Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes November 01, 2011

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
November 01, 2011
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, Chairman, BOS
Christopher Hathaway, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, EMS Service Chief / MAC
Karin Whitney, MAC
Jeff Berzinis, MAC
Adele Berzinis
Steve Pagels
Ed Gray
Bruce Komusin

I. Call to Order: 8:45 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
October 04, 2011 BOS meeting minutes, Section V, Other Business, in reference to the MAC, the Selectmen and the Harbor Committee researching the feasibility of a year round dock at the Manset facility:
Phil Whitney would like to clarify that the Board was unanimous in agreeing to start the engineering work for the year round dock at Manset, (Section V, Other Business).
Phil Whitney reports that the MAC has been fairly resistant in wanting to research this and feels that this is more of the Harbor Committee’s responsibility. Mr.Whitney feels “the MAC has more people appropriate for this and they should take one or two or three of the Harbor Committee who may have vested interest and expertise and work together as a joint effort on this and research it.” Mr. Whitney thinks Ron Axelrod should be leading the research portion of it. Phil Whitney would like to emphasize that a drive on facility would be much more practical for folks to use, a more functional capability.
Selectman Beal suggests an artist’s concept drawing for the Town Meeting. He also suggests that Kleinschmidt Associates come up with a price for the engineering project, divided by year if necessary so that this can be taken to the voters. Mr. Beal also suggests that the engineer meet the Selectmen at the Manset Facility, as well as Jeff Berzinis of the MAC and the Administrative Assistant.
Phil Whitney moves to approve the minutes with that one addition. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 49: 5,180.50
Warrant # 50: 5,575.12
Warrant # 51: 48,129.23 (school)
Warrant # 52: 38,304.15
Total: $ 97,189.00

Congratulations to Katelyn Damon who received a Goodwill Achievement Award at a Portland ceremony last week. Ms. Damon received the achievement award for effective service as an emergency response corp member.
Selectman Beal suggests that Katelyn submit her expenses to the Town for going to accept the award.
Plowing contract payments for Great Cranberry Island will start in December as according to the contract.
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
IV. New Business
A. Commuter Boat Service and Manset Ferry Service
At the annual town meeting voters will again be asked to approve the continuation of the commuter ferry service and also the spending of up to $50,000 to pay for the service. If approved for continuation, bids will be accepted for the service. Captain Steve Pagels (Cranberry Cove) is at today’s meeting by request of Selectman Whitney to discuss the commuter ferry service. On October 15 Cranberry Cove started their leg of the service, following the summer service by Karl Brunner. Mr. Pagels congratulates the Town Of Cranberry Isles for the foresight of running the early / late boats from and to the Islands. This year Mr. Pagels commuter boat is based out of Northeast Harbor, where as last year it ran off Great Cranberry Island. A 33 foot fiberglass Navy launch is in the works for future use as a second boat (Quoddy Dam). Mr. Pagels would like to have one boat stationed at Northeast Harbor and one at Great Cranberry to increase flexibility. The commuter service has challenges with weather conditions and there are times to err on the side of safety and not run the boat during foul conditions. Another challenge has been arriving on time in Northeast Harbor for the bus connection for commuting high school students. Mr. Pagels is more determined to make this work out. Mandy Bracy and Selectman Beal have spoken with Superintendent Rob Liebow. Mr. Liebow has assured that if the commuter boat is within sight of the Northeast Harbor Town Dock by the bus driver, then the bus will wait for the students.
A chart of ridership has been prepared and presented to the BOS. Selectman Beal has suggested that a ridership chart be included in this year’s town report. At the annual Town meeting, voters will be asked to continue and fund the commuter ferry service. At least $24,000 will need to come from town approved funds; $22,000 comes from state and federal funding.
Selectman Whitney is proposing to the Futures Group the idea of starting a Chamber of Commerce to help promote island businesses. He feels that it takes time to build a Town. The commuter service is only one part of it, you also have to consider availability of housing and a school to eventually open on Great Cranberry to attract residents. Selectman Beal suggests that maybe the Town should hire an economic developer to help with this. Phil Whitney suggests that further discussion on this be added to the agenda for the December BOS meeting.
The Board of Selectmen thanks Mr. Pagels for attending today’s meeting.
