Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes May 03, 2011

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
May 03, 2011
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Christopher Hathaway, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Americorps Member, MAC
Jeff Berzinis, MAC
Karin Whitney, MAC, C.I. Health Committee
Stefanie Alley, C.I. Health Committee
Cindy Thomas, C.I. Health Committee
Norman Sanborn, II, Harbormaster
Bill Dowling, Harbor Committee, Planning Board
Bruce Komusin, Planning Board
Sheridan Steel, Superintendent, Acadia National Park
Rebecca Cole-Will, Cultural Resource Specialist, Acadia National Park
Lynne Dominy, Chief of Interpretation and Education, Acadia National Park
David Manski, Chief of Resource Management, Acadia National Park
Dan Lief
Adele Berzinis
Dennis Dever
Karl Brunner
Chris Johnston
Ed Gray
Blair Colby
I. Call to Order: 8:45 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Richard Beal moves to approve the April 05, 2011 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 21: 4,642.64
Warrant # 22: 47,059.11
Warrant # 23: 5,145.77
Warrant # 24: 47,529.88
Warrant # 25: 14,579.90
Total: $ 118,957.30
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
In reference to TCI moorings at Manset, mooring registration fees for two moorings were approved on today’s financial warrants, payable to the Town of Southwest Harbor. Today’s financial warrants also included, and were approved for,
de-winterization of two moorings at Manset, payable to Chalmers Enterprises. It appears that one of the two moorings is missing. The Town Of Cranberry Isles does have mooring data sheets, complete with longitude and latitude, for two moorings. The Administrative Assistant will follow up with the Town of Southwest Harbor in reference to the missing mooring.
IV. Correspondence
A. Maine DEP letter – Dept. review of land use ordinance and maps
A letter has been received by the Town Clerk from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), dated April 15, 2011. The DEP has conditionally approved the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands of the Town of Cranberry Isles. The municipality will not be ordered to incorporate the condition into the Ordinance, only to administer it as part of the Ordinance, but should the municipality vote to incorporate it and the Department approves it, then the Department will be able to repeal the condition. It appears that the Soils provision was inadvertently removed when the new Essential Services provision was added. The proposed condition would add the Soils provision. Should the Municipality vote to incorporate the condition into the Ordinance so that the condition may be repealed, it is strongly recommended that the Municipality also address the concerns listed. These listed concerns are suggested numbering sequence amendments.
A special Town meeting is planned for this summer. A public hearing is mandatory for Land Use Ordinance amendments.
Richard Beal moves to hold a public hearing to include the Town Office and also shoreland ordinance amendments. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
B. Communication from Kate Chaplin regarding the Town’s fiscal year; and how the Town receives requests for donations from non-profit agencies.
The Board of Selectmen have received an email communication, dated April 04, 2011 from Kate Chaplin of Islesford. The email suggests that the Town ought to consider changing its fiscal year to July – June. Her reasons for this suggestion are as follows:
• “You [Town] would coincide with the school budget, which would, I assume, make Denise’s [Town Treasurer’s] job a little easier in maintaining budget information.
• You [Town] wouldn’t be operating for three months in a vacuum, waiting for approval on major projects. Instead, once the Town has approved a budget, you [Town] can go forward on projects, thereby adding three months essentially to your [Town’s] window of opportunity.
• Bid specs could come out in a more timely fashion so that bidders can line up spring, summer, and fall projects in Jan / Feb (or earlier) rather than at the last minute in April / May.”
In reference to the question of what amounts to give to local organizations such as INHA, Cranberry House, libraries, etc., Mrs. Chaplin emails: “And, admittedly, the numbers decided on are pretty much pulled from thin air. With the exception of local emergency services, it might make sense during your budgeting process in November / December to find out from the ‘big five’ that you support (Cranberry House, Ladies Aid, two Libraries, and INHA) what amounts they would like to apply for, much the same way Fire Departments request funding. This would compel them to look at their budgets, see where there may be shortfalls and submit a request for ‘relief’ as it were. If an organization has sufficient private support, they could opt out of receiving funds for that year and save us all some money! Also, you could stipulate that any requests aren’t guaranteed, just that they serve as guidelines for budgeted purposes.”

