Board Of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes May 01, 2008

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 01, 2008
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Dan Lief, Chairman BOS
Aaron Gray, BOS
Richard Beal, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Amanda Ravenhill, Island Institute
Phil Whitney
Karin Whitney
Jeff Cramer
Richard Hill
Jeff Berzinis
Rodney Wimer
David Axelrod
I. Call to Order: 8:45 A.M. by Chairman Dan Lief.
II. Review / Approval of minutes for April 8th
Richard Beal moves to accept the minutes as written for the April 08, 2008 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.
III. Review / Approval Financial Warrants
Warrant # 18: 4232.85
Warrant # 19: 4429.89
Warrant # 20: 78562.02 (school)
Warrant # 21: 21383.76
Total: $ 108608.52
Selectman Beal refuses to sign warrant # 20, school payroll warrant, as members of the School Board do not sign the warrant, and a rubber stamp is used for the Superintendent’s signature. The Town Clerk is asked to notify the School Board and the Superintendent’s Office of Selectman Beal’s request. Selectmen Lief and Gray both sign the school payroll warrant. All other warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
IV. Communications
A. M.R.C. Tonnage Letter
A letter has been received from the Municipal Review Committee in reference to The Guaranteed Annual Tonnage (GAT) Trading Period beginning on April 21, 2008 and closing on August 01, 2008. The GAT Trade Request form needs to be filled out and forwarded to MRC by July 03, 2008. Eric Dyer is asked to complete the form, and if he has any questions, please contact Selectman Beal.
B. (Add) Southwest Boat Submerged Lands Proposal
A letter has been received from the State of Maine Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands in reference to an application by Southwest Boat Marine Services to construct a dock on submerged lands off Great Cranberry Island. The letter gives the opportunity for any interested party to comment on any impacts the project may have. Comments must be received by May 28, 2008, (Dept. of Conservation, 22 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-2222). The Deputy Clerk will send to the Harbor Committee for recommendation.
C. (Add) Maine Island Coalition Quarterly Meeting
A letter has been received from the Maine Island Coalition inviting Selectmen, Administrator, Assessor or Community Representative to the quarterly meeting on Friday, May 16, at the Island Institute in Rockland from 10:00 A.M. Those who plan to attend should RSVP Bill McGuinness at 244-0460
V. Appointments
A. Harbor Master
It is reported that Harbormaster Bruce Fernald did not attend the mandatory Harbormaster Training recently that is required by state law.
Richard Beal moves to reappoint Bruce Fernald, recognizing requirements under law for schooling, and taking the position appointing him anyway without the school. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
There has been no interest in the GCI Harbormaster position thus far. The position has been publicly posted. It is easier to have a harbormaster on both Islesford and Great Cranberry Island, especially during the summer season. It is suggested by Selectman Lief that it may be possible to create an hourly job for the position. Rodney Wimer reports that it is possible to appoint deputy harbormasters without the schooling requirement. The Deputy Clerk will contact the Harbor Committee for recommendation. The legality of hiring for an hourly position without schooling will also be researched by the Facilities Supervisor and Deputy Clerk.
B. Constable, GCI
Dan Lief moves to appoint Richard Beal as Great Cranberry Island Constable. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with Richard Beal abstaining. Motion passes.
VI. Old Business
A. Facilities Supervisor Report (Ongoing Projects)
• Islesford Constable, Richard Howland, has submitted his quarterly report for January through March 2008. Mr. Howland has also sent a letter to Residents reminding them to drive slow, 10 mph or less, as children and pedestrians are becoming more common with the season.
• Maine Island Coalition Representative, Malcolm Donald, has emailed a quarterly report to Selectman Dan Lief.
• It is reported that the School Board meeting agendas and minutes have not been being received at the Town Office. Nan Hadlock will contact the Central Office.
• Victor Smith of Civil Engineering Services came to GCI and Islesford to inspect town roads with the Facilities Supervisor. Problems were identified, and a report from Mr. Smith is forthcoming. Some right of way issues are to be cleared and owner permission will be required for culverts and ditching maintenance.