B. Solid Waste Contract: Sign Contract Amendments
It appears that it will be at least December before any contract is signed between the Town and Southwest Boat for removal of solid waste. Mr. Berzinis reports that his business put together a proposal to present to the BOS. Copies of this proposal were presented to the Selectmen and the Administrative Assistant. The Selectmen wish to have time to read the proposal and send copies to the Town Attorney for review. Any suggestions for change should be forwarded to the the Administrative Assistant and the Town Clerk within the next ten to fifteen days. This item will appear on the agenda for the December BOS meeting. The
baseline for solid waste removal was determined to be 85.5 tons following arbitration in 2010.
C. Manset Dockmaster Report
Selectman Whitney has edited the Manset Dockmaster’s report for the annual town report. Mr. Whitney will forward the edited report to the Deputy Clerk for distribution to the other Selectmen for approval.
In reference to the Manset Dockmaster’s Improvements List, which was updated on September 22, 2011, the Selectmen make the following recommendations:
Suggestion #2:
Dockmaster: Sign at end of catwalk displaying general dock and float regulations (Seems nobody knows what few regulations are).
Selectmen: An estimate will be sought for a 3’x 5’ sign. Mr. Beal suggests seeking an estimate from Peter Eldridge. Currently there is a private dock sign posted. It is suggested by the Deputy Clerk that the Town investigate any sign ordinances that the Town of Southwest Harbor may have in place.
Ed Gray states that buying the Manset property and dock was supposed to make it easier for people to go on and off the islands. He is confused why we pay to dock our boats in Northeast Harbor and we don’t pay to dock in Manset. Mr. Gray also questions why enforcement is paid for at Manset, when enforcement is not paid for at Islesford and Great Cranberry, which are both more abused than Manset has ever been abused. Phil Whitney reports that Harbormasters at Islesford and Great Cranberry are paid $1000 per year for enforcement. The Manset Dockmaster has made approximately $3000 for enforcement. He also suggests charging for a $25 sticker to use Islesford and Great Cranberry Island Docks, as well as pay per passenger fees for ferries to the Cranberry Isles. Mr. Gray states that there is no enforcement at either GCI or Islesford. Mr. Gray suggests that the Town hire Dennis Dever and buy him an outboard to enforce dock regulations at the Cranberry Isles, as he seems to get results. Selectman Whitney sympathizes with what he is hearing as he does not feel that the island docks are fully enforced. One Harbormaster has stated that he will not issue summonses under any circumstances, nor will he go to the dock after 8:00 PM as he goes to bed. Mr. Gray suggests that it may be easier for someone who does not live on the island to deal with the enforcement. Mr. Beal agrees with the idea. Mr. Hathaway states that there are two situations we are dealing with: 1) It seems like we don’t have enough enforcement over here (TCI), and 2) the question is, are we putting more enforcement at Manset than we need? The Harbor Committee has recommended amending the Harbor Management Ordinance to extend tie up hours at Manset. The Harbor Committee has also recommended only charging $10 for a dinghy sticker and $25 for a motor boat. Jim Fortune feels that the main problem at Manset is not residents of the islands, but contractors and non-residents using the Manset Dock as their own private dock. There are also problems in the evening at Islesford with guests to the Dock Restaurant tying up the float space for long periods of time, including the head of the float which is for loading and unloading only. At Great Cranberry lobster traps and bait are left on the float, boats tying up for long periods of time, and cars parked at the top of the gangway. Richard Beal will approach Dennis Dever to see if he is interested in this if approved. The idea of hiring a new Harbormaster will appear on the December BOS meeting agenda.
Suggestion #4:
Dockmaster: Sign “Cranberry Isles Private Dock” with logo on header above top of ramp.
Selectmen: The Harbor Committee does not recommend this suggestion. However, the sign in the parking lot does need refurbishing. The Selectmen do not approve of this suggestion.
Suggestion # 8:
Dockmaster: Attach egress ladders to each float. Third float out with chafe boards all the way around would be very difficult for most people to climb onto from the water.
Selectmen: The Selectmen agree to schedule this for spring and to budget funds for this suggestion.
Suggestion # 9:
Dockmaster: Replace frayed and too short cross line between second and third floats (I think it’s second and third). I taped and cut off frayed end-cosmetic repair. Line pends replacement.
Selectmen: The Selectmen agree to schedule this for spring and to budget funds for this suggestion.
Suggestion #10:
Dockmaster: Attach chafe boards under ramps-outer float, third float, and on second float. Decking is getting tore up.
Selectmen: The Selectmen agree to schedule this for spring and to budget funds for this suggestion.