At the 2004 annual Town meeting, voters were asked: to vote to approve changing the Town’s fiscal accounting year from “calendar” (1 January to 31 December) to mid-year (1 July to 30 June) with ½ of the proposed Operations on the same fiscal basis as the School Department and provide greater opportunity for citizens to participate in Town government. The annual Town Meetings, normally held on the second Monday of March, would in the future be held on the second Monday of August of each year. Tax bills for the first six months of 2004 would be issued in June 2004, with tax bills covering the July 2004 through June 2005 period being issued in September 2004 following the August 2004 Town Meeting.

The article was not approved by voters in 2004, by written ballot, (53 no, 7 yes).

The Town Clerk / Treasurer reports that if the annual audit were to be done in July, it would be harder, not easier with July being one of the busiest months of the year at the Town Office. Also, most year round residents, who are a majority of the registered voters, must work in the summer, and August would be a hard time of year to attend Town Meeting.
This past year, 2010, the Municipal Advisory Committee did send letters for funding requests to those who usually receive donations.
Selectman Beal suggests that the fiscal year suggestion be tabled at this time, and to let the petition process offer a warrant article of this nature.
V. New Business (taken out of order)
F. Approval – IVFD Respiratory Protection Program (taken out of order)
Americorps Member, Katelyn Damon presents the Board of Selectmen with the Islesford Volunteer Fire Department’s Respiratory Protection Program for approval. The document has been sent to the Town Attorney who has approved the language. The Respiratory Protection Plan is a state requirement. At this time the plan is for Islesford, but Great Cranberry Island will also have to have such a plan in the future, as well as the Exposure Control Plan that was approved for Islesford at the April BOS meeting. Ms. Damon reports that Great Cranberry Island is in need of people for their fire department to work towards compliancy. Compliancy includes:
• OSHA compliance
• Maine Bureau of Labor compliance
• ISO mitigation services
Richard Beal moves that the Board of Selectmen approve the IVFD Respiratory Protection Program. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
The Board of Selectmen signs the approval for the Islesford Volunteer Fire Department’s Respiratory Protection Program.
Ms. Damon also reports that there are now five SCBA’s on Islesford.
Richard Beal suggests that the Town pay for yearly physicals for emergency personnel. Mr. Beal also suggests that Representative Elsie Flemings be invited to a meeting of the Selectmen to discuss the possibility of legislature changes for small fire departments.
Richard Beal moves that the Town pay for required medical expenses for emergency personnel at Islesford. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.

Dan Lief speaks on behalf of the Islesford Fire Department in reference to obtaining further services for pay from Consultant Neil Courtney for help with obtaining compliancy. Mr. Courtney has been gracious to offer advice to Katelyn Damon when needed au gratis when necessary, and has proven to be very helpful with Ms. Damon’s tasks. Mr. Lief reports that last time Mr. Courtney was hired to look at the fire departments, only $3,000 was used of the $6,000 budgeted. Mr. Lief would like to have Mr. Courtney continue to work with our fire departments when necessary and to be paid for his services in the future at a rate of $50 - $65 per hour.
Selectman Beal asks Mr. Lief to work with the Town Treasurer for finding the funds for this purpose.
Richard Beal moves that Katelyn Damon, Chief Richard Howland, and President David Thomas, when necessary, work with Neil Courtney as consultant for the fire department. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
Katelyn Damon reports that there are now ten people who have passed the EMT course between the two islands (Islesford and Great Cranberry) and will be taking the license test within the next month.
Dan Lief and Katelyn Damon present the Selectmen with a Cranberry Isles Rescue Service Call Pay #0903 Standard Operating Guide for consideration. Mr. Lief explains that this does not have to be approved today, as this is the first time the document has been presented to the Board. The document reads as follows:
“It is the policy of the Cranberry Isles Rescue Service to provide call pay to its members for time spent on emergency calls.
The Cranberry Isles Rescue Service is a volunteer service that pays their members on a per-call basis according to the following:
$50 per call for First Responders and EMT Basics
$50 per call for EMT Intermediates
$50 per call for EMT Paramedics
$50 per call for Boat Captains
This fee covers up to two (2) responders who are scheduled to be on call for any given day for the transfer of patients from Islesford, Great Cranberry, Sutton, Baker or Bear Island to the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service. The initial $50 does not cover any time spent in a hospital.
$50 will be paid to a boat captain as a round trip fee for their time and boat expenses. If this boat captain is also an EMT and has responded to the call as EMT and captain, this EMT/Captain will be paid $50 for responding as an EMT and $50 for acting as captain; $100 total.
An extra $50 will be paid to up to two (2) responders who provide care to a patient to the hospital. Up to two (2) responders will also be reimbursed any expenses occurred in returning home from the hospital.
Members will submit a written bill stating name, date and whether they transferred the patient to the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service or accompanied patient to the hospital. This bill is to be submitted within five (5) days of a call to the Town Clerk. The member will be paid within one week of the Selectmen’s meeting following the date of the call.”

