Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes July 05, 2011

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting
July 05, 2011
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Malcolm Donald, MAC
Jeff Berzinis, MAC
Katelyn Damon, Americorps Member
Dennis Dever, Manset Dockmaster
Elspeth Flemings, Maine House of Representatives, District 35
Ben Moore, BCM Construction
I. Call to Order: 8:45 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Phil Whitney moves to approve the Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes for June 07, 2011. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.
III. Review / Approval Financial Warrants
Selectman Whitney questions the need for Chris Butler Landscaping to trim ten times per month at the Manset Facility. The Administrative Assistant will follow up on this with Mr. Butler. A bill submitted for mowing of the Bunker Cemetery at Great Cranberry will be paid from the Bunker Cemetery account funds. The Selectmen have asked the Town Treasurer to send a letter to Ilene Richards, who has been mowing the Bunker Cemetery, saying that the Town will no longer be able to pay for mowing out of this fund. Delivery of three loads of calcium chloride is for the reclaimed roads at Great Cranberry Island.
Warrant # 30: 6,186.47
Warrant # 31: 5,917.82
Warrant # 32: 45,020.63 (school)
Warrant # 33: 29,703.61
Total: $86,828.53
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

IV. New Business
A. Discussion about code enforcement for the Town Of Cranberry Isles
This agenda item is tabled until the September Board of Selectmen’s meeting when all three Selectmen will be present.
J. Marvin Ott: Code Compliance (taken out of order)
The Town Clerk is requested by the Selectmen to forward information regarding Marvin Ott code violations to the Town Attorney for advice on how to proceed.
B. Proposed fees for shoreland and building permits
The Code Enforcement Officer and the Planning Board Chairman have recommended that fees be charged for building permits. The Administrative Assistant is requested by the Board of Selectmen to gather information from area towns to present to the Planning Board for consideration.
D. Bid Selection: GCI Salt/Sand Shed Demolition, and Marsh Building Trim Painting (taken out of order)
One bid was received for the demolition of the old GCI Sand/Salt shed:

BCM Construction: $3,778.00
1) The entire building and concrete sonotubes will be loaded into roll off containers and trucked off island.
2) The construction debris will be disposed of at EMR, Inc. and the dump bills are included in this contract.
3) The remaining sand will be graded. The entire site of the building will be graded.
4) Grass seed, starter fertilizer and straw will be laid down.
5) All necessary barging expense is included in this contract.

Phil Whitney moves to accept the bid of $3,778.00 from BCM Construction. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Work is expected to be done this month. Bid specs call for a September 01, 2011 deadline for the job to be completed.

Richard Beal moves that Jim Fortune be granted power to sign and execute the contract on behalf of the Selectmen. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.
C. Elsie Flemings – Discussion with District 35 State Representatives
Representative Elspeth Flemings is at today’s meeting by invitation of the Board of Selectmen.
Ms. Flemings reports of recent efforts to remove ferry service funds from the Transportation budget. This effort did not pass, and the ferry service funds remain in the transportation budget. The State has now passed a budget. Any particular concerns or legislation that may be proposed should be in the works at this time for the next regular session in January 2012. Availability for lobster licenses
without going through the waiting process for un-bridged islands is one issue that Ms. Flemings will check on and get back to the Town Of Cranberry Isles about. Concerns from Cranberry Isles are focused on the continuation of a year round community, with economic opportunities to offer new residents who may wish to relocate here. The availability of obtaining a lobster license where fishing is the most prevalent occupation is an important factor, particularly for the younger generation who wishes to stay on the islands. Selectman Beal suggests asking the voters for a straw vote to offer support for such measures. Selectman Whitney voices concern over the deepening trend towards over regulation of Towns, organizations, and individual’s lives; an increasing number of legislative bills and federal and state regulations, without any effort at all made to eliminate old laws, useless laws. All kinds of bills proposed that put additional burdens on towns and individuals in the towns, many of whom are volunteers. Many unfunded mandates are involved with these bills; in a lot of the small towns, it’s hard enough to find volunteers without regulations and training; we are becoming overwhelmed with legislation. Once individuals volunteer and complete training, they face penalties for volunteering. One example is volunteer emergency personnel and fire departments. Drivers of emergency vehicles must be certified by the State or face penalties. Many regulations are mandated that seem over and above the call for such limited resources for small towns. Ms. Flemings is willing to help the Selectmen on legislation that may give help restore the functionality in small communities. Added mandates may make volunteers wary to serve. Attorney fees and training fees escalate and take away from budgets that are already strapped. Ms. Flemings suggests that issues be prioritized and she will check the statutes and current rulings.
D. Bid Selection: (Continued) Marsh Building Trim
Two bids were received for Marsh Building Trim:
1) Prime Time Painting, Roland Stanley, Ellsworth, ME: $ 11, 500
2) Harville Painting, Skowhegan, ME: $ 4,575
Six thousand dollars has been approved in the budget for this project. The Board of Selectmen has asked Jim Fortune to check references and liability insurance for Harville Painting. The Town Clerk and the Administrative Assistant will review the references and liability insurance and report to the Selectmen. If references and liability insurance checks out, then a warrant will be drawn up and signed individually by Selectman Whitney and Selectman Beal for the down payment requested by the contractor.
E. Lease agreements for town properties
The Town Attorney has reviewed the leases for rental spaces in the Manset warehouse. All tenants have been sent a copy of the lease. Three freezers owned by the Cranberry General Store are using electricity paid for by Steve Pagels during this part of the season. The freezers are also spread out in the warehouse for plug-ins and separate circuits, and may be making it difficult for other renters to access their property stored there. Designated spaces for each tenant have been previously assigned. Selectman Beal does not think that the freezers are using over $80 per year. Selectman Beal asks the Administrative Assistant to help the tenants work out the space issue between Cranberry General and the other tenants.
Richard Beal moves to start the rental periods for the leases as of today, with a clean slate. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.
Richard Beal moves to allow the Town Clerk to sign and execute the leases on behalf of the Town. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.
Jeff Berzinis asks if the existing tenants would have first dibs on any rental space that may become available. Selectman Beal says yes.

