MAC September 03, 2010 Minutes

Municipal Advisory Commission
Minutes September 3, 2010
Neighborhood House, Little Cranberry Island

I. Convene, Review Agenda, Approve Minutes of August 6,2010

Members Present: Absent: Public: None
R. Axelrod E. Dyer P. Donald
M. Donald C. Duggan K. Whitney
L. Pratt C. White

Convened: 9:10 AM Minutes of August 6, 2010 approved

II. Discussion of Liaison Agents Proposal with towns of Mt. Desert & SWH.
1. Ron will present to BOS September meeting our proposed concept
with the hope that BOS will make adjustments and move forward in an effort to increase communication with mainland towns that
provide access and services to our residents and visitors.
2. Names of possible candidates came forth, but it was hoped that
BOS and others may add to the list. Names mentioned were:
Erika Merrill Kate & Dan Fernald, the Thormanns, Steve
Philbrook, Josh Gray, J. Bright, Sara Corson, Richard Atlee, the
Grays, Phil Whitney, Kate Muzzy.
3. It was noted that BOS need to formalize the job description to
include the degrees of authorization to speak for the TCI.

III. Update Manset leases, payments status, maintenance, etc.
1. There is a need to gather for inspection recent Manset leases with
our tenants with the express purpose of simplifying/standardizing.
2. We also need to determine square footage of each parcel and assess
the condition of buildings with an eye to needed maintenance, and
whether a replacement reserve is warranted.
3. We should look into the feasibility of provided separate electrical
service meters for each unit. What about water usage? Heating?

4. Malcolm did a very commendable job of doing a preliminary
financial analysis of the operations of the Manset facilities.-
basically showing that excluding debt service, revenues just exceed
expenditures. His figures do need to be verified.
6. Lise Pratt volunteered to take his study and put it into spreadsheet
format so various future scenarios can be played out. In doing so
she agreed to laying it out with the following “Cost Centers”:
1) Parking Lot, 2) Mansell Building, 3) Storage Buildings (A,B,C),
4) Apartment & Shop (now Pagels), and 5) Wharves,Floats, Ramps.
7) Discussion brought out that there is a need to develop policies for
parking lot usage during the off season taking into account limits
placed on the town via our bonding debt service.

IV. Discussion of progress of Parking Demand Study
1) Eric presented the results of the seven day peak season parking lots counts was very enlightening:
NEH provides 123 slots showing mid-day counts at 66% and
Overnight counts at 76% capacity.
2) JOY Road provides 50 slots. We sell 250 stickers at $10. Lot is
used on a first come first served basis. Usage is as follows:
Mid-day 96% and overnight 106%
3) MANSET provides 122 seasonal rental slots showing mid-day
counts at 55% and overnight counts at 59%.
4) To further flesh out this study, Ron, Chris, and Lise need to
lot layouts and explore more efficient future uses of these lots.
5) Ron agreed to look further into our long term agreement with
Town of Mt. Desert.
6) Off peak season counts need to be done.

V. Other Business
1) While waiting for all to gather, before the meeting opened, we
reminded ourselves that very soon we will need to be preparing
recommendations for portions of next year’s budget.
2) Malcolm agreed to take on task of looking into maintenance needs
Manset buildings.

VI. Adjournment & Setting next meeting time & place
1. Next meeting Saturday October 9 at 8:30 AM GCI Community
2. Adjourned: 1045 AM

Respectfully Submitted,

Christopher White