June 11, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Saturday June 11, 2011

Ron Axelrod, Chairman (by Conference Call), Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Katelyn Damon, Malcolm Donald, Selectmen Phil Whitney

Cory Duggan, Karin Whitney, Courtney Chaplin

No members of the public attended

I. Call To Order: 8:35 A.M.

II. Reviewed Agenda:
MAC review of the Town Office Alternatives Study given to the Selectmen for their June 7th meeting was added to the agenda.

III. Reviewed the Minutes of the May 12, 2011 MAC meeting Minutes: (The April Minutes were previously approved at the May 12 MAC Meeting).
Ron made a motion to accept the Minutes of the May 12th Minutes as written. Second by Katelyn Damon; unanimously approved.

IV. Town Office Alternatives Study: The selectmen have asked the MAC to schedule a public hearing on Isleford in order to take comment from Town residents prior to scheduling a special town meeting for August.

The Board of Selectmen are in agreement that the best alternative is to build an addition to the new fire station on Islesford. The Selectmen would like to have a public hearing and then schedule a special town meeting. If it passes, the Town would pay for the facility through borrowing. The only change by the Selectmen is to increase the square footage from 550 sq. ft. to 750 sq. ft.

The MAC will get an updated estimate for a 750 sq. ft. building.

The Public Hearing would be on Islesford and separate from a Selectmen’s meeting. The purpose is for the MAC to present the study and findings and provide a basis for getting public comment for the Selectmen. The public hearing is not mandated, but it is a good idea to have one for projects like this. It will provide an opportunity to get the sentiment of the voters and taxpayers on the direction (what to do), feasibility, timing, and size of the building.

The MAC decided to schedule the public hearing for July 1st at 5:00 P.M. so that more people will be around and potentially be able to attend the public hearing, but not cut into the holiday weekend. (Subsequently changed to July 15th at 5 P.M.)

V. TCI Municipal Liaison to Town of Southwest Harbor and Town of Mount Desert: Malcolm Donald will continue to contact people to gauge their interest in doing this. He will look at other models of on-going relationships with other towns. Reently Phil and Katelyn attended League of Town meeting: however, there are no notes of that meeting to provide further information. Malcolm will continue to work on this in the short-term before turning it over to someone else to do if he hasn’t made any progress.

VI. GCI Snow Plowing Contract: The MAC set an objective to finalize an analysis of comparing costs for snow plowing and whether the Town should model GCI plowing on the LCI plowing, and whether the Town should purchase plowing equipment for GCI and hire a driver as we do on Islesford or continue with the contract and rent equipment. Jim will get information on how long a plow truck lasts (i.e., comparable usefulness of a plow truck) and update his March 18, 2011 comparison spreadsheet and information based on comments within two weeks.

Ron and Jeff will talk to Blair Colby to see if he is open to a one-year contract for the 011/012 season, while the Town works on the analysis towards presenting a recommendation to the Selectmen for a warrant for the 2012 Town Meeting to purchase equipment or enter into another 3-year contract.

VII. Road Improvement Plan for Little Cranberry: The Town is currently in the process of having survey and engineering work done by C.E.S. for Main Street (from barge ramp to Maple Avenue intersection). The purpose is to get a design for road reconstruction and drainage improvements. C.E.S. completed a design for the Mosswood/Main Street intersection drainage improvements. The Town has only budgeted for the design and survey work this year. Any reconstruction will have to take place in 2012, pending approval at Town Meeting. MAC members noted that road reconstruction will also be needed for approximately 700 LF of Sand Beach Road and a section of Main Street next to the Palmer and Krasnow homes.

Jim Fortune will locate the road plan that was done for GCI, which also had recommendations for LCI road improvements. The MAC will do the following for a road improvement plan:
• Update/status for current projects underway in 2011.
• Update on past planning by S.W. Cole (what was rejected by voters and what still needs to done).
• Update on status of the GCI/LCI road plan by Kleinschmidt.
• Put this on the July MAC meeting agenda for discussion.

VIII. Manset
• Analyze the impact and cost to the Town to maintain the buildings and property. This will include updating the Nov. 2010 MAC spreadsheet and information
• Analyze the need for a year-round dock needs
• Parking needs
• Maintenance needs (immediate and long-term)
• Tear down buildings or maintain them
• Leases
• Purchase field behind the warehouse building
• Possibly analyze sale of Marsh property (this has been brought up and discussed in previous years)
• Can sale of property go toward reducing the debt on the Manset Property; what are the stipulations of the loan

Jim Fortune will assemble memos and information that was reviewed by the MAC in 2010 and send that to committee members for the next meeting (in July).
The Parking Demand Study started in 2010 should be completed to help form the basis of understanding the current demand and availability of summer parking, and recommend long term options.

IX. Audience Communications:

X. Adjournment: (10:40 A.M.)