F. New Town Office – Schedule Special Town Meeting
There will also be a warrant article dealing with amendments to the Harbor Management Ordinance.
A public hearing for the proposed new town office will be held Friday, July 15, 2011 at the Islesford Neighborhood House. A separate public hearing will be held for the proposed amendments to the Harbor Management Ordinance.
Richard Beal moves to set a special town meeting for Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 9:00 A.M. at Great Cranberry Island Firehouse. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

G. Stanley Cemetery Maintenance and Upkeep – GCI
It is reported that there is a veteran’s grave in the Stanley Cemetery at Great Cranberry Island that is badly in need of fill as the grave is sinking.
The Islesford and Great Cranberry Island Historical Societies are working on slowly and methodically working on identifying graves that need work. This is separate from the Town’s obligation to veteran’s graves, but will be helpful in identifying them.
The Town Clerk has looked into the Department of Veteran’s Affairs who is known to help with veteran’s graves. It is up to the families, if there is any surviving, of those veterans to obtain these services.
Richard Beal suggests that a notice be posted seeking interest and hourly rates that would be charged for grave maintenance. There are some funds remaining of the $500 budgeted for cemetery maintenance. Currently there are approximately 40 veteran’s graves at Great Cranberry Island and 60 veteran’s graves at Islesford, with one veteran grave at Sutton Island and one at Baker Island.
Jeff Berzinis offers to help by donating some top soil for use on veteran graves.
Many of the existing cemetery trust fund accounts are written so that only the interest on the accounts may be spent for repairs. Donations can be made to these accounts by sending them to the Town Clerk.
Richard Beal reports of an instance where Hancock County Jail Inmates helped to revamp part of Woodbine Cemetery. A Deputy would probably have to be hired to watch the inmates while working. Richard Beal will call the Sherriff to find out more information.
H. Solid Waste Contract – CPI Increase
Currently there is no official contract signed for the solid waste contract with Southwest Boat. The Administrative Assistant will have the official contract from the Town Attorney for the August Board of Selectmen’s meeting. If the contract will be different from the one signed in the past, the new contract will be sent to Mr. Berzinis for review.
I. Disposition of old (45 foot) Manset ramp and 3 floats
Richard Beal reports that the ladder on the float at Great Cranberry Island is broken and needs replacement. Jim Fortune reports that the Town has an extra ladder to install for the interim, but Richard Beal would like him to order a marine grade ladder to replace it.
There is currently a 45 foot ramp and three skiff floats that are surplus property for the Town. Jim Fortune reports that the ramp is currently at Chalmers in Manset and someone has approached Chalmers about the purchase of it for $3500. One other option is to replace the ramp at Sutton with the 45 foot ramp. Storage of the ramp may be possible at the Manset Facility or at the Town pit at Great Cranberry Island. Currently the ramp is stored at Chalmers at no charge but cannot be stored there indefinitely. The Selectmen decide to store the ramp at Great Cranberry Island until it is needed.
In reference to the three floats, it has been recommended by the float contractor for Cranberry Isles to keep one of the skiff floats for a spare if needed. The floats are at the end of Sandbeach Road. The Selectmen wish to mark the floats as float one and float two. The two floats will be posted for sealed bid, marked float one or float two, to “fishermen only” to support the fishing community. This will be posted for one month; if there are no takers, then the floats will be put out to bid to the general public.
V. Other Business
• The Town Clerk reports that Judith Lim is requesting a vehicle exemption permit from the Selectmen for their 96 Plymouth Voyager. The Vehicle Waste Importation Ordinance was passed on March 15, 2004 and has been brought to vote twice since then and also passed both times. One year was given to receive exemptions for grandfathered vehicles, those that were already on the islands when the ordinance passed. The Lim vehicle was first registered as an island vehicle in 2008 as a new registration. The vehicle has not been registered since. The Town Clerk has refused the request. Mrs. Lim claims the vehicle has been on the island since before the ordinance, and she did not realize before 2008 that island vehicles must be registered.