Selectman Beal suggests inviting Representative Elsie Flemings to a BOS meeting to discuss the idea of possible legislation changes for requirements of small volunteer fire departments.

Richard Beal moves to accept this policy, which will be incorporated into the minutes of today’s meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.

VI. Other Business (taken out of order)
A. Acadia National Park: Briefing on status of Baker Island Light and hazard tree reduction on Baker Island; and, update on plans the Blue Duck on Islesford, and status of TCI’s member ship to the Acadia National Park Advisory Commission
Four representatives from Acadia National Park (ANP) are here at today’s Selectmen’s meeting to discuss land owned by ANP that is located at Cranberry Isles.
Baker Island Fuels Reduction Briefing Statement
“The ANP Advisory Commission has recently been re-established and is seeking nominations through the Secretary of the Interior.
During the past eighty years the vegetation on Baker Island, in the Town Of Cranberry Isles, has evolved from a pastureland to extremely dense spruce forest. This growth has encroached on private landowner’s homes as well as the historically significant lighthouse and associated structures on federal lands administered as part of Acadia National Park. A fire start, most likely from an inadvertent human ignition on a dry day, aided by the frequent strong winds on the island, could damage or destroy the structures before a suppression response could be mustered. According to observed fire behavior of past fires in similar forests, the fuels present on Baker Island could produce flames one hundred to three hundred feet high. While the probability of a fire of this magnitude in this region is remote, it is a real and serious threat.
The National Park Service has initiated a planning process to address these extremely high fuel loads and the threat posed by wildfire through a hazardous fuels reduction project to be implemented in the fall and winter of 2011. The purpose is to clear and thin the forest immediately adjacent to the historic structures so they would have an increased chance of surviving a wildfire. Vegetation immediately adjacent to the structures would be cleared, and vegetation up to 300 feet away would be thinned to reduce the fire hazard. The clearance distances would be based on accepted firefighter safety zone dimensions for the flame lengths possible, and those specifications articulated in the National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise community defensible space program. More specific information on the Firewise program is available at the website.
The Park is seeking comments from interested parties and is also considering the effects of a fuels reduction program on other resource and aesthetic values. Acadia National Park is partnering with the University of Maine to conduct a forest survey, mark applicable treatment boundaries, model the effects of wind on remaining trees following the thinning cuts, and will produce computer images showing how the forest is likely to look following thinning. In addition, Acadia park staff members are exploring partnership opportunities related to using the wood generated by the project and determining how best to treat cut tree limbs. Questions and written comments on this proposal should be sent to Acadia’s Fire Management Officer, Andy Mitchell, at:
Acadia National Park
PO Box 177
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
Or via email at
Comments should be submitted by June 1, 2011.”

Andy Mitchell, Acadia Fire Management Officer, (207) 288-8780, cell: (207) 266-4570

