July 03, 2010 MAC Meeting Minutes

Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting 3 July 2010

I. Convened at Neighborhood House, Islesford at 8:39 AM by R. Axelrod
Members in Attendance: R. Axelrod, M. Donald, C. Duggan, L. Pratt,
C. White (by telephone)
Members Absent: P. Donald, K. Whitney
Public Present: None

Minutes of previous meeting approved.

II. Discussion of liaison with Towns of Mt. Desert and Southwest Harbor

M. Donald presented a draft recommendation to be presented to BOS, setting forth objectives of such liaison, roles of person(s), and reporting responsibilities. Draft was approved in principle. Members agreed to have Malcolm finalize document and present to BOS (7/5/10) the document with recommendation that BOS approve the concept and assist in identifying appropriate liaison personnel. Implicit in this proposal, personnel in Town Clerk’s office will continue to inform BOS, MAC,Harbor Committee, and Harbor Masters of important meetings/ agenda items in towns of Mt. Desert and Southwest Harbor.

III. Update of Status of Manset Property Leases and Progress in Determination
of futures uses.

Discussion ensued. It was agreed that leases need to be standardized and updated
to reflect present market conditions. Lease standardization/review to be developed with town’s attorney, Matt Worthen. M. Donald and L. Pratt agreed to approach Michael Phillips to assist in this endeavor, and report back at our next meeting. M. Donald and E. Dyer to develop spreadsheet of information for the next meeting.

IV. Parking Demand Study

Discussion on this topic produced that parking counts (AM and overnight) during
peak and slow seasons are being conducted. R. Axelrod agreed to bring to next
meeting a description of the scope such further study should encompass with the thought to recommend to BOS that they hire an outside firm to conduct a detailed study and analysis.

V. Short and Long Term MAC agendas and Future Meeting Dates

Short Term: It was agreed to continue efforts to maintain formal liaison
with towns of Mt. Desert and Southwest Harbor, continue updating of
Manset property leases, and follow through on analysis of future
parking needs.

Long Term: It was agreed to recommend to BOS that they continue to
to monitor progress of the commuter ferry service approved at the last
Town Meeting. It was also agreed that the BOS should be encouraged
to direct the Harbors Committee to not only deal with present needs, but
also to attempt to look to future needs. BOS also should maintain dialog
with Town of Mt. Desert with regard maintaining and perhaps increasing
our parking presence there. L. Pratt emphasized that reflection on the
Comprehensive Plan should be incorporated in developing town budgets.

MAC to continue expects to continue involvement in the yearly budget
process and encourage budgeting on a three to five year horizon.

Future Meeting Dates: Tentatively approved as: 6 Aug 8:45 AM (Friday) Community Center on GCI, 3 Sept (Friday) time/place TBD, 8 Oct (Friday)
time/place TBD, 4 Nov (Thurs) time/place TBD.

VI. No other business was conducted and meeting was adjourned at approximately
10:30 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher J. White