MAC Minutes April 16, 2011

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ron Axelrod, Chairman, Jim Fortune. BOS Administrative Assistant, Jeff Berzinis, Courtney Chaplin, Katelyn Damon, Malcolm Donald, Cory Duggan, Karin Whitney; Selectman Chris Hathaway

No members of the public attended

I. Call To Order: 8:40 A.M.

The meeting Agenda and tasks were reviewed. The meeting will also include trips to various facilities owned by the Town.

II. Elect Officers for 2011:
Courtney Chaplin made a motion to nominate Ron Axelrod to continue as Chairman for 2011. Malcolm Donald seconds the motion. Unanimous vote by the commission members. Motion passes.
Ron Axelrod makes a motion to nominate Jim Fortune (Admin. Assistant to the Selectmen) to serve as recording secretary for the MAC. Malcolm Donald seconds the motion. Motion passes.

III. Data and Information Collection and Time-Line for Completion and Presentation at a Special Town Meeting

The tasks assigned to the MAC came out of Town Meeting in March where attendees had concerns about the lack of planning for the new town office. After town meeting, the Selectmen tasked the MAC to come up with alternatives that include building new or renovating an existing building, and to evaluate whether to relocate temporarily.

The BOS approved a “New Town Office Alternatives Study” at their March 23, 2011 meeting described the project understanding and process that will be presented to the BOS in mid May. Following this document, the MAC will submit the “Study”
To the BOS approximately May 15th followed by the BOS scheduling a Special Town Meeting in June 2011. It could be narrowed down to options, which the Selectmen can refine for presentation at the special town meeting. Jim Fortune and Ron Axelrod will do the report writing, while the tasks will be done collectively by the MAC members (i.e., the tasks will be divided up).

Existing documentation of town owned property was distributed and discussed. A number of items need further definition and understanding for each property:
1. Deeds for Town Field and Co-op land, while there are likely restrictions to building on these sites, their central location to the town docks should still be investigated as a possibility.
2. The existing town office lease and cost of operation as well as the sale price of the Town Office building should be investigated.
3. The Longfellow School as a potential for a Town Office was discussed and it will be up to the School Committee if they will allow this to be used. Location of a Town Office next to a school- e.g. Longfellow School and the Old Fire Station on LCI will have to be determined due to issues surrounding sex offenders visiting town offices and their proximity to schools - Jim to investigate.
4. The MAC needs to find out if there are any deed or lease restrictions on certain properties and easements or whether there are certain code requirements that will prohibit using certain buildings. Will the Town Office trigger new building codes for any building used. Jim and Ron will contact the State’s office responsible for building codes, Town’s Code Enforcement Officer (Kim Keene) and/or the Maine Municipal Association about building code regulations. The evaluations of each site will need to include all the facts.
5. The need for a temporary town office until a permanent office is determined was discussed. Concern that mold would make the existing town office not desirable was negated thanks to a lab report that the mold on the first floor was negligible. Moving costs, disruption to operations and staffing were reasons to look for only the permanent solution. Therefore, the GCI Fire Station Annex was not considered as well as issues with the building’s lease terms.
6. The Islesford School will not be considered as there is no room within the building for another office and the concern of a school and town office together made this facility undesirable.
7. The old LCI Fire Station behind the Islesford School was considered. It is approximately 630 SF on one level and would need total gut rehabilitation. Existing hazardous materials (asbestos, etc.) is unknown. The issue of town office and school together is a major factor in determining whether this option is viable.
8. The GCI Gravel Pit site was not considered as it was too far from the dock and not a good location.

The report needs to include all town property, leases and easements and should state why a particular location was not considered for further investigation.

The MAC reviewed the Space Needs for the Town Office (copy attached). The goal is to house Town staff and basic functions of the office, including storage for town documents. How much space is needed overall and for each function of Town government? The MAC discussed the program needs for the town office functions and refined the space program attached. The consensus of the Commission members is that 550 sq. f.t will be used as a basis with an ability to expand in the future for other uses.

The consensus of the Commission is to do a simple drawing of the floor area and building elevation, and basic specs that Ron will do. This will be given to a contractor to estimate costs and use as a basis for cost. The contractor will be paid as an estimator and will be allowed to bid on the project. Ron will be in charge of making these arrangements.

The Commission assigned the following tasks to individual members and town staff:
1. Office layout plan for each location- Ron and Jim
2. Cost for building and/or renovations- Ron and Bill with assistance of Cory and Courtney
3. Moving Costs- Jim
4. Background facts and information on each property- Jim
5. Potential building code issues- Ron
6. Courtney Chaplin will be responsible for site information for the town office at the LCI Fire Station site and the old LCI Fire Station site. He will work with Bill Labelle for these site investigations.
7. Cory Duggan will be responsible for collecting all information on the Old Fire House on Islesford
8. New Office at Islesford Fire Station: Jim and Ron with assistance of Courtney and Cory
9. Katelyn Damon will be responsible for the Longfellow School

Costs for site investigations, cost estimating, and the like must be submitted to the BOS. Chris said there was some funds available form the Selectman’s discretionary fund that could be used for this effort. It was estimated that the total cost would be under $1,000.

The Commission will review and finalize the Study May 12 and submit to the BOS shortly thereafter.

IV. Set Meeting dates for 2011 and Discuss Agenda

The Selectmen have suggested tasks the MAC would cover with in 2011:
1. Town Liaison for Mount Desert (Northeast Harbor) and Southwest Harbor
2. GCI Snow Plowing Contract
3. Road Improvement Plan for Little Cranberry
4. Manset Priorities:
a. Long-term use
b. Leases
c. Sale of property
d. Year-round drive-on dock

The MAC set the following tentative meeting dates for 2011 (Saturday’s at 8:30 A.M. - one per month as needed):
May 13, 2011 June 11, 2011 July 23, 2011
August 20, 2011 September 17, 2011 October 22, 2011
November 19, 2011 December 17, 2011

V. Audience Communications


VI. Adjournment (11:20 A.M.)