September 17, 2011

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Great Cranberry Ladies Aid Society
Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011

Ron Axelrod, Chairman, Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Jeff Berzinis, Malcolm Donald

Absent: Karin Whitney, Courtney Chaplin, and Katelyn Damon

Call To Order: 8:45 AM

The purpose of this meeting was to first focus on road projects for LCI in 2012 and other Manset priorities.

Reviewed the Minutes of July 25th and Sept 1. The July 25th meeting notes were reissued and Sept. 1st Notes issued the day before this meeting. They will formally be accepted or commented at the next meeting.

Cory Duggan has resigned the MAC to devote his energies as the new president of the Islesford Neighborhood House Association. We thank him for his service to the MAC. A person will be presented to the BOS to serve out Cory’s term until March 2012 Town Meeting.

Roads: Main Street, Barge Ramp to Maple Avenue: Reviewing CES 8-8-11 drawings 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, -Sept. 7, 2011 comments by Ron and Jeff were forwarded to CES for comment. They are pasted into the end of these Notes. The following comments were made:
1. Concern for an appropriate width of right of way as trucks are passing parked cars-and need for good uphill (north) drain. Road now averages 12- 14 ft. pavement and has shifted because of apple trees. There is a need to define the actual road right of way, as the road is not dimensioned off boundaries of the abutting properties to the roadway. Pavement design is 18 ft.
2. Is it an assumed right of way or a deeded right of way? We need to determine this and finalize. Assume H-20 loading with axle weights possibly higher due to hill and rear loading.
3. Test cores completed in two locations which information CES has. CES will have to re-measure defined perimeter of the right of way. Dimensions off pins are not given. We need more specifics as a measured location of the right of way.
4. There was concern about the scope of the work CES is to perform for this task. Jim will forward CES fee proposal to MAC members.
5. The drainage inlet at the museum needs reconstruction. This was part of the original cargo ramp and not is done properly.
6. A walk through with the engineer on both (Main Street and Sand Beach Road) projects is needed and to be done with Jim and Jeff. Jim to coordinate

Sand Beach Road Reconstruction from Dudmans to Lutzners: This project is not yet designed. It was suggested that TCI interview other engineers than CES with a defined in scope in hand. It was felt that TCI should explore other engineers in the area to get experience and fees. Jeff will propose good civil engineers in the area.

We should be thinking of potential clerk of the works for this roadwork. Richard Beal was very helpful in oversight of the cargo ramp projects. Is there anyone on LCI who could be a clerk of the works?

Both Main Street and Sand Beach Road need a time line for design and bidding. They will be bid in fall with April construction pending Town Meeting approval.

Other Road projects:

Mosswood and Main Road intersection drainage design was completed with a drawing submitted 3-28-11. Drainage problems are understood to occur at the fork of the road where there is gravel and bricks. The design calls for three large catch basins installed piped to an outfall to the south on Anna Fernald's property below her garden. This scheme appears to be significantly over designed and falls on three private properties. This is a low priority, but a low budget scheme should be developed.

North Woods Rd: this should be re-graded, as there are significant potholes on that road. How often does that need to be regarded? Does it need new material? Jeff and Jim to review and give their view.

It is estimated that is approximately $19,000 ($6K from 2010, and $13K from 2011) available for this year. Denise is to confirm.

The shale roads on GCI had some potholes this year, Jim to take care of.

Manset Priorities:
The town may have to delay trim painting already contracted to the spring due to Mansell road construction and dust.

Roof repair on boathouses are needed and projected to be funded over three years by MAC. Cost estimates to re-roof the buildings with fiberglass shingles or metal roof before we go any further. MAC asks whether the roofing work can be done out of Manset Reserve Funds. Jim will get estimates of roofing.

MAC’s next meeting is September 30, 2011 on LCI

Memorandum: September 7, 2011

To: James Fortune, Admin. Ass’t BOS

From: Ron Axelrod and Jeff Berzinis – MAC members

Subject: Review of CES, Inc. Main Street Road Improvement Project Drawings 8/11/2011

The following comments concern Sheets 1 of 2 & 2 of 2 dated 8/11/2011 for Main Street Road Improvement Project, Islesford, ME, prepared by CES, Inc. Engineers and Surveyors:

1. Sheet 2- Typical Roadway section: what is “reclaimed road pavement”? What loading criteria are the pavements designed to hold? In the “Pavement Tie-in Detail” on the same sheet, the sub base appears deeper. Is this full depth new construction using reclaimed material or a re-compacted existing roadway?
2. Sheet 2- Notes, Item 7: This could be a costly item to maintain traffic, especially since we could restrict barging depending on the length of the road construction. We also have another roadway from the ramp through to the Co-op Road behind the Islesford Dock.
3. Sheet 2- Notes, Item 9: This item is very open ended and hard to bid. Each item should be identified on the drawings.
4. The “Construction Cost Opinion” 8-11-2011 estimates a total cost of $110,000 for the full road from the ramp to Maple Ave. After reviewing the roadway, I believe the portion from sta. 4+00 to the ramp is in need of reconstruction. The drainage needs further investigation as to need from sta. 4+00 to sta 6+00. The cost for “Reclaim Roadway” of $10,000 needs to be reconciled with comments in item 1 above.