July 03, 2010 Agenda

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Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Agenda

The Cranberry Isles Municipal Advisory Commission will be meeting on Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 8:30 AM at the Neighborhood House on Little Cranberry Island.

1-218-339-4600 AND ENTERING PASS CODE 594863#.

I. Convene, review agenda, approve previous meeting minutes (5 min.)

II. Discussion of liaison with Town of Mt. Desert & Town of Southwest Harbor (15 min.)

III. Update on Manset leases, payments status, maintenance costs, etc. as part of a cost benefit analysis of town’s Manset property as well as real estate market assessment. (15 min.)

IV. Parking Demand Study – discussion of scope and 2010 parking counts (15 min.)

V. Short and Long term MAC agenda and future meeting schedule. (15 min.)

VI. Other Business

VII. Audience Communications

VIII. Adjournment