• Thank you to Malcolm Donald, Aaron Gray, and Chris White for helping with the parking. Parking assignments will be mailed next week. Eric Dyer requests the permission to hire someone from outside the office to help with addressing and stuffing the parking letters. Selectman Lief gives him permission to do so at a reasonable hourly rate. Selectman Gray reports that the Southwest Harbor Police is not interested in enforcing parking at our Manset Parking Lot.
• Eric Dyer, Lise Pratt, Steve Philbrook, and Eve Harrison have been working on a plan for parking at the Islesford Town Field. It may be possible to fit twenty-five cars in the lot, with only losing five to seven spaces which may be eliminated on the right-hand side when coming off the dock, at the edge of the Town Field. Eric Dyer reports that Mark Nieman and Richard Howland have given the Town permission to use space for parking on their property. In reference to traps in the Town Field, Mr. Dyer reports that the Fisherman’s Co Op is working on removing the traps from the Town Field. Selectman Lief reiterates that it is also the Town’s wish to have the traps removed. The Facilities Supervisor is asked to bring a plan to the next Board of Selectman’s Meeting for review. Aaron Gray will be the Board of Selectmen contact for this project.
• The Facilities Supervisor has been asked to look at the gravel pit at Islesford with Richard Howland to see what vehicles, boats, etc. belong there, and which ones don’t, and to clean it up. Junk cars are there to go off, hopefully next week. Mr. Dyer is also asked to contact contractors who have vehicles on the island and ask them to park their vehicles in the gravel pit, as opposed to the Town Field.
• At Great Cranberry there may be a problem with non-salvageable cars without catalytic converters, rear ends and radiators. There are also what appear to be junk cars at the Gravel Pit on Great Cranberry.
• Richard Beal moves to pay the barging fees, if necessary, for junk cars to go off the islands. Dan Lief tells Mr. Berzinis to bill the Town for the barging fees for junk cars. The Town will deal with the owners of the vehicles.
• Bids for the Islesford Municipal Garage project are due on May 06, 2008. Selectman Lief asks the Facilities Supervisor to set up a matrix after bids are open, to include contractors, conditions, and references to share with the Board of Selectmen before the decision is made at a Board meeting. Six to eight requests for bid specs have been processed, and four contractors have visited the site so far.
• The Facilities Supervisor will contact a wildlife habitat survey this afternoon for the Department of Environmental Protection in reference to Great Cranberry Island Dock repairs. A DEP permit will be submitted after signing at the Special Board of Selectmen’s meeting planned for this month. The next step is bid spec development, planned for July, and bids to go out in August, with construction to hopefully begin in September.
• It is requested that the Islesford Dock Restaurant Liquor License Renewal be added to the agenda for the Special Board of Selectmen’s Meeting this month.
• The Islesford trash compactor is up and capable of operation. The fence around the facility is going back up. A draft contract is needed for Ed Gray by early next week and will be on the agenda for the Special Board of Selectmen’s Meeting this month. Selectman Lief suggests that some sand paper, spray paint, and a tarp be purchased for the compactor as an effort for long-term health of the equipment. A white goods dumpster is requested for Islesford; the Facilities Supervisor will arrange for one.
• Main floats are in at the islands and secondary floats will go in soon. The bids for a new float for Great Cranberry Island are due on May 06, 2008. It is reported that the buckles on the skiff floats at GCI had been causing damage to boats last summer. The Facilities Supervisor will contact the float contractor to see what can be done.
• The first meeting of the Transportation Committee has been held. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 06, 2008 at 5:15 P.M. on Islesford.
B. Manset Property
• Due to water damage at the Manset office, the carpet and sub flooring have been removed and will be repaired and painted.
• A washout at the rear entrance to the warehouse building has exposed an electrical wire, and prohibited rear access to the building. The Facilities Supervisor is waiting for a quote from Goodwin for the work. Mr. Dyer will contact the abutters to see if they will help share the cost.
