Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes May 15, 2008

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Harbor Committee Meeting
May 15, 2008
Great Cranberry Island Firehouse

Ted Spurling, JR, Harbor Committee Chair
Phil Whitney, Harbor Committee
Roy Hadlock, Harbor Committee
Richard Howland, Harbor Committee
Barbara Stainton, Harbor Committee
Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster
Norman Sanborn, II, Harbormaster
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Richard Beal, Board of Selectmen
Amanda Ravenhill, Island Institute
Junior Bracy
Jeff Berzinis
Sean McLaughlin

I. Call to Order: 3:08 P.M. by Ted Spurling, JR
II. Review / Approval November 30, 07 Meeting Minutes
Barb Stainton moves to accept the Harbor Committee meeting minutes for November 30, 2007 as written. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. (5-0) Motion passes.
III. Elect Chairman 2008
Richard Howland nominates David Thomas as Chairman of the Harbor Committee. Richard Howland moves to elect David Thomas as Chairman of the Harbor Committee. Ted Spurling seconds the nomination. (5-0) Motion passes.
Since David Thomas is not present at today’s meeting, he will be consulted about the nomination for his acceptance.
IV. New Business
A. Review Southwest Boat Application for new pier, and repair, maintain, and add to existing rip rap
According to the Town of Cranberry Isles Harbor Management Ordinance, (Article 3.2.2[C]), it is the duty and responsibility of the Harbor Committee to make recommendations on the construction of piers, wharves, breakwaters, marine railways, or bulkheads within the harbor waters of the Town. The Planning Board met on April 30, 2008 where the application was approved (5-0), contingent on all necessary State and Federal permits being obtained for this work, as well as approval by the Harbor Committee. In the future, the Harbor Committee will receive notification of intent to build and information on any planning projects that pertain to Article 3.2.2(C) of the Harbor Management Ordinance, prior to the Planning Board meeting where the application will be reviewed. The Harbor Committee understands that meetings may have to be called within thirty days, or sooner, of the receipt of such a notification to build, as to be in order with Planning Board requirements.
Mr. Berzinis of Southwest Boat explains the project to the Harbor Committee.
Phil Whitney moves to advise the Board of Selectmen that there are no objections to the Southwest Boat application for a new pier, and the maintaining and adding to existing rip rap. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. (5-0) Motion passes.

