MAC MINUTES May 12, 2011

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ron Axelrod, Chairman (by Conference Call), Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Katelyn Damon, Malcolm Donald (by Conference Call), Cory Duggan, Karin Whitney; Selectmen Chris Hathaway and Phil Whitney

No members of the public attended

I. Call To Order: 8:35 A.M.

III. Reviewed the task that were assigned to Commission members at the April meeting and talked about where we are in the process..
1. Deeds for Town Field and Co-op land: It was determined that there are too many hurdles due to deed restrictions and other limitations to make these sites viable.
2. Existing town office lease and cost of operation, and the sale price of the Town Office building: Ron Axelrod has contacted Eric Valdina about the possibility of purchasing the current Town House or a long-term lease. We have the operating costs for the currant town office but still need to get information on a purchase price or cost for a long-term lease. Ron has asked to hear back from Eric Valdina by May 20 on the purchase price or long-term lease. We need to show that this is still one of the alternatives. It will help as a comparison to whatever is decided.
3. The Longfellow School as a potential for a permanent Town Office: Jim Fortune sent out emails related to the legality of putting a town office coexistent with a school. Jim Fortune reviewed the documentation that was sent out to the Commission via e-mail, based on discussions with the Maine Municipal Association. The conclusion is that there are no legal restrictions for having a town office or other municipal facility coexistent with a school. Convicted sex offenders are restricted by law from having unlawful contact with children, but could use the town office when conducting business with the Town. The question is, will the School Committee agree to allow a permanent town office at Longfellow School rather than having it there temporarily as was previously discussed. Jim Fortune will review the deed for Longfellow School to see if there are any deed restrictions that restrict the property use to a school.
4. Deed or lease restrictions on certain properties and easements, and whether there are certain code requirements that will prohibit using certain buildings: Ron Axelrod has investigated which building codes will need to be met if we renovate the old fire house on Islesford, or Longfellow School for a town office. This investigation will take more time then previously thought and Ron will continue to follow up with the State, and private architectural/engineering firms.
5. Current Town Office/Need for Temporary Space in the interim: The MAC discussed at the April 16 meeting the concern that mold would make the existing town office not desirable. This was negated thanks to a lab report that the mold on the first floor was negligible. Moving costs, disruption to operations and staffing were reasons to look for only the permanent solution. Therefore, the GCI Fire Station Annex was not considered as well as issues with the building’s lease terms. Jim Fortune will provide updated costs for moving to a permanent new town office based on a previous estimate made in 2004, including costs for a temporary location if the existing town house is renovated.

Updates for previously assigned:
1. Office layout plan for each location- Ron Axelrod has received a dimensional diagram of the Islesford firehouse next to the school. He will work on a floor plan for the building. He has not done one for the Longfellow School yet. The Commission decided that we need to wait on the School Committes' decision about having a permanent town office at Longfellow. This will be discussed at the May 25th School Committee meeting. The Commission did not want to spend more time on this if the school will only let it be used temporarily, which isn’t needed at this point.
2. Cost for building and/or renovations: The costs for renovations or new building are being developed. Ron Axelrod is working with Sinclair Builders to come up with a plan and cost estimate for a new facility on Islesford. Ron will work on a plan and cost estimate for the old firehouse on Islesford. We will wait on the School Committee decision before doing anything with Longfellow School, and we will need to hear back from Eric Valdina on his interest in the existing town office before coming up with any renovation plan.
3. Moving Costs: Jim Fortune will update the 2004 moving costs.
4. Potential building code issues- Ron Axelrod will continue to a dialogue with an architect on the state code review board to determine what needs to be met for building codes relative to Longfellow School being used as a town office, as well as the old Islesford fore house
5. Courtney Chaplin has had Bill Labelle do an update for tests pits and site evaluation at the LCI Fire Station site.
6. Cory Duggan will work with Bill Labelle investigate the status of the Islesford School septic system and whether it could handle the addition of a town office..
7. Old Fire House on Islesford: The MAC will ask the School Committee if they have jurisdiction over the building. If the school does control the use of the building, will they allow this as an option as a permanent town office. Cory Duggan read the deed and said that there doesn’t appear to be any restrictions. The question though is if it is part of the school property, do they have final say on its use and if they have any interest in it. We will have the School Committee address this along with the questions about Longfellow School. The MAC needs closure on this issue.
8. New Office at Islesford Fire Station: Ron Axelrod will provide a building plan for the addition of a new office at the Islesford Fire Station. We will use this as a basis for the study and compare alternatives outlined in the matrix.
9. Longfellow School: Katelyn Damon spoke with Barbara Meyers about using Longfellow School as a permanent town office. Barbara Meyers felt that it is unlikely that the School Committee would agree to the use of the school indefinitely. She will take the issue up with the School Committee at the next meeting to find out what terms could be agreed upon. Knowing what the school committee will agree to will bring closure to whether this option is viable.

Costs for site investigations, cost estimating, and the like must be submitted to the BOS. Chris said there was some funds available form the Selectman’s discretionary fund that could be used for this effort. It was estimated that the total cost would be under $1,000.

The Commission will review the Study via e-mail approximately May 27th and submit to the Board of Selectmen shortly thereafter for the BOS June 7th meeting. The next MAC meeting is Saturday, June 11th

IV. Next MAC Meeting Agenda
1. Town Liaison for Mount Desert (Northeast Harbor) and Southwest Harbor: Malcolm Donald will work on getting someone to take on this duty.
2. GCI Snow Plowing Contract: The MAC recommends a one-year contract for next year. Jim will send out to the MAC the 3-year analysis he provided for the Board of Selectmen. The MAC will review this at the next meeting. The MAC doesn’t see this as an urgent item and wants to be able to do a thorough analysis before sending this back to the Selectmen. Jim fortune will get the numbers to the MAC.
Recommend to the Selectmen that the current contractor be offered a one-year contract for 2011/2012. The MAC will do an analysis to have ready for the next Town meeting. The MAC needs to do an objective analysis and present it to the BOS without regard to who is actually doing the snow plowing.
3. Road Improvement Plan for Little Cranberry:
a) What is currently budgeted for
b) What needs to be done now
c) What is the long-term plan for Islesford
4. Manset Priorities:
a) Long-term use
b) Leases (Marsh Ins./Steve Pagels/Common Storage Leases)
c) Sale of property
d) Year-round drive-on dock

V. Audience Communications

VI. Adjournment (10:05 A.M.)