Suggestion #12:
Dockmaster: Exterior of office building-prep and paint trim and windows- currently near bare and open to accelerated deterioration. North facing picture window, west lower corner has deterioration, needs repair, but window still operates properly.
Selectmen: The Selectmen agree to schedule this for spring and to budget funds for this suggestion.
Suggestion #17:
Dockmaster: Run hose / water to floats? I see what appears to be a potable water line end coming thru the seawall.
Selectmen: The Harbor Committee has recommended to not go ahead with this suggestion due to maintenance and fees for water use. No requests have been received for this suggestion. The Board of Selectmen do not wish to pursue this suggestion at this time.
Suggestion #21:
Dockmaster: Shield dock illumination light so that direct light cannot be seen from across the harbor (directive of SWH CEO).
Selectmen: As soon as the floats are out for the season, the Administrative Assistant will have someone fix this.
Suggestion #22:
Dockmaster: Restore “Cranberry Isles…” hand painted sign at drive in entrance to parking area.
Selectmen: Some funds for signs are allocated for 2011, the BOS wishes to have this done by next spring.
Suggestion #23:
Dockmaster: Clean out and repair roof gutters on and adjacent to waiting room building.
Selectmen: The BOS wishes to have this done by next spring.
Suggestion #24:
Dockmaster: Divest of wall stone that has been restacked away from wall of boat house.
Selectmen: the Selectmen wish to take no action with this suggestion and prefer to leave the stone on the property in case of future need.
Suggestion #25:
Dockmaster: Dispose of scrap soaker hose near boat house in back corner of the parking area.
Selectmen: The Selectmen wish to have the soaker hose disposed of.
Suggestion #26:
Dockmaster: Clear drainage swales along parking area of debris, heavy brush and tree growth. Swales need this maintenance to operate properly.
Selectmen: The Selectmen wish for this maintenance to be done.
Suggestion #27:
Dockmaster: Remove or erect again the fallen behemoth TV antenna lying on the roof of the apartment over the boat shop.
Selectmen: The Selectmen wish for the antenna to be discarded.
Suggestion #28:
Dockmaster: Replace cover board hanging from vent cupola on roof of boat house.
Selectmen: The Selectmen wish for the board to be replaced.
Suggestion #29:
Dockmaster: Attach skirt boards to deteriorated door bottoms of storage bays.

Ed Gray questions whether or not it is in the job description of the Dockmaster to report and take care of maintenance issues. The Selectmen agree that they appreciate the report from Mr. Dever, but fixing any of these maintenance issues is not his responsibility. The Administrative Assistant will arrange for any approved maintenance issues to be completed.

Selectmen: The Selectmen wish for the skirt boards to be attached to the door bottoms of storage bays.
Suggestion #30:
Dockmaster: Procure and install solar LED post lights on floats.
Selectmen: The Administrative Assistant is aware of this need and will arrange for the lights to be installed for Spring of 2012.
Suggestion #31:
Dockmaster: Replace missing signs along Shore Road:
• 25 MPH Speed (one at each end of property) some vehicles drive thru at a pretty good clip. Or place crosswalk signs instead which would probably be more effective.
• No Parking this side of road (south side)
• Island Explorer Bus Stop (adjacent to pathway to parking)
I discovered such signs and posts lying in the bushes and along the shoreline, apparently plowed over and never replaced. Returned to Town Garage. In the past, at the SWH dock next door, the Highway Dep’t supplied signs and posts and I installed them. Best way to do it. Then they can be removed for the winter and put back in spring. Otherwise they’ll just get destroyed again.
Selectmen: The Selectmen do not wish to replace the missing road signs as it is not in Town of Cranberry Isles' jurisdiction.
D. Manset Property Boundary Encroachment
The Selectmen will discuss D and E together. (See below).
E. Manset View Easement (R. Beal to brief BOS based on a discussion with Town attorney)
Selectman Beal has received a telephone call from the gentleman buying the property behind the TCI Manset property. The new owner is requesting a viewing easement across the field. The previous owner of the property had asked for the same viewing easement and was denied that easement by the TCI voters. Mr. Beal shared this fact with the new owner and suggested that the new owner write a letter to the Board of Selectmen so that it could be presented as a straw vote at the annual Town meeting.