Richard Beal moves to deny the request for exemption pursuant to the rules and regulations contained in the ordinance. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.
Richard Beal will let Mrs. Lim know that she has ten days to pay vehicle importation or face the fine of $700 that is imposed by the legal ordinance.
The Tax Collector reports that Mr. Lim has also voiced his opinion that his home on Great Cranberry Island is over assessed. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lim have been particularly harsh with Town Staff. The Town Office Staff is not responsible for tax assessments; an independent firm, RJD Appraisal works for the Town of Cranberry Isles. All questions regarding assessment should be discussed with the Tax Assessor, Matt Caldwell. The Town of Cranberry Isles also has a Board of Assessment Review in place for review of assessments on properties if needed.
• In reference to signage for the public restrooms on Great Cranberry and Islesford, the Administrative Assistant has approached Kaitlyn Duggan of Islesford who is willing to paint the signs for $100 each. The Board of Selectmen approves purchase of two signs.
• In reference to the pumping of the holding tank for the restrooms and Cranberry General Store, if the Town has not pumped the holding tank yet this spring, then the Town takes care of cost of the pumping. Cranberry General store will be responsible for cost of the next needed pumping, as agreed to in the store lease with Town of Cranberry Isles. Jim Fortune will call Haslam septic for pumping.
Richard Beal suggests that a baby changing station would be useful for visitors in the public restroom on Great Cranberry Island. Jim Fortune will order one.
• Phil Whitney requests the third cart at Manset to be repaired and put out for use. The third cart needs a wheel which may be purchased for $120. Richard Beal asks the Administrative Assistant to purchase the new wheel and a new cart for backup.
• Jim Fortune had the dumpster relocated at the Manset facility. There had been a suggestion to get rid of the dumpster, but it has been deemed as needed to help keep the facility clean. Jim Fortune relates that the dumpster is often overflowing; it is emptied every two weeks. The Selectmen ask Jim to contact Gott’s and request weekly service during July and August.
• Phil Whitney inquires about the third mooring that was supposed to be included in the purchase agreement for the Manset Facility. Jim Fortune has spoken with the Southwest Harbor Harbor Master who has no record of the third mooring. Two Cranberry Island guest moorings are in place in Manset at this time, marked 102 C and 102 D. Jeff Berzinis suggests that the two TCI moorings be registered with the Army Corp of Engineers for legal purposes.
• Phil Whitney feels that it would be in the best interest of the Town to further research legality and ownership of Sutton Island paths/roads. Richard Beal suggests that the research be pursued with the Town Attorney this fall.
• In reference to Longfellow School renovations, Jim Fortune reports that the School Board is proceeding with life safety items detailed in a recent report from Heartwood Builders; the life safety items being for both Longfellow and Islesford Schools. The School Board may have to use funds ($70,000) that were initially budgeted for siding for Longfellow School. The Town Treasurer and the Town Attorney are working on this issue to determine if the siding funds may be used for other repairs.
• The Municipal Advisory Commission will meet on July 25. One of the items they will be discussing is a road improvement plan for Islesford.
• In reference to junkyard enforcement, many junk cars have been removed or registered. Enforcement may be a non-issue at this time.
• The Deputy Clerk will send out quarterly reporting notices to various committees.
• Katelyn Damon reports that there are four new licensed EMTs on Islesford. Four more people need to take their test. Newly licensed EMTs are: Katelyn Damon, Allan McCormick, Rachel Thomas, and David Rackliff. Richard Howland of Islesford has recently graduated from the Fire Fighter Academy as Firefighter II. Paul Fernald has also been training for EMT. Phil Whitney suggests sending a card of appreciation to Richard Howland, and later on to all EMTs who have passed their tests. The Town Clerk suggests that next year’s Town report be dedicated to all those who have volunteered countless hours for emergency services. The card for Richard Howland will be signed at the August Board meeting.
VI. Adjournment: 12:00 P. M.
Phil Whitney moves to adjourn the meeting. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.

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