School Board Meeting Minutes February 24, 2010

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of 24 February 2010

I. Meeting was called to order by chairperson Barbara Meyers at 1:18 P.M. at the Superintendent’s Office, MDI High School. Present: Board members Barbara Meyers, Cindy Thomas and Ted Spurling, Jr.; Superintendent Rob Liebow; and Principal Carol MacRae.
II. Voucher was reviewed, approved and signed.
III. Minutes of 27 January 2010 were reviewed and approved Motion: Barbara; Second: Cindy; (Vote: Yes, unanimously.
IV. Reports:
A. Principal’s Report was reviewed (see separate sheet by Carol MacRae). Highlights include:
1. Results of NECAP have returned. The three students tested are proficient or above and “very much on track”. Carol extended congratulations.
2. Carol expressed thanks to Barbara Meyers and Bill Dowling for help with the “Before Columbus” exhibit; and to Ashley Bryan and Henry Isaacs for artistic inspiration.
3. Maine Alliance for the Arts: Carol accompanied Shira Singer to Shira’s award for fellowship.
4. Year-end trip: June 1-4 for the older students.
5. Possible overnight trip for younger students.
6. Interactive writing class with Monhegan students (Skype or PolyCom).
B. Longfellow School Window Update:
1. Price of windows from Chuck Ives at EBS: $17,000+ instead of previous estimate of $25,000+.
2. The Town is not obliged to purchase from EBS.
3. $25,000 currently in fund; $15,000 from Selectmen’s budget.
4. Most contractors have estimated $1,000 per window to complete the job. There are 30 windows in question, or approximately $30,000 required.
C. Islesford School Shingling Update: Brief discussion regarding entrance and possible design contest.
D. Curriculum Update (Presented by teacher Lindsay Eysnogle via PolyCom at the Islesford School):
1. The Islesford School has coordinated with schools from other islands.
2. Field trips.
3. Alignment of curriculum with other islands.
4. Need for technical help to make this work.
5. Lindsay has talked with the Island Institute about an Island Fellow to be shared among the five islands involved:
a. Positive response to this “inter-island learning community”.
b. Coordinator to do face-to-face logistics, scheduling.
c. Two-year position.
d. Fellow to be based in Rockland to have better access to each island (or possibly to live on an island).
e. An outcome of Rob Benson’s (Maine Seacoast Mission) Summer Teachers’ Retreat.
f. Cost: approximately $2,000 per island. Funding options include grants, etc.
g. Motion by Cindy to support this project (Critical Friends Group Curriculum Alignment) and to explore funding, and to fund it. Seconded by Ted. Vote: Yes, Unanimously.
V. A. Need discussion with parents.
B. Transition program.
C. Must fit boat schedule. Cindy offered to provide a story time at the Library.
D. Carol suggested setting up a meeting between teachers and parents in March; Carol or Donna to initiate dialogue.
VI. Action Items:
A. Approval of School Calendar, revised as of 2/24/2010: Motion: Barbara; Second: Ted; Vote: Yes, unanimously.
B. Approval of Notice of Amounts Voted at Town Meeting: Read by Rob Liebow. Motion to approve: Cindy; Second: Ted; Vote: Yes, unanimously. The approval was signed by board members.
VII. Future Agenda Items: To be determined.
VIII. Other Business: None at this time.
IX. Adjournment: 3:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.