Baker Island Light is still an automatic aid to navigation. The light is maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. Ownership of the lighthouse is currently going to Acadia National Park. Permission will be required from private landowners at Baker Island for cutting of trees on their property. The period of historical significance for the lighthouse and keeper’s house is approximately 1855-1960. The last year round resident left Baker Island in 1930, according to ANP staff.
Park Staff is asked if there are containers of mercury at the site. Rebecca Cole-Will states that this is not true; the Coast Guard did an environmental survey at the sight. There will be some cleanup of some batteries that were not disposed of properly and also containment of lead paint.
Park Staff is also asked if tour boats are prohibited from visiting Baker Island. The Park has a hired tour boat that does nature tours to and from Baker Island. Requests for proposals will be made available again this year for interested applicants. No commercial activities are allowed without permission from ANP. Individuals with private boats are allowed to visit Baker Island. The reasons for the prohibition of non-permitted commercial visits to the island are to protect the resources at Baker Island, and to keep the permitted vendor a viable business.
Park Staff is asked if the lighthouse and keeper’s house will be open to the public. Mr. Steele states that a decision has not been made on this.
In reference to the Blue Duck, owned by ANP and located at Islesford, in 2009, the Board of Selectmen wrote a letter to the Superintendent of ANP, asking to open a conversation with the Park Staff concerning the future uses of the Blue Duck. In 2016 ANP will celebrate its 100 year anniversary, and has some plans which may include ideas from Cranberry Isles residents for future use of the building called Blue Duck. ANP would like to set up a meeting this summer to discuss plans. Selectman Beal encourages ANP to contact the Town Office to set up such a meeting. Selectman Beal also requests that the Town Clerk be sent copies of the requests for proposals for tour boat operators when they are available.
The Town Clerk suggests to ANP Staff that it might be a good idea to make an announcement during each boat tour to Cranberry Isles, stating that any trash that is carried on to the islands, is also carried off the islands. The Park Staff at today’s meeting expressed their agreement to this request.
V. New Business (revisited)
A. Liquor license application for the Islesford Dock Restaurant
Islesford Dock Restaurant is applying for a 2011 liquor license from the Department of Public Safety.
Selectman Whitney encourages the owners, Dan and Cynthia Lief to consider the amount of alcohol served to individuals who are driving their boats in our harbors. Some other concerns in regard to drinking boaters are expressed; Selectman Beal will call the Liefs to discuss these concerns with them.
The liquor license is approved and signed by the Board of Selectman on behalf of the Town Of Cranberry Isles.
B. Appoint Enforcement Officer for Manset facility and formalize duties and responsibilities for the position
Dennis Dever has been recommended as the individual to be hired for enforcement of parking and docks at the Manset Facility. Mr. Dever has taken and passed the Harbormaster course, has formerly been employed as Harbormaster for the Town of Southwest Harbor, and is retired Coast Guard. Mr. Dever is interested in the Manset position and has read our Harbor Management Ordinance which he feels fills the bill for legal progression. Since the Manset Dock, owned by Town of Cranberry Isles is a private dock, the position of enforcement at that facility will be called Dockmaster. The TCI Harbor Committee has recommended that enforcement at the docks start slow, (soft approach) and see where problems are arising. Get a good sense of the issues and problems before too strict on tie-up limits. Communication with the folks who use the facility is very important. Other recommendations by the Harbor Committee are as follows:
• The Town make sure that we are covered with liability for the position
• Resolve legal question regarding the right to issue fines at Manset with Town Attorney
• Allow boats to tie up between floats as long as they are not blocking other boats
• No towing of boats, only line adjustments when needed
• Coincide enforcement hours with commercial and charter boat schedules as much as possible
• Keep documented track of violators, with boat registrations and boat descriptions
• Keep a log of activities, enforcement situations and complaints
In reference to boat stickers, Ed Gray suggests that boat stickers should also be required for all TCI Docks, not to penalize residents for use of just Manset Dock.
Phil Whitney suggests that the difference between Manset Dock, and other TCI docks is private dock, versus public docks. Manset Dock stickers cost $25 each for 2011.
The Harbor Committee has also suggested that after this year, due to mailings already been sent out, issuance of TCI boat stickers for Manset should be restricted to TCI residents and taxpayers only. The Harbor Committee further recommends that in the future, the boat stickers should be numbered to keep better track of who the boat owners are.
Selectman Whitney asks Mr. Dever to go over the Harbor Management Ordinance again, and bring suggestions or concerns to the next Harbor Committee meeting to be held at Islesford on May 26, 2011 at 4:00 PM. Mr. Whitney suggests that the Harbor Committee should be referred to as to how much to charge for Manset stickers in the future.
The Deputy Clerk will check to make sure all Harbor Committee meeting minutes are up to date on the website,
It is suggested by more than one attendees of today’s meeting that stricter enforcement is needed at the Islesford and Great Cranberry Island Docks than has been used in the past.
The Board of Selectmen agrees that posting of municipal meetings should be the responsibility of the Chairman of that committee or board.

