School Board Meeting Minutes June 22, 2011

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School Committee Meeting Minutes
June 22, 2011
Islesford School

Barbara Meyers, Chair, School Committee
Ted Spurling, Jr, School Committee
Kate Chaplin, School Committee
Rob Liebow, School Superintendent
Carol Mcrae, School Principal
Phil Whitney, Board of Selectmen
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Ben Fulves, Heartwood Builders

I. Call to Order: 2:05 P.M.
II. Approval of Voucher
Voucher was reviewed and signed by the School Committee.
III. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (25 May 2011, to be presented at meeting).
Change V. C. 11. to “public meetings” instead of “open”.
Barbara Meyers moves to approve the May 25, 2011 School Committee meeting minutes as amended. Kate Chaplin seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Ted Spurling, JR. (3-0) Motion passes.
IV. Reports:
• Principal’s Report
Carol MacRae reports a great end of year. Graduation was a success. Thanks to all.
V. Discussion:
• Review of Ben Fulves’ Report Regarding Needed Maintenance at Longfellow School
Ben Fulves is present for discussion.
• Review of Ben Fulves’ Report Regarding Exterior Staircase and Shingling Project at Islesford School
• Siding
• Staircase to apartment
• Thorough inspection should be done at some point.
• The meeting re-assembled outside briefly for review of building.
• Review code for staircase (NFPA 101)
• Code to change
• Current code (NFPA 101 is more stringent; should use more stringent code.
• Fire Department access; Secondary staircases must allow for access in all weather; metal grating; snow and ice proof
• 3 feet wide
• Handrail height
• Riser / tread ratios, landing sizes
• Current staircase meets none of these
• Do not need a roof, but would be desirable
• Width currently a problem; could modify cellar entrance; or come out straight
• Basically sound except for some railing
• Would need licensed architect and signed off by State Fire Marshall
• Not all bedrooms have means of egress (need egress windows)
• Possibly interior staircase, too, but if so, the outside one would need to meet codes.
• Exit on Southwest (teacher’s office) also not to code for the same reasons, also, door too narrow; landing should be at same level as door
• Hard-wired smoke alarms recommended; battery backup with lights
• Ben Fulves recommends the Board to plan comprehensively, look at the whole list, and pick a plan.
• Ben Fulves estimates $15,000 to $30,000 for staircase
• Possibly build addition with interior
• Re-design back of building for better usage as well as stairs, quiet place, office, kitchen, etc., estimated at $150,000 minimum
• Can do piecemeal but backtrack later, might spend more in the long run.
• Ben Fulves: “Gambling with all stairs and steps except the front, risk of child getting hurt.”
• Possibly exterior stairs from office area along outside wall, and enclose, a good architect could do this
• Ted Spurling, JR: “The staircase has always been a risk for kids climbing, should have interior one.”
• Kate Chaplin: “concern about window of opportunity to accomplish without conflict during school year”
• Ben Fulves: “could do some prefab”
• Kate Chaplin: “have tenants use a locked gate at the base of steps in meantime?”
• Ben Fulves: “could design a metal fire staircase for Islesford that could be relocated to Longfellow; question about whether Longfellow’s is structurally sound, (rusted); if so, would need only new handrails”
• Carol Macrae: “agrees with Ben to look comprehensively and there may be other issues”
• Kate Chaplin: “design a good aluminum staircase even if we decide to build an addition, good idea to design for relocation to Longfellow”
• Ben Fulves: “could modify bulkhead doors (cellar entrance)”
“interior stairs, back and inside the apartment a concern”
“risers vary and exceed 7 inches”
“treads and landings missing finished surface (subfloor only)”
“the framing needs to be adjusted to make all steps conform, must take apart, estimated at $1500 unless framing can be adjusted in place, in that case less” (Had been dismantled for ceiling project and never replaced)
“Egress windows: either two or four at $500, and installment ($1500)”
“Back door at office: $4000 to modify, install fire door, trim, painting, siding” (estimated $3958 at Longfellow, $900 of which was door itself)
“Landing and grading” (estimated at $5364 for similar at Longfellow)
“might be a good idea at both Longfellow and Islesford to add on to the backs of each building in order to provide exits and stairs to meet code, and to provide break room and office space, kitchen, etc. This would avoid changing facades of each building”
“Budget considerations:
• Exit lights with battery back-ups, $1500 estimated
• Egress
• Interior steps (upstairs between kitchen and living room), estimated $2000
• need hand rails
• Riser too high and tread not deep enough (biggest concern)
• Surface varnished and slippery
• Should add another step
• Ben suggests non skid and right away”
Ted Spurling, JR: “suggest railing along the LR / Kitchen and lessen the width of steps.”
Barbara Meyers: “first thing, get a design list”
Ben Fulves: “hire an architect, would be happy to communicate with that person and would be a good idea to include cost constraints”
Apartment Egress windows: currently two narrow windows side by side, neither wide enough, should provide measurements immediately to EBS for window price.
Ben Fulves: “codes are a concern, should talk to CEO Kim Keene”
“get stamped drawings from the architect”
“submit to State Fire Marshall”
“first floor side entrance at Longfellow should be done immediately, essentially identical to Islesford. If designed to code, could get it built immediately, even before Fire Marshall signed off. Longfellow: immediately; Islesford: before school starts.”
Barbara Meyers: “engage an architect”
Ben Fulves: “Two questions:
` 1) Do we need to file a Notification of Intention to Build form for small side exit (and Longfellow exit)?”
2) If so, can any drawings do, or need stamped architect drawing for Fire Marshall?”
Ben Fulves encourages the Board to meet with a potential architect first and talk about scope of project, specs, etc. for thematic things.
Kate Chaplin: “Should ask Jeri Spurling to look at building for ideas and decide scope.”
Ben Fulves mentioned two things: 1.) the look of the stairs. 2.) tight space-needs careful measurements to meet code. “A conceptual drawing that doesn’t meet code shouldn’t be submitted to the School Board.”
Barbara Meyers moved to ask Jeri Spurling to begin conceptual drawings for access to teacher’s apartment that will meet code specifications and will have the potential to be incorporated into a future expansion/addition or to be moved to Longfellow School, the drawings to be done with and initial cap of $500.00. Kate Chaplin seconds the motion, with Ted Spurling abstaining. (Vote 2-0, with one abstention) Motion passes.

