August 6th, 2010 MAC Minutes

Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
GCI Community Center
6 August 2010

I. Convene,Review Agenda, Approve minutes of 7/03/10.
1) Meeting convened at 8:45 AM Members Present: R. Axelrod, M. Donald,
C. Duggan, L. Pratt, C. White, K. Whitney Absent: P. Donald
2) Agenda reviewed and approved.
3) Minutes of 7/03/10 meeting were approved.

II. Discussion of liaisons with Town of Mt. Desert & SWH.
1) It was noted that our previous proposal had not yet been addressed by the BOS.
2) Further revisions were made to our proposal which will be incorporated by
Chairman Axelrod, sent to MAC members for final review before sending to
Town Clerk with a request to be placed on the next BOS Meeting agenda.
3) In the interim, members will seek suggestions for candidates to serve as
liase agents with the towns of Mt. Desert and Southwest Harbor.

III. Update Manset Leases status and Operational Costs.
1) M. Donald stated that he has begun to gather data. He, L. Pratt, and C. White
will attempt before our September meeting to put the information in a
meaningful format directed at explaining the operational costs of the Town
parking facilioty in Manset by August 16.
2) M. Donald will continue to consult with M. Phillips in regard to simplifying
and updating the leases we have with tenants (Dowling, Gray, Marsh, Pagels,
Wimer) in Manset.

IV. Parking Demand Study- scope/next steps.
1) Considerable discussion focused on the Parking Demand Study as proposed
by R. Axelrod. It was agreed to continue with the project to conduct
seven consecutive day counts at each lot and to investigate whether there are funds available from the Transportation Committee for parking counts and consultation use. E. Dyer agreed to look into this and if funds are available to see to it that these counts are taken now, during our peak season.
2) L. Pratt and C. White will collaborate with R. Axelrod on gathering further
data enumerated in Task 1 of the proposed study.

V. Other Business
1) Some discussion ensued in regard to the recent golf cart accident on the
LCI Town Dock.
2) It was suggested that the Town install eye-bolts on poles with rope
with snap connectors on each end. The rope at intervals with short pieces
of bright material like engineer tape spliced into the rope to further raise
awareness of the dock’s edge.

VI. Audience Communications

VII. Adjournment
1) Next meeting will be held in Neighborhood House, LCI, on
Friday, September 3, 2010 at 8:30 AM.
2) Meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM

Respectfully submitted.

Christopher J. White