.
The well owned by Sue MacNamee on Islesford which is available for use by Firefighters will be covered with a concrete top this summer.
Six first aid kits have been ordered by the Facilities Supervisor and will be placed at various public places throughout the islands. At the July BOS meeting, fire departments will be discussed.
A report from Neal Courtney, who is currently studying and inspecting TCI emergency services, is expected next month.
Selectman Beal reports news of a recall on the cruise control of the GCI ambulance. The paperwork will be sent to the Town Clerk.
C. Roads
i. Great Cranberry Reclamation & Road Work
Engineers visited Great Cranberry Island a couple of weeks ago and the Town is now waiting for their report. First priority will be Dog Point Road, and if funds allow, second priority will be Harding Point Road.
ii. Islesford Pothole Repair
A proposal for excavation and prep of potholes on approximately 620’ of Sandbeach Road and approximately 1635’ on Main Street at Islesford was received by the Facilities Supervisor from John W. Goodwin, JR. The Goodwin proposal (estimated cost $8000.00) is to excavate cut areas to a depth of 2” and prepare for asphalt patching by Rings Paving. The proposal from Rings Paving Co., Inc for filling the potholes is estimated at $350.00 per ton. Another option was to pave the whole section (sheet paving), which was rejected by the Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen will bid this project out since the cost is estimated to be more than $5000.00. This is a priority project.
D. Islesford Transfer Station Fence Repairs / Maintenance
Steel posts for the Islesford Transfer Station gates are in the process of being installed. Rain barrels and pumps have been delivered for water use at the facility. Selectman Lief wants these projects to be done as soon as possible.
E. MARSH Lease
Marsh USA Inc. tenants at the Cranberry Manset Facility, has sent a letter in reference to lease renewal. Marsh is in the process of gathering signatures for the lease renewal. The rent beginning September 01, 2010 will increase by the CPI, not to exceed 4% (a maximum of $28704.00 per annum; $2392.00 per month) and the renewal will expire August 31, 2011. The Town has agreed to perform the work on Schedule A starting immediately. Schedule A work/ repairs include: (*pending budget, may need to be deferred until early 2011)
• Fix / replace northern storm door
• Replace southern front storm door
• Check rook – many shingles lost this winter
• Check for signs of rodent entry in eaves & fix any holes found
• Fix storm windows that don’t operate properly
• Repair front deck and then re-stain it
• Fix leaky upstairs bathroom sink
• Mailroom / Kitchen – repair shelving, replace stove / refrigerator / sink unit
• Floor in front center office needs support*
• Solve rodent problem
• Paint outside trim spring 2011*
• Replace carpeting in lower back section of office*
• Many dead shrubs on north end of building
• Back section of building is cold in winter. Need to improve heating in that area
Malcolm Donald wishes to have copies of all Manset leases. The Town Office staff will make sure to forward copies to him.
F. TEPA Implementation
i. Ramps
The Great Cranberry Island Ramp is now complete. Issues with the project have been resolved and the Facilities Supervisor reports that the barge operators are happy with the results. A few rocks are still in the way, but will be removed by Jeff Berzinis.
The Islesford Ramp requires a proposed change order to be signed by the Board of Selectmen.
Change orders include:
• Deletion of concrete culvert
Cost: less $144.00
• Installation of 20-foot, 18” diameter ASD culvert
Cost: $830.00
• Installation of timber 4x4 curbing along path to beginning of culvert
Cost: $115.00
• Installation of concrete apron and concrete culvert end as shown on drawing
Cost: $3300.00
• Installation of additional 3-pile dolphin
Cost: $9100.00
ii. Dolphin Piles
Some discussion takes place over the dolphin pile and its cost. Dan Lief is willing to put the shorter single dolphin pile in at his own expense. This dolphin pile is to be placed near the pottery shop to help avoid barges pivoting off the Islesford Dock Restaurant which is causing damage to the dock. This single piling was part of the original
contract. Mr. Lief does not believe that the position of this piling will help as the damage is occurring further down the dock. The additional 3-pile dolphin as estimated in today’s change order proposal would be placed further down the dock.
