October 21, 0211

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Friday, October 21, 2011

Attendance: Ron Axelrod Chairman (via teleconference), , Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Skip Stevens, Katelyn Damon, Karin Whitney, Malcolm Donald (via teleconference), Selectmen Phil Whitney,

Absent: Courtney Chaplin

Others in Attendance: None

Call To Order: 8:45 AM

Review Minutes: The meeting Minutes of the July 25, Sept. 1, and Sept. 17 2011 MAC meetings were reviewed and approved.

Note: Ron Axelrod and Malcolm Donald did not vote on the Minutes as they were participating via teleconference, and Skip Stevens abstained as he was appointed to the MAC by the Selectmen at the October 4th BOS meeting.

Motion by Katelyn Damon to approve the Minutes of the July 25, 2011 MAC meeting. Second by Ron Axelrod. Unanimously Approved (2-0).

Motion by Ron Axelrod to approve the Minutes of the September 1, 2011 MAC meeting. Second by Karin Whitney. Unanimously Approved (2-0).

Motion by Ron Axelrod to approve the Minutes of the September 17, 2011 MAC meeting. Second by Malcolm Donald. Unanimously Approved (2-0).

2012 Road Projects for Little Cranberry Island: Jim Fortune and Jeff Berzinis met with Toby Michaud (CES) on Islesford to do a site visit for the Main Street plan. Jim went over the MAC comments with Toby Michaud and Jim made notes from the site visit. CES will do a final plan with any changes noted, relative to pavement width and drainage issues.

Jim will try to get someone to do a plan for Sand Beach Road so that Main Street and Sand Beach Road can be bid together with separate pricing for the Main St. project to see if the Town wants to phase it over two years. Design for Main Street and Sand Beach Road should be complete by end of December for bids due no later than Jan 26th. Jim will work with Jeff Berzinis to get an engineer for Sand Beach Road. Funds are available in Roads budget to do design of Sand Beach (subject to Selectmen approval since this was not budgeted for in 2011) and finish design of Main Street.
Jim Fortune will arrange for someone to fix potholes on both Great Cranberry and Little Cranberry, to be completed in the next two weeks. The shale roads on Great Cranberry are supposed to be graded yearly. Funds need to be allocated for this, and for other gravel roads, e.g. North Woods Road).

Manset Repairs: There is still some repair/maintenance work that needs to be done in Manset. The boat shop roof is probably the most urgent maintenance item that needs to be done. The roof on the warehouse seems to be in good shape at this point. The exterior trim of the warehouse/boat shop still needs to be done. This was budgeted for in 2011 but was not done. It will have to be carried over to (spring) 2012. Money will need to be budgeted in 2012 for the boat shop roof repair, but the money for the exterior trim painting was approved in 2011 and will be paid for out of the Manset reserve fund. The voters already approved it, so as long it gets done in the next year we can follow through on the project using the Manset reserve funds. There are a number of other smaller maintenance items that were identified in the Manset Dockmaster’s report to the Selectmen. We will budget for these items in 2012.

Jim Fortune and Malcolm Donald will draft a 5-year maintenance plan for Manset and other Town facilities, including roads. The MAC will start reviewing this at the next meeting.

Planning for Budget Review for 2012 Budget and Warrants: Initial budget worksheets and expense reports were distributed to the MAC in October to begin the budget review process. The Selectmen would like to have the MAC’s preliminary budget proposal ready for the December 6th BOS meeting so that the Selectmen can begin a review of the budget and prepare it for a final proposal in early January.

The MAC members will work on sections of the budget as follows:
51 - General Govt. DeniseMcCormick/Ron Axelrod
52 - Public Safety Katelyn Damon/Malcolm Donald
53 - Health/Sanitation Jim Fortune
54 – Public Trans/Roads Jim Fortune/Ron Axelrod/Jeff Berzinis
55 - Schools Katelyn Damon
56 – Donations Karin Whitney/Skip Stevens
57 – Debt Service Denise McCormick/Ron Axelrod
58 – Municipal Facilities Jim Fortune/Malcolm Donald

Other Business: Katelyn Damon mentioned that Selectmen Richard Beal called her to discuss the possibility of having a Town ordinance to prohibit (ban) the sale and use if fireworks in the Town of Cranberry Isles. The sale and use of fireworks will be allowed in the State of Maine starting January 1, 2012. Local municipal governments can enact their own ordinances to ban the use and sale of fireworks. Discussion about the possibility of banning fireworks in Cranberry Isles.

Motion by Katelyn Damon, to recommend to the Selectmen that the Town of Cranberry Isles craft an ordinance to ban the sale and use of fireworks within the Town of Cranberry Isles. Second by Karin Whitney. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion (3-0), of those present at the meeting.

There was a brief discussion regarding the request to the Board of Selectmen for a view easement in Manset, and that the MAC agrees with the Selectmen that the Town should not approve the view easement for the neighbor.

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Adjournment: (10:40 AM.)