• It is reported that the leased apartment has been left unlocked for the winter season, and left untidy for the winter season. It is also reported that the apartment has been cleaned up. It is recommended that winter inspections be performed at the Manset Facility for any needs that may need to be attended to. The Facilities Supervisor will review contents of the lease stay in with contact Mr. Pagels in reference to conditions of the lease.
C. GCI Firehouse
Revised bids for the GCI Firehouse repairs are coming in and are due May 06, 2008. It is hoped that additional funding for the project will be secured at the May 20, 2008 special town meeting. It is reported by contractor Rodney Wimer that it is now peak season for contractors and the fall season would be better for bidding by local contractors. Amanda Ravenhill encourages the Selectmen to hire locally when possible. Dan Lief suggests that in the future, that the Facilities Supervisor hold informal conversations with local contractors prior to the bidding process in reference to timing of projects.
D. TCI Website
The new official town website is now up and operational with Town employees using it. ( Richard Hill will be providing ongoing support and training. The Board of Selectman would like to thank Mr. Hill for developing the site. Richard Beal suggests that tax maps and commitment book be added to the site, as well as a community calendar, Code Enforcement permits and Town ordinances. It is reported that the Town Office may not be receiving copies of permits from the Code Enforcement Officer on a regular basis. Town employees will continue to add items to the site. Pictures from Great Cranberry Island, Sutton, and Bear Island, and the Manset Property are requested from the public for use on the site. Current pictures are courtesy of Richard Hill and the site. Selectman Lief asks the three employees to come up with a plan for sharing of website responsibilities and a point of contact for the town office for the website. This plan will be reviewed by the Selectmen at the next meeting. Meeting agendas and minutes will not be directly mailed to individuals from now on, but will be available on the new website. Richard Beal suggests that the Deputy Clerk could put in more hours if necessary to continue the process of adding items to the website.
E. Vehicle Registration
Selectman Beal has sent a letter of request to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department for a Deputy to come to Islesford and Great Cranberry Islands for vehicle registration enforcement. Vehicles which are over 150 days past registration due date carry a class E crime. A question arises as to the legality of driving a golf cart or ATV without a valid driver’s license. According to state law, drivers of golf carts on island town roads must hold a valid driver’s license. Golf carts are considered island use vehicles by state law. According to the Designation of All Terrain Vehicles Access on the Public Ways of Cranberry Isles, passed under home rule authority by the Board of Selectmen on October 10, 2007, drivers of ATV’s on designated town roads must hold a valid driver’s license. It is reported that a brochure recently circulated by the GCI Futures Group does not include the requirement of a driver’s license. Chris White will be contacted about the error.
VII. New Business
a. HCPC Contract-Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
A contract proposal from Hancock County Planning Commission has been received for Shoreland Zoning Revision Assistance. The Planning Board has recommended this assistance for bringing the current Shoreland Zoning Ordinance to state standards by the deadline of July 01, 2009. The cost of the assistance will be $2531.00 with work to be completed by December 2008. Funds for this assistance will come from the Selectmen’s Contingency Fund.
Aaron Gray moves to accept the proposal for Hancock County Planning Commission assistance with Shoreland Ordinance revision assistance. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
Selectman Lief signs the proposal.
b. HCPC Contract
The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee will meet on Islesford Saturday, May 10 at 12:00 P.M. at the Islesford Neighborhood House. The Committee will also meet at the GCI Municipal / Community Development Office on Sunday, May 11 at 9:00 A.M.
A contract amendment proposal has been received from Hancock County Planning Commission for Planning Services for comprehensive plan for an increase of $5000.00 which is budgeted monies for 2008.
Dan Lief moves to accept the amendment proposal from Hancock County Planning Commission for planning services for finishing up the comprehensive plan. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
Selectman Lief signs the proposal.
c. Special Selectmen’s Meeting May 8th
The special selectmen’s meeting will not be on May 8th. Date of this meeting is yet to be determined, but will hopefully be somewhere between May 8 and May 13. The Town Clerk advises that the meeting should be posted seven days in advance. The Facilities Supervisor advises that this is a discretionary meeting and may only need five days notice.
d. Special Town Meeting May 20th
A special town meeting has been called for May 20, 2008, 8:30 A.M. at the Islesford Neighborhood House.