iii. Manset
Many complaints have come in about the Manset Facility. The walkway is currently under construction and a top coat will be added as well as curbing. The Facilities Supervisor reports that ferry service will not be interrupted for the placement of the new ramp. Tar paper on the gangways needs to be fastened. June 01, 2010 was the deadline for the project. Chalmers removed the barrels which were in one of our parking spaces. Three boat trailers that were left in the lot have been towed.
iv. Change Orders
The Board of Selectmen signs the proposed change orders with John Goodwin, omitting the installation of additional 3-pile dolphin. The original contract price is $237120.90. The total contract price with the approved change orders are $248921.90. The Facilities Supervisor is asked to speak with Jeff Berzinis as to costs for installing the dolphin pile further down the dock.
Dan Lief moves to drop the additional dolphin pile from the contract. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.
The Selectmen approve the change orders minus the proposed 3-pile dolphin.
G. MAC Report
The Municipal Advisory Commission met on May 17, 2010 at Great Cranberry Island. Ron Axelrod was appointed Chairman and Chris White was appointed secretary. The MAC will draft a terms of reference for the position of Town Liaison to SWH & TMD/NEH for recommendation to the BOS to institute. The purpose of this position will be to continue the relationship and to create trust with access points to our islands. Malcolm Donald agreed to find all outstanding leases, payments and non-payment of leases, and get assessment of the real estate market for the buildings. Included would be a cost benefit analysis of the rental income, cost of financing, maintenance costs, real-estate taxes, and other costs. In reference to parking, the idea is to understand what are the needs for parking and the options for the future at our current three lots: NEH, Manset, and Joy Road. Ron Axelrod states that the immediate need is to have a professional do traffic and parking counts / parking demand study. Richard Beal suggests a letter written to the Town of Mount Desert Town Manager asking for a date when we could begin discussions on renewal of the parking lot lease. The current parking lease expires in 2013 with the Town of Mount Desert.
I. Discussion of Fall Commuter Service (taken out of order)
Ed Gray suggests that data be collected for the amount of riders who are currently using the early morning boat which is taking two high school students to the mainland. The Town Clerk will call Barbara Meyers to ask her to request that Carl Brunner keep a count of ridership of the early AM student boat. This boat is not part of the commuter service approved at the annual town meeting which will begin in September. The current early AM boat for student travel is paid for by school funds and authorized by the School Committee. Other riders may also use the student boat at their own cost.

Enforcement of tie up limits at town docks generated some discussion. Two boats are habitually using the Manset Dock for long periods of time. According to the Harbor Ordinance the TCI Harbormasters are responsible for enforcement at all town owned docks, including Manset. Visible signs should be posted with tie up limits for each dock. The Facilities Supervisor will call the owners of the two boat owners who are abusing dock privileges at Manset.
H. Longfellow School (taken out of order)
Repairs to the windows at Longfellow School will cost approximately $17,000.00 for purchase of the windows only. Installation and additional project costs may exceed the project budget. The Facilities Supervisor will draft a bid package within the next couple of weeks. It is hoped that bids will be back in time for the July Board of Selectmen’s meeting. A three to four month time period for work to be completed, which will hopefully give local contractors flexibility to bid on the project. This project is a high priority project at this time.
Selectman Beal suggests that Northeast Plumbing and Heating be called by the Facilities Supervisor to set up yearly checks of boilers & zones in all town owned or leased buildings.
V. New Business (taken out of order)
A. Special Town Meeting, Discussion and Setting of Date
The Comprehensive Plan will be on the warrant for the special town meeting this summer. A public hearing will be held on June 18, 2010 at the Islesford Dock Restaurant. The hearing will begin at 5:30 PM, to be followed by a meal. Nan and Eliza will make phone calls to registered voters to try and get an approximate count of attendees for the Liefs.
The Deputy Clerk will contact Tom Martin to see where we are at with updates to the Shoreland Ordinance. Selectman Beal will contact Steve Philbrook, Chairman of the Planning Board to inquire about progress with updating the Shoreland Ordinance and permits that are pending.
Another article that will be on the special town meeting warrant will be whether or not to accept the Emma Spurling Cemetery Trust Fund.
The special town meeting is scheduled for September 08, 2010 at 4:00 PM at Islesford.
