School Board Meeting Minutes November 17, 2010

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of 17 November 2010

I. Meeting was called to order by chairperson Barbara Meyers at 1:05 P.M. at the Superintendent's Office, MDIHS. Present: Board members Barbara Meyers, Katelyn Damon and Ted Spurling, Jr.; Principal Carol MacRae; Joanne Harriman, assistant to Superintendent Rob Liebow who was away on school business. Kelly Sanborn of the District, Jeri Spurling and financial officer Nancy Thurlow arrived later in the meeting for various discussions.
II. Approval of Voucher: Reviewed and signed by board members.
III. Approval of Minutes of 27 October: Motion to approve: Katelyn; Second: Barbara, but with addendum: In the line V.B.7., add to Barbara's comment at that meeting: that the hallway and entrance are not up to code and were mentioned as a concern in the safety inspection of Fall, 2008. Vote: yes, unanimously, with addendum.
IV. Principal's Report (see sheet):
A. Music Teacher.
1. The Department has received three applications.
2.Carol suggests having artists-in-residence.
3. Carol recommends interviewing and having applicants teach a class as part of the interview.
4. Jeri Spurling recommended a video series on music by Wynton Marsalis. She will get the video to Carol.
B. Downeast Teaching and Learning Collaborative (TLC):
1. Carol explained this as a cooperative agreement with the Island Institute for learning and teaching collaboration with Monhegan, Matinicus, and Isle au Haut.
2. Funding to be paid in part by School Dept ($2000).
3. Carol has reviewed the agreement and believes it to be in order.
4. Carol said that money can be taken from REAP funds.
5. The agreement was reviewed by board members, and signed by chairperson Barbara Meyers for the board. Motion to sign: Katelyn; Second: Ted; Vote: Yes, unanimously.
V. Discussion Items:
A. Update on School Goals:
1. Carol: Whole district working toward the same goals.
2. Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Special Ed at RSS met yesterday with each principal in the district.
B. Longfellow School:
1. Barbara: R.L. White crew has had to leave temporarily for another job and expects to return soon.
2. Barbara reported good communication with Chris White throughout the project.
3. Chris White and crew to arrive Monday; to talk with Iann Krasnow, custodian, on the site. If Iann is unavailable, Barbara and Katelyn can be present.
C. Changes to Special Education Policies:
1. Joanne Harriman said that changes to policies are State Law.
2. Carol: New law approved two years ago, changes reflect that. More "kid-based"; and reflect consolidation changes. Example: "unit instead of district".
3. Must have two readings (two separate meetings), and adoption at second reading. This would bring us to compliance with existing State Law.
4. First reading (of IHBAA-R), “Cranberry Isles School Department Referral/Pre-referral Administrative Procedures
5. Ted was asked that the minutes refer to an email dated 12 November 2010, sent by Selena Dunbar of the Superintendent's Office: Hello all, Sorry for the last minute notice, but I'm hoping you can add this to your agenda under other business at Tuesday's meeting. Our special education department is being audited. Policies are being reviewed as part of this audit and I have found some for Cranberry that were not updated at the beginning of this year when the other schools did theirs. Three need to be revised: IHBA, IHBAA, and IHBAC. One needs a first reading and will need a 2nd reading and adoption at your December meeting: IHBAA-R. Again, sorry for the late notice, but these have to be submitted to the state by December 15. It's okay that IHBAA-R won't be officially adopted until Dec. Thanks, Selena
6. The board expects to vote to revise as written: IHBA; IHBAA; IHBAC. The first reading will be of IHBAA-R.
D. Preliminary Budget Review for Fiscal Year 2012: Nancy Thurlow, financial officer, joined the meeting and presented estimates (see budget sheet of 11/17/10).
1. Overview, estimate of carryover, state subsidy.
2. Will not know tuition rates until January. Nancy has added 5% as estimate.
3. Estimate of insurances.
4. High school students:
a. Tuition for six high school students currently.
b. Four anticipated for 2011-2012.
c. Board for some.
d. Commuting by boat for others.
5. Elementary school students: Ten students anticipated (same as 2010-2011) with one graduating and one additional from Great Cranberry, bringing total anticipated from GCI to three students.
E. Boat Transportation: Postponed to next meeting.
VI. Future Agenda Items:
A. Barbara: We must deal with safety issues of hard-wiring related to computer airports (The board had voted at a previous meeting to eliminate wireless internet during school hours, but hard-wired computers must be safe).
B. Second reading of Special Education Policies.
C. Heliker-LaHotan Foundation, residency program (artists): Possible interaction during school year with students?
D. Carol: Islesford School maintenance and renovation; scope and estimates.
VII. Other Business (taken out of order, immediately following Approval of Minutes):
A. Discussion of status of High School students and School Department obligations—financially and for well-being of students. Kelly Sanborn joined the meeting for input.
B. Discussion with Jeri Spurling about her architectural sketches for a proposed entrance renovation at the Islesford School:
1. Jeri presented four options.
2. Based on a previous meeting, Jeri reminded the board that options #3 and #4 appeared best to them.
a. Option #3: Handicap ramp on west side of building; roofed porch at front; steps at east side of porch; hallway expanded to fill in existing porch.
b. Option #4: Similar to #3, but building extended four feet beyond existing porch.
3. The board agreed to include options #3 and #4 in a public presentation (no vote).
4. The board agreed to include entrance renovation in agenda for budget discussion at the meeting of 15 December 2010.
VIII. Adjournment: 3:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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