Richard Beal moves to appoint Dennis Dever as Dockmaster for Manset. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

Items suggested for the next Harbor Committee agenda are as follows:
• Stricter enforcement at Islesford and GCI docks
• Manset boat stickers, price
• Clarification of Dockmaster duties
• Harbor Ordinance changes, if necessary
• Free shirts, ball caps with TCI logo
There may be a time when Mr. Dever will need to take a full day off from his duties at the Manset facility. This is understood. Mr. Dever commends the Harbor Committee as doing a great job on setting down rules with the Harbor Management Ordinance.
Mr. Dever will gain recommendations on docks from the Harbor Committee, and recommendations on parking from the Municipal Advisory Commission.
James Fortune is asked by Selectman Beal to write a note to the Southwest Harbor Chief of Police and Harbormaster to let them know Mr. Dever is working for the Town Of Cranberry Isles.
Mr. Dever will carry his portable VHF radio and will monitor channels 9 and 16.
C. Signing the MOU for Seacoast Mission/Cranberry Isles Telemed Clinic
The Board of Selectmen is presented a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for approval by representatives of the Cranberry Isles Health Committee. The MOU is between the Sea Coast Mission, MDI Hospital and the Town Of Cranberry Isles
to offer a telemedicine clinic at Islesford. After approval by the Board of Selectmen, a Health Aid can be hired for the clinic. Some qualifications for the Health Aid position include computer skills, confidentiality, and commitment to
take training for the position at the MDI Hospital. The Board of Selectmen signs and approves the MOU.
D. Sign contract for Karl Brunner (dba Downeast Friendship Charters) – Commuter Ferry Service (summer season)
Karl Brunner of Downeast Friendship Charters has some changes he would like to see to the contract offered to him for the early commuter boat service from Cranberry Isles. One change that he asks for is to add a fuel adjustment clause as the current contract is based on $3.00 per gallon. The insurance that the Town is requiring Mr. Brunner to carry is $2,000,000, Mr. Brunner requests a $1,000,000 insurance requirement which he already carries. A change to the amount charged for fares is also requested. Mr. Brunner will be paid $63 per trip and keep all fares collected from riders at the following rates: Students: $7, Residents: $7, Non-residents: $8. Mr. Brunner will be responsible for billing the School Department for student fares. The Elizabeth T, owned by Mr. Brunner has been doing the early commute from Cranberry Isles since May 02, 2011 and will continue to do so. A revised contract will be written and be presented for approval at the June Board of Selectmen’s meeting. Pay for the commuter service will be retroactive to May 01, 2011.
Selectman Hathaway suggests that the Administrative Assistant discuss with the School Board the idea of buying tickets for the students who use the early commuter boat.
E. Contract for Sutton Island Trash Removal
A one year extension is signed and approved by the Selectmen with Josh Gray for removal of household waste and recyclables from Sutton Island. This extension is intended to cover the 2011 summer season, with terms of service and payment remaining the same as they were in 2010. Each waste removal trip will be billed at $140, with trips occurring a minimum of once per week June through September and twice weekly as needed during July and August. If a need arises for a winter pickup at Sutton, the Administrative Assistant will call Josh Gray.
The old shed is now gone at Sutton Island, soon to be replaced with a new structure.
F. Approval – IVFD Respiratory Protection Program
Previously discussed.
G. Lease agreements for town properties
A draft letter dated April 28, 2011, written in regard to tenant leases for Manset storage, is presented to the Selectmen by Jim Fortune. Mr. Fortune would like to further research documents at the Town Office before the leases are presented. It is suggested that some sort of indemnification clause be added for the Town to the leases. It is also suggested that prohibited practices be added to the leases. The Town Attorney will review the leases to determine what is legal and appropriate for allowed or prohibited practices, before they are presented to the lessees. The
leases will be brought to the Board of Selectmen at the June meeting.
H. Solid Waste: battery and light bulb collection a the TCI transfer stations
Adele Berzinis has found out that there are some fees involved with the containers available for disposal of light bulbs at the transfer stations. Some businesses such as Home Depot and McEachern and Hutchins will take the light bulbs for free disposal. The Administrative Assistant will contact Department of Environmental Protection to find out if it would be legal to store the containers for batteries and light bulbs under our licenses for the transfer station. Batteries and light bulbs are usually only collected once per year for the Hazardous Waste collection. Selectmen Hathaway and Whitney express the need to speak to our legislators in regard to the hardship created by homeowners having to hang on to hazardous waste materials until the yearly pick up.
I. Junk car removal
In reference to junk car removal, many cars and some other scrap metal were recently removed from Islesford by private arrangement with Scott Haslam. The only policy the Town has in regard to junk car removal is the Vehicle Waste Disposal Fee Ordinance. For the past three years, the Town has organized the junk car removal, and the owner of the junk car has been billed by the barge company. In the past there has also been a fee for removal, but the last time Southwest Boat did a junk car removal, Mr. Berzinis waved the fee due to metal prices being up. Mr. Berzinis is willing to do another junk car removal if needed; the cars must be able to roll. The Administrative Assistant is asked to organize a
junk car/ scrap metal removal for Great Cranberry Island if needed.
J. Junk yards