IV. Old Business (taken out of order)
I. Discussion of Fall Commuter Service
Dan Lief and Skip Stevens will attend the Mount Desert Marine Management Committee Meeting on June 08 to discuss a one way commuter ferry service to Northeast Harbor on September 01, 2010. The boat is proposed to leave Great Cranberry at 6:30 AM, then to Islesford, then to Northeast Harbor. In the afternoon, the boat will leave Northeast Harbor at 5:00 to return to Cranberry Isles. The boat used for the commuter service will be under 50 feet. Round trip service will not be allowed. Carl Brunner is proposed to run the commuter service from September 01 through October 15. A meeting in July with Maine Department of Transportation to discuss contract negotiations for the early commuter service. A $22,000.00 grant will be forwarded to the Town Treasurer as reported by Ron Axelrod. Steve Pagels will meet with the Harbor Committee and Harbormasters sometime in August to discuss safety concerns for winter commuter service. The Selectmen sign a letter to Mount Desert Selectmen and Harbormaster respectfully requesting the privilege of landing passengers.
VI. Other Business
• The Board of Selectmen signs the 2010 Tax Commitment Letter to Matt Caldwell, CMA, and Tax Assessor. The amount to be raised in taxes for 2010 is $1,296,443.00.
• The Board of Selectmen signs a one year extension for the Sutton Island Waste Removal Contract with Josh Gray. Each waste removal trip will be billed at $149.00, with trips occurring a minimum of once weekly June through September and twice weekly as needed during July and August.
• The Facilities Supervisor has received a proposal from Atom Electric for the public restrooms at Islesford. Proposal of work includes installing a combination of (1) new switch/wireless receiver in the Hallway and (2) wireless, motion-activated, occupancy sensors in Men’s/Ladies Bathroom, so that all the lights will turn off automatically when no one is present. The wireless components come with a 10 year Lithium battery installed. The estimated cost for the conversion is $450.00.
• Selectman Lief reminds the Facilities Supervisor that the public restrooms need to be checked daily during the part of the year when the Town is responsible for upkeep of them. Islesford Dock Restaurant is responsible for upkeep of the restrooms during the summer months. A bill will be coming to the Town Treasurer from Courtney Chaplin for a faulty urinal which he fixed this week.
• Selectman Beal suggests that cell phone controlled 30 lumens lighting be installed at Town docks. The Facilities Supervisor will research costs.
• Selectman Lief recommends that short term safety suggestions as recommended by the Transportation Committee be instituted before the commuter service starts in September.
• The washout repair and drainage work at Sutton Island have been completed. Iann Krasnow is working on repairing the existing walkway. A new waiting shed and trash shed is still being discussed with the Wigutow Family.Phil Whitney questions whether the shed is on Wigutow land or situated on the Town Right of Way at Sutton Island. Selectman Beal would like to see the shed completed sooner rather than later. The Facilities Supervisor is directed to have the shed rebuilt as soon as possible.
• Phil Whitney asks if any more consideration has been made as to placing cameras at the Town Docks and Ramps. Cynthia Lief does not wish to have a camera placed on the Restaurant Dock. The camera could be placed in another location in order to tape barge landings. Cameras are intended to be placed at Great Cranberry Dock and Islesford Dock.
• Richard Beal brings attention to the cost of fuel for the Great Cranberry Island Firehouse. Costs for GCI Fire building were approximately $4600.00 for last year. One suggestion is to place locked cages around the thermostats. Another suggestion is to place a vent in to the kitchen area and to block off the meeting room for the winter months. One GCI fire truck may be considered surplus and it is recommended by the Selectmen to sell it.
• There may need to be an ordinance for town meeting dealing with municipal fire departments. Phil Whitney recommends that mandated fire department meetings be included in this ordinance.
• In reference to Vehicle Waste Disposal Fee Ordinance, a list is ready and letters of violation will be delivered to offenders.
• Twelve junk vehicles were removed from Islesford at no cost to the Town or owners. A junk car removal will be scheduled for Great Cranberry Island. Eric Dyer and Richard Beal will coordinate.
VIII. Adjournment: 11:30 AM
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

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