School Board Minutes June 29, 2011

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of 29 June 2011


I. Meeting was called to order by chairperson Barbara Meyers at the Islesford School at 2:15 P.M. Present: School Board members Barbara Meyers, Kate Chaplin and Ted Spurling, Jr.; Superintendent Rob Liebow briefly before the meeting; Selectman Phil Whitney; Administrative Assistant Jim Fortune; Deputy Clerk Nan Hadlock; Contractor Ben Fulves.
II. Discussion and possible Action Items:
A. Discussion and Implementation of First-Tier School Building Safety Projects with Ben Fulves.
1. Ben facilitated the meeting. See documents sent by Ben via “Base Camp” website dated 5/31/11, 6/2/11, 6/23/11, 6/29/11 regarding Notification of Intent to Build (NIB), status report, and project lists for Islesford School and Longfellow School.
2. Ben said that “as-built” drawings will be a necessity.
3. Ben has talked with Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Kimberly Keene.
4. Possibility that Chris Wriggins, architect for the Islesford teacher’s apartment, may have drawings for Islesford School.
5. In Ben’s discussion with Kim Keene:
a. Submittals remains a “gray area”.
b. CEO shall enforce all laws or report to State Fire Marshall.
c. Timing an issue but no enforcement protocol.
d. Ben advises that safety issues be resolved and included in the application (CEO only issues permit for plumbing).
6. Ben said that there is enough drafting work to be done that it should be bid out.
7. Ben said that Ellsworth Builders Supply (EBS) has looked at egress windows in apartment and it appears that a hardware change will suffice. Cost approximately $60 per pair. These should be compatible according to Marvin Windows, but not sure.
8. Iann Krasnow to be asked to replace window hardware, address apartment stairs. If not, perhaps Jason Pickering.
9. Funds have been authorized for Jeri Spurling to do conceptual drawings. Need for follow-up. Ted said that he mentioned it to her but that as husband he needs to stay out of it.
B. Longfellow School:
1. Door and deck – north side (projects #3 and #4 on sheet).
2. Will need stamped drawings for Fire Marshall to sign off.
3. Work can be done and incorporated into a later application.
4. Ben has talked with three builders.
5. Regarding fire escape at Longfellow, Ben has talked with two engineers: Dennis Riley of Lanpher and Associates, and Peter Toole of CES.
6. Ben will submit specifications for proposals.
a. Exit doors/push bars
b. Confusing configuration between Library and Longfellow: need for push bars and master keys.
7. Barbara: need for ramp on north exit?
a. Ben: see discussion above.
b. Deck needs to be big enough for wheelchair and at same level as door in order to “buy time” for an individual in the event of fire.
c. ADA is different; more concerned with access than egress.
d. May be good idea to go with a ramp.
8. Lead test for drinking water (Longfellow).
9. Ben said that the structural problem with siding is not urgent. He said that inhaling lead dust is the most problem, usually from removal, but if not disturbed not a problem to lungs. However, may be breaking down and entering drinking water. Important to test water before deciding on siding. Ben will call Rob Liebow to get this done.
10. Ben said that Longfellow could not be used as a school at present because of life/safety issues. Must address safety shortcomings. As these questions are addressed, more questions appear. Ben said that the Town is liable, not the School Board.
11. Three concerns:
a. Safety.
b. Existing/changing use.
c. Needs of current occupants.
12. Ben recommends: While performing these repairs, should have comprehensive discussions to determine needs and uses. From that, form a list of projects. He said that deciding on use is essential. Should start with desired outcome and plan the way backward. Create framework for discussion and fit projects into that. He said that he is trying to get the Board to stop looking at individual projects.
13. Frog in basement of Longfellow School. Big frog. Barbara wants him.
C. Ben said that $128,000 is not enough to address all projects. Discussion about public/private funding partnership. Perhaps a grant-writer? Heliker-LaHotan has offered with grant.
1. [Note: During informal discussion prior to the meeting, Superintendent Rob Liebow said that $128,000 is available. This includes:
a. $30,000 in this year’s capital outlay available for Islesford.
b. $28,000 (originally $30,000) encumbered from previous years.
c. $70,000 voted at the March 2011 Town Meeting for Longfellow School.]
2. [Rob had said (prior to the meeting) that $30,000 is dedicated for Islesford School siding but this can be used for safety-related issues instead. The $28,000 is “in limbo” and could go to either school. The $70,000 was added to capital outlay at Town Meeting. This was intended for siding on Longfellow, but technically not a line-item, so can be used legally for other issues although ethically would be another question. Rob said that since there are fire issues and life/safety issues, could use for this instead, certainly $58,000. Rob said that we should be very careful not to dip into funds for non-essentials. He said that currently the $70,000 allocated for Longfellow siding is moot.]
III. Other Business: None at this time.
IV. Future Agenda Items: None.
V. Adjournment: 5:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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