The next day after this telephone conversation, Mr. Beal spoke to the Town attorney who has received an email from the new owner’s attorney stating: “It appears, based on my research, that the town owns the lot containing the buildings that are encroaching onto the Shore road end of the (their clients) property.” The new owner’s attorney would like to set at time to talk after the Town attorney has had time to review the issue. The Town of Southwest Harbor shows that the building was built in 1970. The Town Clerk reports that because of the age of the permanent structure (over 20 years ago), the Town cannot be asked to move the building. Selectman Beal asks the Administrative Assistant to monitor this situation and let them know if any other correspondence comes in reference to this issue.
Karin Whitney asks if the owner of the Brown house would have the same right for putting a fence on TCI property around a tree that she wished to enclose with her own property. Former Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Bill McGuiness had written a letter, dated January 12, 2007, to Judith Hyers, (owner of the Brown house) which made it clear that the fence was placed on TCI property. The Board of Selectmen was not interested in taking any action at that time other than contacting Ms. Hyers so that we were all on the same page. The Town Clerk reports that because a fence is not a permanent structure, it would not fall into the same category as a building.
Ed Gray questions the location of the right of way behind the warehouse building, as it appears that an abutting property owner has moved the location of the right of way. Owners of rental properties on abutting land have been using the current right of way and may not actually possess a legal right of way. The location of the right of way has been also questioned by Jeff Crafts of Civil Engineering Services.
Phil Whitney suggests bringing the Town Attorney in a little further with these issues to ask for advice on how to protect Town owned land at Manset.
The Administrative Assistant is asked by the Selectmen to contact the Town attorney in reference to the abutter’s fence encroaching on Town property by more than seven feet and seek recommendation. The Town attorney will also be asked if the field at the Manset property available to utilize? Selectman Beal and Selectman Whitney wish for another letter to be written and sent certified letter to Judith Hyers in reference to the fence on TCI property. The right of way and ability for TCI to use the right of way behind the buildings also needs to be researched.
Ed Gray also suggests that using the empty field at the Manset property for storage of boats and trailers. He is hesitant to give any rights for a view easement. There is a general agreement among the Selectmen to not grant the view easement request. Nothing in writing from the abutting owner for this request has been received as of today’s meeting.
F. Sale of Surplus Skiff Float #2
Ted Spurling, Jr. has sent a bid, dated October 13, 2011, offering $50 for the used float, dimensions 6’ X 20’,marked #2 and currently located at the end of the Sand Beach Road near Maypole Pond.
Chris Hathaway moves to accept the bid. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
The float is to be moved from its current location at the float owner’s expense.
G. Float Bids
A new float for Sutton Island will be budgeted for 2012. The new float will be a main float 20’ x 20’. No additional floats are needed for the other islands at this time. Richard Beal suggests that bids go out as soon as possible for construction of the float so that the float can be built during the winter in time for setting the float in the spring launching. It also may be possible to use the surplus gangway from Manset at Sutton Island.
Richard Beal moves to build a new float for Sutton Island and to sell the old one, with Jim to post notices for both. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
H. Road Repair Bids
The Administrative Assistant has received no response into road repair bids.
I. Engineering for Sand Beach Road
The MAC would like have bids proposals to go out in December with bid prices for engineering for Sandbeach Road at Islesford, to come in January for inclusion in the budget proposals. Main Street repairs are a higher priority due to the barge location and funds were budgeted for engineering for Maine Street only in 2011. Richard Beal suggests that maybe Sandbeach Road could be a shale road. Surplus shale is available. It is questioned whether it would be practical to use shale on a partially tarred road. The MAC goal is to get hard budget numbers. Bids for engineering on Sandbeach Road would be contingent upon funding at the annual Town meeting. Selectman Beal also suggests that the bid proposal should include “supplies are based on price at time of bid, if price fluctuates, Town will accept increase upon presentation of supplier fees.” He also suggests that the warrant article include “because of potential price differences, the Town will authorize the BOS to borrow extra funds if needed.”
Richard Beal moves to take up to $4000 out of highway reserve for engineering of Sandbeach Road in preparation for Town meeting. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
The Administrative Assistant is instructed by the Selectmen to get someone as soon as possible to fill pot holes on Islesford.
J. Winter Storage of Personal Property at Manset
Charles Dunbar of Bear Island had received permission from the BOS last year to store his float and gangway at the Manset parking lot. Due to a miscommunication, the float ended up being stored at Chalmers. Mr. Dunbar has again requested to store his float and gangway at the Manset Parking Lot for the winter season. Selectman Whitney supports the storing of Mr. Dunbar’s float and gangway at the Manset lot as he (Dunbar) pays a huge amount of taxes and receives nothing much in return.
