School Board Meeting Minutes January 14, 2011

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of 14 January 2011

I. Meeting was called to order by chairperson Barbara Meyers at 12:45 P.M. at the Superintendent’s Office, MDIHS. Present: Board members Barbara Meyers, Katelyn Damon and Ted Spurling, Jr.; Assistant Superintendent Joanne Harriman; Financial Officer Nancy Thurlow during budget discussion.
II. Approval of Voucher: Reviewed and signed by board members.
III. Approval of Minutes of 14 December 2010: Motion to approve: Barbara; Second: Katelyn; Vote: yes, unanimously.
IV. Reports: Principal’s Report not available; Carol MacRae absent due to illness.
V. Discussion Items: Upcoming Parent Meeting about Longfellow School/GCI students (In previous meetings, the Board has discussed the anticipated shift in school population resulting in Great Cranberry having more students than Islesford, and primarily younger grades. Discussion about re-opening Longfellow School instead of Islesford School in that event):
A. Barbara: How best to present this to parents and community?
B. Joanne: Suggested informal conversation first, then forum with pot-luck dinner.
C. Katelyn: School on Great Cranberry would help make community more vibrant.
D. Ted: Ultimately, re-open Longfellow School, but a question of when.
E. Katelyn: Have parents and families from Islesford go to Great Cranberry and meet at the Longfellow School.
F. Katelyn: Suggests one school or the other open.
G. Ted: Suggests both if possible, but with great enough population.
H. Katelyn: Suggested having Cranberry House opened for an evening meeting—possibly an early supper, games for children.
I. Ted: Suggested a meeting also on Islesford.
J. Joanne: Recommended informal gathering outside of official school board meeting.
K. Barbara said that she hopes that out of the parent meeting there will be a sense of direction about community desires.
L. Joanne: Could add a meeting to the schedule for the purpose of parent and community discussion. Could have pot-luck and Board meeting to include parents, instead of informal meeting with parents.
M. Tentative date: Wednesday, February 2, 2011, with storm date of February 3.
N. Barbara to ask Carol MacRae to write notice and inform parents.
O. Pot-luck or catered? Not meant for entire community but for school families on Great Cranberry. “Semi-pot-luck”, or “organized-luck”.
P. Time: 4:45 P.M. to accommodate 3:30 afternoon boat.
Q. Barbara: This should be a public meeting, but intended primarily for parents.
R. Ted: Agreed that if considered a Board meeting, must be open to public.
S. Joanne: Round-table discussion, possibly break into smaller groups.
VI. Action Item: Approval of Fiscal Year 2012 Budget (taken out of order, previous to Item V., Discussion Items):
A. Nancy Thurlow entered the meeting for explanation of Budget and discussion (see Budget Draft of 1/12/2011).
B. Discussion about health insurance for teachers:
1. Question of whether to provide 85% / 15% coverage, as all other schools in Maine, or continue with 100% coverage. Mount Desert Island now conforms to the rest of the state, with the exception of the outer islands until recently. Currently, only Cranberry Isles provides100%. (With the 85/15 plan, 15% of insurance premium is deducted from teacher salary.)
2. The Board agreed that this would be an opportune time to conform to the 85/15 of other schools (no vote taken).
C. Four high school students anticipated: Budget for five (Nancy explained that this could be used if necessary for other items within the cost center).
D. After-school care: Two kindergartners anticipated from Great Cranberry.
E. Discussion of budget for Longfellow School, in the event of re-opening. Nancy recommended creating another item line under Facilities Maintenance, to be called "Contingency".
F. Nancy recommended these additions to the Draft Budget:
1. To Safety Factor Contingency: $10,000.
2. To Regular Secondary Education: $10,000.
3. To Facilities Maintenance (new line for contingency): $10,000.
G. The additions would change the Budget to $444,596, an increase of $17,308 or 4.05% (this includes contingency for possible re-opening of Longfellow).
H. Motion: Barbara moved to accept the proposed Draft Budget for 2011-2012 in the amount of $444,596. Second: Katelyn; Vote: Yes, unanimously.
I. Nancy to e-mail the new budget to Denise McCormick in the Town Office.
VII. Future Agenda Items: None at this time.
VIII. Other Business: None at this time.
IX. Adjournment: 2:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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