School Board Meeting Minutes March 31, 2011

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of 31 March 2011

I. Meeting was called to order by chairperson Barbara Meyers at 2:35 P.M. at the Superintendent’s Office, MDIHS. Present: Board members Barbara Meyers, Kate Chaplin and Ted Spurling, Jr.; Principal Carol MacRae; Superintendent Rob Liebow; Cranberry Isles Facilities Supervisor Jim Fortune; Selectman Phil Whitney. Teachers Lindsay Eysnogle and Donna Isaacs joined via PolyCom at 3:05 P.M. The board welcomes Kate Chaplin back and would like to express great thanks to Katelyn Damon for her year of excellent service on the board.
II. Approval of Voucher: Reviewed and signed by board members.
III. Approval of Minutes of 16 February 2011: Motion to approve: Kate; Second: Barbara; Vote: yes, unanimously.
IV. Reports:
A. Principal’s Report: Because of long agenda, Carol referred the board to her written report (see separate document).
B. Update on District and School Goals (Carol): District goals call for unit planning in a new way. Carol said that this started last June, involves common core standards, and that students are “really getting it”—that “when the teachers are getting it, the kids are, too.” She also said that collaboration with teachers from other islands is going very well.
V. Discussion Item: Two-island school: Plan workshop to analyze community input gathered so far and to lay out further discussion process with the public.
A. A workshop; a public meeting though not with regular agenda.
B. Must be a posted meeting.
C. Choose a time and place convenient to public.
D. Barbara: should be discussion more than public comment—primarily for the board to plan out the discussion from here on.
E. Some ideas from previous public discussion:
1. Narrow the options.
2. Estimate cost.
3. Analyze input.
VI. Discussion and Possible Action Items (Teachers Lindsay Eysnogle and Donna Isaacs joined via PolyCom from the Islesford School):
A. Issues of concern related to commuting students (Boat transportation/school schedule).
1. Barbara: Possible to change the system to allow for a shorter day?
2. Half-day kindergarten? Some parents have expressed interest in half-day for more than one term.
3. Lindsay: Afternoon would be better for kindergartners from Great Cranberry, better for special classes as well, and to prevent long days from commuting kids getting up early.
4. Barbara: Would like to relieve teachers of duties of getting students out the door and onto the boat.
5. Kate: Change lunch hour? Lindsay: That could work. Barbara: Small kids can’t really eat on the boat and clean up during the time aboard. Barbara: Some parents have said that one-half hour is not enough for lunch. Kate: 11:45 to 12:30 might work. Lindsay: Prefer 11:30 if we move the time, because they do have a class after the specials teachers leave at 11:15.
6. Carol: Has heard that specials in the afternoon works better. Kids are fresher for academics in the morning. Specials teachers too have preferred the afternoons. Kate: Put kinders in the afternoon, then.
7. Fall boat schedule works well in the afternoon; winter schedule gives gap of nearly an hour before boat.
8. Lunches at school: Lindsay and Donna said that usually there are one or two kids. Lindsay said that she enjoys having lunch with the kids, and both she and Donna agreed that this is not a problem.
9. Monitors for boat and dock: Dock more of a problem. Rob: While aboard, the captain and crew are technically required to watch passengers. Ted: While on dock, captain and crew have other duties such as mail handling/delivery.
10. Kate: Should school buy a vehicle and hire driver? Barbara: If so, not just for foul weather but daily.
11. Donna: Not a problem for teachers spending lunchtime with kids, but after school can be a problem as teachers often have meetings.
12. Kate: A lot depends on Beal and Bunker (discussion about changing afternoon schedule: possible to change route of 3:30 P.M. run to land at Islesford first?).
13. Kate: Space such as Islesford Neighborhood House for after-school waiting, crafts, etc.?
14. Barbara: Commuter boat now leaves Great Cranberry at 4:00 P.M. Could the schedule be altered to pick up students at Islesford at 3:30 instead?
15. Carol: Important for teachers to have time during lunch for personal time, meet with one another or with specials teachers. Should we hire a person to proctor the kids? (Discussion: Current hourly rate for this is $15.90. This might involve 3 ½ hours per day for monitoring on docks and lunch and during the after-school gap.
16. Kate: Should talk with James and David Bunker about changing schedule—and put Rob on that job.
17. Carol: Is it critical to have a boat monitor, or only getting on/off boats? Kate: Likes the idea of an adult on board to watch kids.
18. Kids (commuters) now arrive at school one-half hour before it starts.
19. Kate to talk with Islesford Neighborhood House Association (INHA).
20. Barbara: Need to put together a job description; talk about boat schedule changes.
21. Rob: Needs to know what to ask Beal and Bunker. Discussion about changing winter 3:30 P.M. run from Northeast Harbor to stop at Islesford first; also the 7:30 A.M. run to Islesford first. Ted: May meet with resistance about changing boat schedules. Kate: Should ask Beal and Bunker for suggestions. Kate also suggested a 7:00 A.M. run to replace the 7:30 one. Rob: Should invite James Bunker and Ted (the mailboat deckhand) to the meeting on April 13th.
B. Building and Maintenance Plans for 2011
1. Longfellow School: Siding, basement drainage:
a. Barbara: Should have more thorough building inspection.
b. Rob: Voters agreed to $70,000 for siding—should not get off track on basement.
c. Discussion of potential inspectors.
d. Jim Fortune: Agreed with Barbara that a building inspection is a good idea, and with Rob that the $70,000 is dedicated for siding. He said that the money would not be available until July 1st.
e. Phil Whitney: The selectmen have agreed that Jim’s services are available for the project, but not in a technical nature.
2. Islesford School: Postponed due to lack of time.
VII. Other Business: Postponed.
VIII. Future Agenda Items: Postponed.
IX. Executive Session Pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A) for Personnel Evaluation:
A. Entered Executive Session at 4:35 P.M.
B. Closed Executive Session at 4:48 P.M.
X. After closing Executive Session, Kate Chaplin moved to grant Donna Isaacs full medical leave of absence beginning April 25, 2011 or earlier if suitable replacement can be found, and continuing throughout the remainder of the 2010-2011 school year. Second by Barbara Meyers. Vote: Yes, unanimously.
XI. Adjournment: 4:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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