Richard Beal moves to grant Charles Dunbar permission to store his float and gangway at the Manset Facility for 2011, 2012, and 2013. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
Items stored at the Manset lot will need to be stored so as to allow room for emergency vehicles to access the buildings and for winter plowing of a safety lane. Items stored at the Manset property are stored at the owner’s of the stored property’s risk.
Other individuals have asked permission to store boats and trailers in the lot for the winter season, as well. The Town Clerk and the Administrative Assistant have been granted permission from the Selectmen to make decisions for Manset winter storage on a case by case basis. In the absence of the Town Clerk and the Administrative Assistant, the Deputy Clerk will make the decision.
K. Schedule Public Hearing for Harbor Ordinance Amendments
A public hearing, one for Islesford and one for Great Cranberry Island, will be held for briefing voters on proposed amendments to the Harbor Ordinance. Amendments will be included in the Town report. November or early December is preferred to hold the hearing, no later than January 15, 2012. The Town Clerk will contact Bill Dowling, Chairman of the Harbor Committee to set a date and time for the hearings. Phil Whitney suggests that at least one member of the BOS should attend each hearing.
L. HCPC – Requesting Letter in Support of Brownfield Assessments
The Board of Selectmen have received a letter, dated October 18, 2011 from Hancock County Planning Commission asking for a letter of support for seeking another round of brownsfield assessment funding. The Board of Selectmen chooses not to write a letter of support.
M. Fireworks Ordinance Discussion
As of January 01, 2012 it will be legal to purchase, transport and use fireworks in the state of Maine. Individual towns may approve an ordinance to prohibit this within their town limits.
Selectman Beal suggests that the Town attorney be contacted in reference to a copy of another Town’s ordinance for a model to use for presentation to the voters at the annual town meeting.
Richard Beal moves that the Board of Selectmen is in favor of a ban on fireworks and will contact the Town attorney on an ordinance structured to prevent their use, sale and transport within Town limits. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
V. Other Business
A. Marvin Ott: Shoreland Zoning / Code Compliance
As of today’s meeting, no response from Marvin Ott on violation of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. An email was received from the Town attorney dated September 27, 2011, stating that “A final decision was previously rendered by the Board denying the application from which no appeal was taken. Mr. Ott can resubmit his prior application, augmented by the additional info for consideration, but notices and procedures will need to be followed as for any new application.” A copy of that email was sent via certified mail to Mr. Ott on October 06, 2011. As of today’s meeting, no receipt has been received that Mr. Ott has received the certified mail.
Richard Beal moves that the Marvin Ott Shoreland code compliance be taken to court; that the Town attorney is authorized to file with the court a complaint by our Town. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
Richard Beal will contact the Town Attorney, the Planning Board and the Code Enforcement Officer.
B. Update on the Proposed New Town Office
No news from the MAC on any recent communications with the Islesford Neighborhood House.
C. MAC Update
Roads were previously discussed. MAC members have been assigned different departments to review for the budget. The Town Clerk advises that budget numbers should be ready by January 15, instead of the end of the month. Everything must be finalized for the February 07, 2012 BOS meeting for BOS approval. Two meetings in January will be too late for MAC budget meetings. The Administrative Assistant will communicate this with the MAC. The Selectmen wish for the MAC to hold a couple of budget meetings in November, so that the BOS can meet in December. The Town Clerk advises that the Selectmen should have the first draft of the budget for the December 06, 2011 meeting.
The Deputy Clerk will forward the draft timeline for warrant / budget / and town report to the BOS and MAC this week.
Richard Beal instructs the Administrative Assistant to purchase rug remnants to be installed in the floors of the waiting sheds to block the drafts at both Great Cranberry and Islesford Docks.
Blair Colby of Great Cranberry has asked to be hired to use gravel, not shale, from the Town pit to apply to the soft spots that need repair at the pit. Selectman Beal is not aware of any surplus gravel that belongs to the Town at the GCI gravel pit; Goodwins does have some stored there. The Selectmen do not grant permission for this request.
The Administration Assistant is requested to gather as many as possible drawings of the proposed new town office for the Town report. Current plans are for a 550’ square foot addition; the Selectmen are recommending 750 square feet.