Stabilization and construction of a 10’ X 24’ ground level access way for vehicles
Jeff Berzinis, contractor for the proposed project explains the project to the Harbor Committee. The Planning Board reviewed the application for the Farmhouse Realty Trust, which is located at Sutton Island, on April 30, 2008. The application was approved by the Planning Board, contingent on all necessary State and Federal permits being obtained for this work, as well as approval by the Harbor Committee.
Phil Whitney moves to accept the Farmhouse Realty Trust application for shoreland stabilization and construction of a 19’ X 24’ ground level access way for vehicles. Barb Stainton seconds the motion. (5-0) Motion passes.
V. GCI Harbormaster
The Board of Selectmen has appointed Norman Sanborn, II as Harbormaster for Great Cranberry Island at today’s Board of Selectmen’s Meeting held at Great Cranberry Island. According to the TCI Harbor Management Ordinance, (Article 3.1.1), The Harbor Master(s) shall be recommended by the Harbor Committee and shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Phil Whitney brings to the Board’s attention that the Selectmen have already made an appointment for the Harbormaster position without consulting the Harbor Committee. Selectman Beal did informally call Ted Spurling the night before this meeting, and asked for his opinion on the proposed appointment. The opening for the Harbormaster position had also been posted publicly.
Barb Stainton moves to recommend Norman Sanborn, II as Harbormaster for Great Cranberry Island. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. (4-0) Motion passes.
VI. Old Business
A. New Float for GCI
At today’s Board of Selectmen’s Meeting, Southwest Boat was awarded the contract for building a new 20’ X 30’ float for Great Cranberry Island. Specs for the new float were forwarded by the Facilities Supervisor to Harbor Committee Members for review. Sean McLaughlin of Southwest Boat is present at today’s meeting. Mr. McLaughlin will be building the new float. It is brought to Mr. McLaughlin’s attention that the specs used for the bidding process were specs used for an Islesford Float which has the hook-up for the ramp in the center of the float, as opposed to one side of the float like at Great Cranberry. The other difference is that the Great Cranberry floats are hooked together in line, as opposed to a T-form at Islesford. This makes a difference with how the hook-up equipment is placed on the new float. The old float that is being replaced required new chain this year. The new chain could possibly be used on the new float. Bidding went into process without the review of specs by the Harbor Committee, as suggested in the Harbor Management Ordinance, (Article 3.2.2). Roy Hadlock, Harbor Committee Member and TCI Float Contractor will go over the plans with Mr. McLaughlin, in order to promote a smooth transition when the new float is launched and hooked up. It is suggested by the Harbormaster that the new float could have been more durable if plastic flotation were used in the specs instead of styrofoam. The Harbor Committee agrees that plastic flotation is probably more cost effective in the long run. At this time it is too late to change the contract which has been approved by the Selectmen. For future projects, it is hoped that the Harbor Committee will be asked to review the specs, prior to the bidding process.
B. GCI Dock Repair and D.E.P. Permit
The Facilities Supervisor is not present to report on this agenda item. A D.E.P. permit is in progress for the project at this time. Proposed stairs on the western side of the GCI Dock may not be necessary as there is very little water and underwater rocks which would not make landings any easier. Depending on the wind direction, landings could be worse on that side of the dock. Chesterfield Associates has sent a letter to the Board of Selectmen expressing interest in working on the project.
C. Manset Seawall
There is no update on this project available. It is reported that the condition of the wall is getting worse as time goes on. The bidding process has not started to the best knowledge of the Harbor Committee.
D. Mooring Data Sheets / Harbor Mapping
It is suggested that the mooring data sheets have “please fill out as completely as possible” at the top of the page. The Deputy Clerk has been asked by mooring owners “what if I don’t know the latitude and longitude for my mooring?” It is still helpful to have the data sheet filled out as completely as possible, just so the mooring can be identified to some extent for the mapping project. Mooring Data Sheets may be printed from the new municipal website, www.cranberryisles-me.gov or at the Town Office.
Shay Conover is back from leave with the Island Institute. Amanda Ravenhill will contact Shay for setting a date for the mapping process, preferably late June. The Town of Cranberry Isles owns computer software that can aid in the map making process.
VII. Other Business
In reference to difficulty for the barge landings at Islesford Ramp, it is suggested by the Islesford Harbormaster that we look into the moving of some moorings to aid navigation for barges to the Town ramp. It is also suggested that during the summer season, pennants could be shortened up to aid in swing and navigation for vessels. The pennant requirement is 2 to 1 if the rock is of adequate size. The Harbormaster will speak with the Selectmen as to costs for such a proposed project. It is suggested that the Harbormaster figure out which moorings may be affected, and to speak with the owners as to what may need to happen. Southwest Boat is willing to assist by 50 percent if such a project could go forward. The Maine Sea Coast Mission also has difficulty getting into our harbor with the current mooring field, as well as the low water. This makes it impossible at this time for the Telemedicine Program to come to Islesford.
There may be an after-the-fact building application to review coming up for Shoreland stabilization at the Liebow property on Great Cranberry.
The process of the Harbor Committee’s review of marine building proposals will require the Code Enforcement Officer’s prompt notification of all projects to the Town in order for there to be enough time to review by the Harbor Committee and the Planning Board. In the event that a marine project (such as a seasonal dock) does not require Planning Board Approval, it will be the CEO’s responsibility to promptly notify the Town so that the Harbor Committee may review the plans for recommendation before CEO approval.
It is the intent of the Harbor Committee to meet regularly during the summer boating and building season. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 19, 2008, 4:00 P.M. at Islesford.
VIII. Adjournment: 4:30 P.M.
Roy Hadlock moves to adjourn the meeting. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. (4-0) Motion passes.

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