Proposed warrant articles include:
1. To elect a moderator
2. To see if the voters will approve use of the Maine Municipal Association’s recommended Maine Moderator’s Manual “Rules of Procedures” for the conduct of the special town meeting
3. To see if the voters will approve opening the floor of this special town meeting to all non-registered citizens for the purpose of discussion only on each of the following articles
4. To see if the voters will raise and appropriate the $15,000.00 approved at the 2008 annual town meeting, article #17, authorizing the Board of Selectmen to borrow up to $15,000.00, for the purchase of a replacement float at the municipal pier on GCI
5. To see if the voters will vote to raise and appropriate the $35,000.00 approved at the 2008 annual town meeting, article #29, authorizing the Board of Selectmen to borrow $35,000.00, for the purchase of a snow plowing truck and associated equipment, for show removal and sanding on the public ways of Little Cranberry Island.
6. To see if the voters will vote to approve use of u p to $12,000.00 of undesignated funds for the purpose of supplementing funds approved at the 2007 & 2008 annual town meetings, for the GCI Fire House in order to re-shingle three walls, provide for anew ADA ramp and stairs at the entrance, and replace six windows. The amount of funds required will be determined by the Board of Selectmen based on the proposed bid selected of the ten bids received. Note: This article has no effect on the 2008 tax rate.
7. To see if the voters will vote to approve the elimination of all electric streetlights within the municipality, with the exception of public lighting on each of the municipal docks located on GCI, LCI, and Sutton Islands. This article has no effect on the 2008 tax rate.
8. To see what sum the voters will vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to borrow, in addition to the $170,000.00 authorized a the Special Town Meeting November 15, 2007, for the construction of a Municipal Storage and Garage Facility on Little Cranberry Island
9. To see if the voters will vote to allocate the funds, budgeted at the 2008 annual town meeting for the debt payments of the float and plow truck in the amount of $11,000.00, to the debt service for the Municipal Garage.
The tax commitment for 2008 is lower than expected due to more school funds being received than originally expected. It may be wiser to appropriate funds, rather than borrow with interest. Taxes must be committed in June.
Dan Lief moves to accept the warrant for the Special Town Meeting on May 20, 2008. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
The Board of Selectmen signs the warrant.
VIII. Other Business
The Selectmen have received a project proposal from Islesford Sustainability Member Jeff Cramer for an alternative energy feasibility study. Funds for this project will come from approved funds for green projects. The cost of the project will be up to $5000.00 and work is expected to be completed by August 01, 2008. The project will research energy usage, potential for renewable energy generation, and to research, identify, and apply for available grants for renewable energy projects. The Board of Selectmen requests monthly reports on progress.
Dan Lief moves to approve the project. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.
It is suggested that Senator Damon be invited to a sustainability meeting.
IX. Audience Communications
It is reported that gravel has been being extracted from the GCI Gravel Pit. It is questioned who owns the gravel.
It is also reported that brush has been dumped at the back of the gravel pit which could be a fire hazard and illegal dumping on town owned property.
It is suggested that Board of Selectmen’s meetings be held later in the afternoon or in the evening during the summer season.
It is reported that the GCI Public Restroom needs some painting and minor repairs.
Richard Beal will contact the CEO for the Planning Board Chair in reference to a permit for Wini Smart’s retaining wall construction at Great Cranberry. There may also be other violations occurring. The Town Clerk requests that Selectman Beal ask the Code Enforcement Officer to fax permits directly to the Town upon approval. The minute a permit is issued, it becomes a matter of public record.
Richard Hill wishes to be considered for other projects that the Town may come up with in the future.
X. Executive Session: 11:00 A.M.
Dan Lief moves to call an executive session to discuss confidential records. We do this according to Section 30-A§27021, personnel issues.
Call Back to regular session: 11:18 A.M.
XI. Adjournment: 11:21 A.M.
Dan Lief moves to adjourn the meeting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
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