Longfellow School:
1) clean out the building (attic and basement); remove insulation from ceiling of basement to view wiring; remove wall partitions in basement
Estimate: $3400
2) electrical includes $900 for lighting in basement and rate of rise heat detector
Estimate: $6450
3) replace exit door first floor including trim, clapboards, etc.
Estimate: $3958
4) landing for exit door
Estimate: $5364
5) if metal staircase outside is sound, handrails, etc.
Estimate: $1850
6) Staircase inside, handrails, etc.
Estimate: $1100
Ben Fulves: “Aluminum treads and hardware should be ordered by the Town because they are very specific, but Town should stay out of ordering materials otherwise (dumpsters and Beal & Bunker through Town ok)”
“metal staircase and side exit door are urgent because of current public use (Heliker Lahotan)”
Ben Fulves says his company is for consulting and project management only; is recusing his company from bidding.
Electrical and Boiler: Ben Fulves recommends cost plus with a cap with close supervision, rather than contract price in this case.
Ben Fulves suggests that he become part of the billing process that the contractor submit bill to him as clerk of works, that he sign off that work has been done, then submit to Town.
Cost plus estimate vs. bid?
Benefit of cost plus: all bills seen; can accommodate cost over runs due to change, orders or discovery of rot, etc.

Ben Fulves recommends specifications up front, because many contractors would not want to take the time this time of year. Because of time constraints, Mr. Fulves recommends RFP rather than bid.

Barbara Meyers: “should have as built drawings for Longfellow”

Ben Fulves: “no time constraints here, put that out to bid. Estimate $1000”
Ben Fulves suggests series of workshops, weekly, 1 ½ hours each; he could make agenda.

Kate Chaplin: “Wednesdays are the best days for workshops.”

Jim Fortune: “would like minutes and agendas from weekly workshops for Town Office.”

Carol Macrae will ask Jason and Lindsay to apply non-skid to living room steps in apartment.

Side exits at Longfellow a priority.

Cleanup and electrical at Longfellow:
Ben Fulves to call electricians for RFP and make recommendations, Board to choose on 29th.
Kate Chaplin will write and post a notice for cleanup of Longfellow and demolition inside basement. James Fortune recommends pay to be $20 per hour.
Barbara Meyers will call Southwest Boat for a dumpster.
Ben Fulves will find people to clean out basement, attic, and kitchen; three RFP’s for electrical work; develop specs for first priority projects: exit doors and landings in both schools; create action-oriented items and agendas; will email suggestion for solicitation notice for as-built drawings; ask Kim Keene (CEO) two questions: Need Notification of Intention to Build?; If so does application require stamped drawings?
VI. Action Items
• Determine which Maintenance Recommendations Need Immediate Repair
• Reorganization of School Committee
• Approve the Creation of a Staff Position, “Commuting Student Support Person”
Carol Macrae: four hours per day times 175 days per year times $15 ═ $10,500. Kate Chaplin moves to create the position “Commuting Student Support Person”. Barbara seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Ted Spurling, JR.
(3-0) Motion passes.
• Authorization for Superintendent to Hire During the Summer Months
Kate Chaplin moves to authorize the Superintendent to hire during the summer months. Barbara Meyers seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Ted Spurling, JR. (3-0) Motion passes.
• Approval of Concept for Special Education Reserve Fund
Superintendent Rob Liebow explains the concept.
Barbara Meyers moves to approve the concept for Special Education Reserve Fund. Kate Chaplin seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Ted Spurling, JR. (3-0) Motion passes.
VII. Other Business
• Approval of Copier lease.
Ted Spurling, JR moves to approve the copier lease. Kate Chaplin seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Barbara Meyers. (3-0) Motion passes.
VIII. Future Agenda Items
• Next week’s workshop.
IX. Adjournment: 6:26 P.M.

Draft Notes Respectfully Submitted by Ted Spurling, JR
Minutes composed by Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk

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