11/06/10 MAC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes
Municipal Advisory Commission- Town of Cranberry Isles
GCI- Ladies Aide Society
Saturday, November 6, 2010, 8:30 am

Attendance: Malcolm Donald, Chris White; Karin Whitney, Lise Pratt, Frank Reece, Eric Dyer, and Ron Axelrod by phone Action Items in Bold
The meeting followed the Agenda issued October 28th:

1. Liaison with the towns of Mount Desert /NEH and Southwest Harbor:
Ron presented our proposal for this position to the BOS Sept. 7th. BOS voted to go forward with this position and that MAC would propose names to BOS. In the meantime it is understood that Chris Hathaway was to make calls to those people identified in MAC meeting notes of Sept. 3rd meeting. Ron to call Chris to coordinate and place exploratory calls to get level of interest and then report to BOS.

2. Manset cost benefit analysis and other items:
A. The BOS endorsed Eric’s Oct. 26th memo on the Manset Warehouse and Storage, and passed it on to the town’s attorney to get leases drafted.
B. There was concern about our insurance and it was decided that someone ( WHO?) is to have town attorney review insurance and town exposure.
C. Based on Eric’s Oct. 26th memo assessment, all felt the town needed to maintain the buildings as an asset and not demolish them for additional parking. Eric is to get estimates for painting and a new roof of the buildings before he departs Dec. 10th. The painting is expected to be in the town budget presented for Town Meeting in March 2011.
D. Contracts for floats and dock maintenance will be rebid in fall of 2011
E. Concern on parking allocation and procedures prompted all to have Eric do a memo explaining procedures and timing of parking allocation and scheduling.

3. Parking Demand Study:
Discussion of this item was differed. However, all felt that we should have $2,000 available next year for consultant advice if needed on the Parking Demand Study or other pertinent issues needing expert input.

4. MAC involvement in town budgeting process:
Past experience focused on a Warrant Committee and Budgeting Committee. The BOS should have a 3 to 5 year budget plan.
A. Establish a less than 1% increase in 2011 budget
B. Denise to send out to MAC what she is sending to BOS.
C. Lise to head overall budget process for MAC. Ron to work on new town office budget
D. The following assignments for the budget are:
Malcolm- #52 Public Safety and #54 Public Transportation; Karin- #55 Education; Dan Lief #53 Health and Sanitation if he will do it; Eric- #51 General Government and #58 Municipal Facilities; Chris- #56 Donations

5. Other Business:
Chris and Lise both advised that this was their last term on the MAC. Both of their terms end in March 2011 and new members need to be solicited to be on the MAC.

Next meeting: Friday, December 3, 2010, 8:30am LCI – Town Offices. This meeting is to be with the Selectmen and Town Clerk to focus on the town budgeting process in anticipation of March Town Meeting.