Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting February 24, 2011

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Board of Selectmen’s Special Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2011
Town Office-Islesford

Richard Beal, Chairman
Sally Rowan
Christopher Hathaway (by teleconference)
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
James Fortune, BOS Admin. Asst

I. Call to Order-Richard Beal called the meeting to order at 8:36 AM. The Town Clerk informed Christopher Hathaway, that due to the fact that he was present only by teleconference, that he could participate in any discussions, but could not legally make motions or vote on any decisions.

II. Review/Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant #7 $8,665.38
Warrant #8 4,498.60
Warrant #9 30,475.04 (School)
Warrant #10 31,584.91
Warrant #11 182.00

All Warrants were approved and signed by Richard Beal and Sally Rowan.
Richard Beal speaks to the other Board members in regards to the Town’s Annual Audit. James Wadman has finalized the audit. He would like to remind them that not only is the Town Treasurer held to a standard code of ethics, but the Selectmen are too. It is very important for all Selectmen to remember that any financial decisions made by them, must always be conducted in a public forum and by majority rule.

III. New Business
A. Review estimates and selection of contractor to do immediate repairs at the Marsh Building, Manset.
There were 4 Estimates turned in for the project.
1. David Axelrod $1,620.00 which includes 950.00 Labor & 670.00 Materials
2. Haynes Brother $3,845.00 which includes 3,200 Labor & 645.00 Materials
The Haynes Bros. also included an offer to replace the old deck boards with new for an
additional $350.00
3. Iann Krasnow, Krasnow Homeworks had two separate estimates
With Storm Windows $2,015 which includes 755.00 materials & 1,260 Labor
W/O Storm Windows 1,716 which includes 736.00 materials & 980 Labor
4. E. Higgins $1,695.50 this estimate did not breakdown materials and labor. They did
mention repairing of Vinyl Siding for an additional $85.00

After reviewing the estimates and discussing the project, Richard Beal motions to accept Iann Krasnow’s estimate with Storm Windows at a estimated cost of $2,015.00, seconded and approved by Sally Rowan.

B. FTA/MEDOT Grant Documents:
The Town Clerk/Treasurer has received the Grant Documents for the FTA/MEDOT Grant for our Commuter Ferry Service. The State put the Town Clerk as the responsible signer on the Documents. She requests that the BOS make a motion to allow her to sign the documents which will provide the Town with the additional $11,000 for our ferry service, giving us a total of $22,000 in subsidies for the Town.
Sally Rowan motions to allow Denise McCormick, Town Clerk to sign and submit the documents to the State of Maine Department of Transportation, second and approved by Richard Beal.

C. Discuss the Fee amount charged for Joy Road parking stickers:
James Fortune is getting the Parking Letter ready to go out for 2011 Parking. He asked the Board if they wanted to continue charging $265 per spot in the two lots, and $10 for a Joy Rd. sticker this coming season. He has been researching the costs to the Town for the NEH and Joy Rd Parking Lots, and found that the Manset Lot parking spaces are subsidizing parking in Northeast Harbor. The amount of money the Town pays for the Lease of the NEH parking lot is more than the amount of revenue received for the individual parking spaces. With the increase in the lease amount to rent the Joy Rd lot from the Catholic Church, it seems it is time to increase the amount we charge for the Joy Road Stickers, as well. After a discussion of the amount of money the Town is paying for Parking Lot rent, insurance and snow removal, the Board feels it is time to increase fees for all of the lots. Also, the Board feels that it is time to increase the fees for the TCI Boat Stickers, which are required to tie-up a boat to any of the Town Of Cranberry Isles docks and floats. They would like to see the revenues collected for these fees be put into a reserve account for the maintenance of our docks and floats.
Sally Rowan motions to increase the parking fees in 2011 to $290 for Manset and NEH parking spaces, $25 for a Joy Rd Sticker. Seconded and approved by Richard Beal.
Sally Rowan motions to increase the TCI Boat Stickers fees to $25, with the revenues raised to be used for Dock Maintenance for the Town’s docks and floats. Seconded and approved by Richard Beal.

There was no other business to discuss. This was the last Board of Selectman’s meeting for Sally Rowan as a selectman. We all wish her well, and thank her for her service to the Town.

At 9:15 am, Richard Beal motions to adjorn the meeting, seconded by Sally Rowan.