September 1, 2011

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011

Ron Axelrod, Chairman, Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Cory Duggan, Malcolm Donald, Selectmen Phil Whitney

Absent: Karin Whitney, Courtney Chaplin, Katelyn Damon

Others in Attendance: Dan Field

Call To Order: 5:00 PM

Reviewed the Minutes of the July 25, 2011 MAC meeting: The meeting notes were issued incorrectly with highlighted edits and notes. They are to be reissued without the highlights and reviewed and approved at the next MAC meeting.

TCI Municipal Liaison to Towns of Mt. Desert and Southwest Harbor:
- Jeff Berzinis will be the SWH liaison and he will be formally presented to BOS for their meeting Sept. 6, 2011. (Ron sent email with Terms of reference to BOS Sept. 2, 2011)
- Malcolm will continue to recruit someone for NEH calling Erica Merrill, Jim Bright, Martha Dudman as possibilities
- Jim could fill this position of no one is found
- Phil and Katelyn now attend league of Towns meetings. While there were no meeting notes, future notes would help inform the BOS and MAC of potential items relevant to TCI.
Motion to appoint Jeff Berzinis TCI Liaison to Town of Southwest Harbor by Ron and seconded by Cory, vote unanimous.

Road Improvement Plan for Little Cranberry: Jim sent out a packet of information concerning roads that included Main Street Road Improvement Project (Barge Ramp to Maple Road) by CES Engineering 8/8/11 as well as past estimates and lists of roads to be improved. He distributed at the meeting 2010 and 2011 “Expense Detail Report” from Town Clerk. Based on these documents are the following comments:
- Funds available from 2010 are $6,000 and $19,000 remaining in 2011 budget for roads
- Potholes need immediate attention and Jim to have them based on his list in order of priority:
1. Maple Avenue
2. Sand Beach Road
3. Main Street
4. Hadlock Street & Co-op Road
5. North Woods Road
Jim will get pricing from island contractors first, and then if unsuitable from off island contractors.
- CES drawings of Main Street, Barge Ramp to Maple Ave. had discussion of criteria used for design and pavement construction- Ron and Jeff to send their comments to Jim for review by CES.
- CES 3/9/2011design of drainage improvements at Main Street and Mosswood Road was significantly large in scope with major excavation impacts on two parcels abutting the road. A realistic appraisal of the drainage needs must be made to develop a workable and cost effective solution.
- Design work for Sand Beach Road, Dudman’s to Coliandro’s has not been done. There was discussion that other engineers should be considered than CES, and contacted to discuss scope and pricing. Design could be funded within the existing $25,000 available in 2010 and 2011 available funds and/or Selectmen’s contingency funds.
- Design and firm bids for these projects to be built in 2012 could be presented for 2012 Town Meeting approval.

Audience Communications:

Adjournment: (6:30 PM.)