D. Letter Regarding Permits and Code Compliance
The Selectmen have received an anonymous letter, dated September 15, 2011, stating that “There is violation of state plumbing code and the town’s shoreland zoning on the property of Roy Hadlock, a residence with no permit for either construction or a septic system has been built.”
Two letters of violation have been sent to Roy Hadlock, one dated October 11, 2011, and one dated October 21, 2011. Mr. Hadlock has contacted the Code Enforcement Officer, who visited the property on October 29, 2011. No further
correspondence has been received as of today’s meeting.
VI. Audience Communications
• In reference to modifying the Vehicle Importation Ordinance to include someone else to enforce the ordinance other than the Code Enforcement Officer, Richard Beal will write the proposed amended ordinance to present to the voters. The proposed amendment will be included in the Town report.
• No progress has been made on finding someone to help download the meeting minutes to discs.
• In reference to the Sutton Island Boardwalk, the BOS suggests proposing $2000 in the budget for repairs to the old part of the boardwalk and to put asphalt paper on the newly built boardwalk.
• In reference to road and right of way research for Sutton Island, Richard Beal will ask the Town attorney for an update on progress.
• Katelyn Damon suggests that Great Cranberry Island hire another AmeriCorps member to live on Great Cranberry after her term is up next September (2012). This individual would ideally agree to attend the firefighter academy off island and also to take the first responder course. Ms. Damon suggests budgeting for this purpose.
Ms. Damon relates that she needs more people who are willing to help. A desk, computer and scanner have been set up at the firehouse for Katelyn’s use. She hopes to set up specific times to be at the GCI Firehouse, maybe two days a week so that residents can visit. Richard Beal suggest that the Town buy the Peterson property next to the firehouse to house firefighters who are hired by the Town. Phil Whitney agrees that the possibility should be explored. Chris
Hathaway feels that this should be put on a list for priority. The Petersons currently have an easement with the Town for part of the firehouse on their property. The property is reported to be for sale for $154,000.
Richard Beal moves we look at taking to the voters the purchase of the Peterson property as Town property for the firehouse with a warrant article to the voters in March for its purchase. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a
unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
• There are currently two outstanding lease agreements for storage in the Manset warehouse. The Administrative Assistant is directed to call the two individuals and give them ten business days to respond or the lease agreement will be void.
• No progress has been made on locating a third mooring at Manset. Jim Fortune has bound a mooring ball and chain in the warehouse. This is still being researched. Mr. Fortune will contact Jeff Crafts of Civil Engineering Services. Jim will check the ball for a mooring number when he is in Manset again.
• A question is asked if an anonymous letter has been sent to the Selectmen in reference to the Islesford Fire Department. The Board of Selectmen has not received a letter; this appears to be a rumor. It is also reported that another anonymous letter was sent from Islesford to the Postal Service with complaints of the Postmaster.
• Selectman Hathaway has been asked if field burnings have been considered as has been done in the past. It is suggested that this may help with the decline of mosquitoes. Permission would be required from the landowners. It is suggested that this could also be used for fire training. Approximately seven years ago a mosquito committee was formed on Islesford of concerned citizens. Richard Beal reports that there is a history of problems with mosquitoes on the islands. Mr. Beal reports that there are four different species of mosquitoes on Great Cranberry and Islesford, with two “nasty kinds” which were both found on Islesford. A mosquito egg can live up to ten years without hatching. No decision was made on contacting landowners about burning fields at today’s meeting.
• At last month’s BOS meeting Phil Whitney requested that a letter from Brian Langley be sent to the Fishermen’s Co Op for suggestions of how he might help the fishermen at Cranberry Isles. No response has been received. Jim Fortune will follow up with David Thomas.
• In reference to repairs to the underwater cable from Great Cranberry Island to Islesford, power is going to Islesford on one wire. It is reported that the GCI community Center and the GCI Firehouse have been rewired so that Islesford only is running on the one line between the islands. A new cable has to be engineered and then armored in Canada before installation. No news on when to expect replacement of the cable at this time. It has been reported that draggers have been seen fishing near the cable area. Marine patrol has been called about this. The Marine Patrol said it would see if they had anyone in the area who could respond. It is also reported that nautical chart plotters may not be depicting the area of the cable properly. It is possible to obtain a generator for back up that would generate power for a small community such as ours. It can take up to two weeks to obtain one of these generators. It is also reported that the underwater telephone line is in bad repair as well.
VII. Adjournment: 1:53 A.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.

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