Junk yards are classified as having three or more unregistered vehicles on a property. Selectman Beal reports that Title 29, section 1860, gives the Town rights in regard to junk yards. Mr. Beal will contact Dick Bishop of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department to request a visit to the islands for location of junk yards.
K. Islesford road maintenance plan
At the annual Town meeting voters approved $23,000 for road maintenance.
In reference to plans to fix lower Main Street at Islesford, Civil Engineering Services (CES) is in the Topographical Survey stage. Next will be the Preliminary Design stage, then the Final Design. The cost of these three stages is estimated at $4000, which does not provide a scope for services related to bidding the project. Selectman Beal gave James Fortune permission by email on April 06, 2011, to sign a proposal with CES for the engineering work. The Town Treasurer will need copies of the email and the signed proposal for her records. It is reiterated that all emails in or out of the Town Office need to be forwarded or cc’d to the Town Clerk. Selectman Beal requests that the Administrative Assistant consider a top priority repairs to the catch basin at the corner of Mosswood and Main Street, Islesford. He also requests that Mr. Fortune call John Goodwin to see if the catch basin he has stored at the GCI gravel pit might be available for these repairs.
L. Disposition of the GCI Sand/Salt Shed
The Administrative Assistant is asked to contact the Department of Environmental Protection in reference to how to take care of the contaminated salt and sand at the old Sand and Salt shed on Great Cranberry Island. Tearing down of the old sand and salt shed will be put out for bid.
M. Purchase leftover slate mulch
A proposal has been received by the Selectmen from John Goodwin, JR for the delivery of excess slate mulch left over from the Town roads project at Great Cranberry Island. Delivery costs would be $55 per yard and there are
approximately 75-80 yards of mulch available. This price does not include barging which is estimated at $800. There is approximately 60 yards of slate mulch at the Great Cranberry Island gravel pit which is already owned by the
Phil Whitney moves to not accept offer by John Goodwin, JR for excess slate. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
N. Discussion about code enforcement for the Town Of Cranberry Isles
It is suggested that Town Of Cranberry Isles may need to advertise for a Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) that is available on more than a part time basis. The current CEO works full time for the Town of Mount Desert and is only available for Cranberry Isles evenings and weekends. Sometimes the lack of availability for the CEO causes hardship to TCI Residents who are trying to get projects accomplished. The Town Office has also had difficulty in receiving signed permits for their files and for Tax Assessor purposes. The current CEO is considered an employee of the Town, however the last signed contract for CEO was in 2006 for a one year term. The current pay made to the CEO is $600 per month plus a portion of the plumbing fees. Selectman Beal will research availability and possibility of hiring a CEO who may be more available to the Town Of Cranberry Isles. This item will appear on the June BOS agenda.
O. Tax Collector Updates: Tax Liens for 2010
Four thirty day notices have been sent by the Tax Collector for unpaid 2010 taxes. On May 16, liens may be placed on the properties with unpaid taxes. Three notices were sent for Great Cranberry Island:
• Russell and Maude Wedge- property foreclosed on by Bangor Savings Bank in January 2011, but 2010 taxes were committed to Russell and Maude Wedge
• Kevin Wedge
• Bonnie Sue Nash
One notice was sent for Islesford:
• Hornblower, Lynch, Rabasco & Van Dyke, P.A.
Poverty abatements if applied for would be held in executive session by law.
P. Sutton Island roads-legal status
Selectman Whitney suggests that something in writing is desired for any rights the Town Of Cranberry Isles has in regard to roads at Sutton Island. On file at the Town Office are easements for Bangor Hydro electric poles. Richard Beal will contact the Town Attorney to research this.
Q. Town-wide land use standards
An email from Tom Martin of the Hancock County Planning Commission (HCPC) has been received by the Town in reference to enacting Town-Wide Land Use Standards as called for by the TCI Comprehensive Plan. The plan recommends that the Town enact inland land use standards based on the proposal
contained in the future land use plan. The Town Clerk is asked to contact Mr. Martin to see how much his service would cost for this assistance. No funds were budgeted for 2011 for HCPC services. The Selectmen suggest that a public hearing should be held for comment on this issue, and the hearing will appear on the June BOS meeting agenda.
VI. Other Business
A. Acadia National Park: Briefing on status of Baker Island Light and hazard tree reduction on Baker Island; and, update on plans the Blue Duck on Islesford, and status of TCI’s membership to the Acadia National Park Advisory Commission
Previously discussed.
B. Updates
• All of the main floats within Town waters are in. The GCI gangway was hung on April 28, 2011. The Manset floats are expected to be installed on April 30, 2011. The bridges connecting the floats will need to be modified to accommodate the new 80’ gangway.
• In reference to Town Office relocation, the following MAC members have been assigned the following tasks to individual members and Town Staff:
1) Office layout plan for each location – Ron Axelrod and James Fortune
2) Cost for building and/or renovations-Ron Axelrod and Bill with assistance of Cory Duggan and Courtney Chaplin
3) Moving Costs – Jim Fortune
4) Background facts and information on each property – Jim Fortune
5) Potential building code issues- Ron Axelrod
6) Courtney Chaplin will be responsible for site information for the town office at the LCI Fire Station site and the old LCI Fire Station site. He will work with Bill Labelle for these site investigations.
7) Cory Duggan will be responsible for collecting all information on the Old Fire House on Islesford
8) New Office at Islesford Fire Station: Jim Fortune and Ron Axelrod with assistance of Courtney Chaplin and Cory Duggan
9) Katelyn Damon will be responsible for the Longfellow School information

