Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes October 03, 2007

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Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
October 03, 2007
Great Cranberry Island Community Center


Ted Spurling, JR, Chairman
Phil Whitney, Harbor Committee
Richard Howland, Harbor Committee
Roy Hadlock, Harbor Committee
David Thomas, Harbor Committee
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Rodney Wimer, Harbormaster
Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster
Jen Litteral, Island Institute
Richard Beal
Karin Whitney
Sally Rowan

I. Call to Order: 3:05 P.M. by Chairman Ted Spurling, JR.

II. Review / Approval 07/20/07 Meeting Minutes
Phil Whitney moves to accept the 07/20/07 Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes as written. Roy Hadlock seconds the motion. (5-0) Motion passes.

Former Selectman Richard Beal has located the contracts, specs and drawings from S.W. Cole and Civil Engineering Services for the construction of Great Cranberry Dock. Chairman Spurling accepts the documents and turns them over to the Municipal Facilities Supervisor who will review them and file them at the town office.
The deterioration under the GCI Dock has prompted the town to file an application for a SHIP 2008 grant for the repairs. The application requests $198,000.00, with 70% to come from the state and 30% matching funds from the Town. On October 01, 2007, Prock Marine visited the site for an estimate. The Town should know by early December if the application was approved or not.
Jen Litteral of the Island Institute may also have information on the Community Block Development Program for future needs.

IV. Float Mooring Inspections
Terry Johnson has been doing the float mooring inspections as needed. The ½ inch chain goes to the rock on each mooring. The recently built skiff floats were installed without any mooring chains attached. Roy Hadlock, TCI Float Contractor, advises that these new floats should have their own mooring chains attached. Roy will do mooring data sheets for the float moorings at the islands, to be filed at the town office.
A reminder that secondary floats will be hauled out on or around October 15, and the main floats will be hauled out on or around November 15.

V. Summer Progress
• The GPS unit is in at the Island Institute. Shay Conover will be helping with the harbor and mooring mapping project. A date is hoped to be scheduled sometime this month Shay, Ted Spurling and Eric Dyer to begin the process.
• Some stenciling was accomplished on the main floats with docking directions for boaters. Further stenciling will take place before the floats are launched next spring.
• Mailings were sent to all boat registrants for the town, as well as Little Cranberry Yacht Club boat owners. These mailings included a cover letter, guidelines for mooring maintenance, and a mooring data sheet to be filled out and filed with the town office by mooring owners. The mailings were sent to educate users in reference to the Harbor Ordinance passed by voters in March 2007.
• A new gangway was placed at the GCI Dock this summer.

VI. Budget Work is underway with the Budget Committee for the 2008 budget. The following are suggestions for consideration from the Harbor Committee for upcoming harbor needs:

1. The outside main float at Great Cranberry needs to be replaced.
It is also suggested that a different type of flotation might be used in new floats, perhaps like the type used at the Fisherman’s Co-op. This type of flotation is recommended for lower maintenance and increased longevity.
2. In reference to A.D.A. compliant 80 ft. gangways, it is suggested by the Harbor Committee that an exemption for Great Cranberry and Islesford be requested. It may not be feasible to install an 80 ft. gangway at GCI due to the weather conditions, the height of the dock, and the length of the new gangways. The Committee wishes for the Facilities Supervisor to look into this possibility and report back to them. Jen Litteral suggests that Eric contact the municipality of Isle Au Haut who is dealing with this situation.
3. The Manset Seawall deterioration repair.
4. New chains to be purchased for the recently built finger floats.
5. Professional, larger size stencils to be purchased for identifying tie-up limits at the floats.
6. One of the two mooring balls is missing at the Manset Facility and needs to be replaced.
7. A third mooring for Manset to be approved, purchased and installed, if possible.
8. More sufficient Manset Dock lighting for safety.
9. Postage costs for the Harbor Committee itself.
Nan Hadlock will find out when the deadline is for budget requests.

VII. SHIP Grant Update
Previously discussed, Section III.
VIII. Manset Dock and Seawall
It is reported by Phil Whitney that the lighting at the Manset Dock is failing and further lighting might be a good safety measure by next summer.
A question arises as to where the funds will come from for the repair of the seawall at the Manset Property. Richard Beal suggests that a 180 day note may be the way to get the necessary repairs done.
IX. Other Business
• Jeff Berzinis and Geoffrey Ravenhill will be added to the Qualified Mooring Contractors List for the town.
Contact numbers:
Jeff Berzinis: 244-5525
Geoffrey Ravenhill: 244-9906
• The Deputy Town Clerk advises the Harbor Committee that a seven day notification of the meeting date, location, and agenda is required according to the harbor ordinance.
• Phil Whitney suggests that the Harbor Committee should meet on a quarterly basis. According to the harbor ordinance, there shall be a minimum of two meetings per year conducted in public.
• The Harbor Committee asks Nan Hadlock to type a list of budgetary suggestions and forward them to the budget committee.
• A tentative date for the next Harbor Committee meeting is on Friday, November 30, 2007 with Shay Conover from the Island Institute. The next meeting will take place at Islesford.
• Ordinance changes will be directed to the Facilities Supervisor by Nan Hadlock in anticipation of a November Special Town Meeting.

IX. Adjournment: 4:45 P.M.
Roy Hadlock moves to adjourn the meeting. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. (5-0) Motion passes.

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