School Board Meeting Minutes June 29, 2011

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PO BOX 130
Tel: 207-288-4399
Fax: 815-572-0864

To: Cranberry Isles School Board
From: Ben Fulves
Date: 29 June 2011
Re: Cranberry Isles School Board: Notes from 6/29/11 meeting


Attending: Kate Chaplin, Jim Fortune, Ben Fulves, Nan Hadlock, Barbara Meyers, Ted Spurling
(1) Ben Fulves shall copy Nan Hadlock and Jim Fortune on all correspondence and grant them access to all
documents on Basecamp project site for the Cranberry Isles School projects.
(2) The School Board shall decide whether to hire Iann Krasnow or Jason Pickering to install the retrofit egress
hardware on the Marvin windows in the two bedrooms in the second floor apartment above the Islesford School.
(3) The Master Key project shall be added to the Longfellow School current project list. Ben Fulves shall prepare a
scope of work and estimate for this project.
(4) Ben Fulves shall call Rob Liebow regarding past water testing for lead and mold testing in the basement of the
Longfellow School:
· Have these tests been performed at the Longfellow School and if so, when.
· If these tests haven’t been performed, or haven’t been performed recently, can the District authorize these
· Confirm the usual authorization/who pays information
(5) Ben Fulves shall bring his billing up to date and submit a bill to the School Board and District.
(6) Ben Fulves shall compile an estimate for the dollar amount associated with his work moving forward the
projects on the Islesford School and Longfellow School Current Project Lists, and submit a proposal with scope of
work to the Board before the next Board meeting.
(7) Ben Fulves shall compile complete Scope of Work, Specification documents, and Drawings as necessary for all
projects on the Isleford and Longfellow School Current Project lists in time for the next School Board meeting.
(8) Overtures to Jeri Spurling to produce conceptual drawings for the staircase to the second floor apt. of the
Islesford School shall be halted; Ben Fulves shall draft a Scope of Work document for all architectural work needed
going forward through the items on the Current Project lists for both buildings, and a process of designing a bid for
this work will be initiated at the next Board meeting.
(9) The School Board authorized Ben Fulves to hire a structural engineer to perform the initial evaluation of the
structural integrity of the metal staircase to the second floor of the Longfellow School building.
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