• Both Longfellow and Islesford Schools will be inspected for recommendations of repairs suggested. A survey of the community will be conducted for input on the two schools running on both islands.
• The MAC has suggested that a one year contract be offered to Blair Colby for snow removal at Great Cranberry Island. The study will continue.
• Chris Hathaway and James Fortune attended a public meeting for the Mansell Lane reconstruction in Southwest Harbor last week. The projects will take place over the summer (June – August), but there is no set firm dates for either project. Chris Hathaway also attended the April 26, SWH Board of Selectmen’s meeting. TCI is assured that SWH knows our boat schedules and will try to let us know a day ahead of time when the work will take place. Mr. Hathaway’s understanding is that no one will have to wait over 15 minutes. The work hours will be 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM through this summer and again next spring. The Deputy Clerk will put up a warning on the Town website for residents.
• Sutton Island shed has been torn down. The Town received a permit by rule from the Maine DEP for the project, the TCI Planning Board has approved the shoreland zone permit for the project. Cory Duggan had the materials for the project barged to the site on Friday, April 29. He will start the boardwalk construction immediately, which will take about 2 to 3 weeks to complete The dock shelter will be constructed after that and will be completed before the deadline of May 26.
• Tom Wallace has been hired to sweep the Manset Parking Lot. He anticipates doing this late next week at a cost of $300-$500. The striping will take place one of the days during the following week. Selectman Beal asks for the crosswalk to be painted at the same time.
• Richard Beal has moved John Atkinson’s truck to the GCI gravel pit for now due to a family emergency.
• A parking appeal has been received by the Board of Selectmen from Larry Allen, summer resident at Great Cranberry Island. Mr. Allen has received his parking spot in Northeast Harbor for several years in his mother’s name who passed away last year. This year Mr. Allen was assigned a space in Manset by the Parking Committee due to only having four points, and no health issues listed on the application. Mr. Allen is “asking the Parking Committee to reconsider making a parking assignment available to his family in Northeast Harbor for 2011 ( and indefinitely beyond, pending the outcome of the annual application process).”
The Selectmen agree that if the rules are not held consistent, then the process disintegrates. It is best to live by the ground rules that are set. The Selectmen further agree that the Parking Committee did a great job this year and they are crucial for the process.
Phil Whitney moves to deny Larry Allen’s request for a parking spot in Northeast Harbor. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
VII. Audience Communications
None at this time.
VIII. Adjournment: 3:11 PM
Chris Hathaway moves to adjourn the meeting. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

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