Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes December 06, 2011

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
December 06, 2011
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Beal, Chairman BOS
Christopher Hathaway, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Malcolm Donald, MAC
Ralph Stevens, MAC
Katelyn Damon, MAC
Jeff Berzinis, MAC
Adele Berzinis
Ann Fernald
I. Call to Order: 8:33 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
The Deputy Clerk wishes to address a typographical error made in the November 01, 2011 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes: page 7, Section IV, G, Float Bids, second sentence: “The new float will be a main float 14’ x 20’.”
The sentence will be corrected to read: The new float will be a main float 20’ x 20’.
Richard Beal moves to approve the November 01, 2011 BOS meeting minutes. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 54: 5,217.38
Warrant # 55: 9,353.30
Warrant # 56: 19,588.90
Warrant # 57: 74,359.95
Total: $ 108,519.53
Two abandoned cars, (Atkinson Builders and an employee of Ben Fulves), were towed from the GCI Town parking lot by Blair Colby at a cost of $100 total. Phil Whitney questions if the owners of the vehicles should pay for the towing, as opposed to the Town. The vehicles were towed to the GCI Town gravel pit until the owners can be located. Richard Beal will keep on top of this.
Richard Beal moves that bills submitted should include some type of explanation of the work performed, as well as the date and signature of person performing the work, to provide clarity.
In reference to a bill submitted to the Town by C. W. Chaplin Construction for opening and closing the town bathrooms, Phil Whitney questioned why the cost is so much. (The bill was presented at a cost of $450.00). Dan Lief and Cynthia Lief, owners of the property, hires Courtney Chaplin as his caretaker for the property, and the job is not open to others. The Selectmen request that the Town Treasurer request a brief paragraph of work performed before payment of the invoice.
Selectman Whitney questions why the emergency personnel do not stay at the Tradewinds Hotel instead of the Samoset Resort when attending the yearly conference at the Samoset. Katelyn Damon replies that although she encouraged emergency personnel to stay at the Tradewinds, (due to the lower cost of lodging as opposed to the Samoset), that the members feel that they can get the entire experience by staying with others at the Samoset for meeting other emergency personnel, networking opportunities, etc. Malcolm Donald of the MAC feels that all these little things add up in the overall budget. Skip Stevens of the MAC feels that it is important for the emergency personnel to network with other colleagues. Costs for lodging at Tradewinds are approximately $75 less per night as the lodging costs at the Samoset. The Town also pays .50¢ per mile for mileage. The emergency personnel had previously decided to not charge for mileage for the Samoset Conference.
IV. Other Business
A. Solid Waste Contract: Sign Contract Amendment
Contract revisions were received yesterday (12/05/2011) from Southwest Boat.
The revisions were forwarded to the Town Attorney for review and the Administrative Assistant has received the Town Attorney’s comments. The lease that was in place with Gray Enterprises will not be carried over to Southwest Boat. This will now be included in the actual contract on page seven for use of the Town Transfer Station Facilities at GCI and at Islesford. The contract is proposed to be dated “As amended and Restated August 03, 2010 (date Southwest Boat
took over the solid waste contract from Gray Enterprises. The base amount of the contract will stay the same, ($47,500, based on 85.5 tons removed), but any adjustments that are reviewed every three years, will be retroactive to August 03, 2010. “If tonnage change is less that 2.5 tons from the 85.5 base then no adjustment will be made; if tonnage is greater than 88 then the contract price will increase according to the formula provided; if tonnage is less than 83 then the contract price will decrease
according to the formula provided. The next review is to take place on January 31, 2012. The term of the contract remains the same, June 15, 2008 to June 14, 2017. Any notice of termination shall be in writing, sent certified mail. The contract is approved and signed by the Selectmen and Jeff Berzinis and Adele Berzinis of Southwest Boat.
B. Float Bids (Sutton Island Main Float)
As of today’s meeting, there is $25,728.41 in the ramp fee reserve account. Funds for building the new float for Sutton Island will come out of this fund. It is reported that Acadia Fuel has not been submitting ramp fees to the Town for it’s landing at island ramps. Both Beal & Bunker and Southwest Boat have been submitting there landing fees all along. Acadia Fuel paid $300 in ramp fees for the year in 2009 but did not wish to pay per landing. No fees have been received from Acadia Fuel since this initial payment. The Administrative Assistant is requested by the Selectmen to contact Acadia Fuel in regard to payment of ramp fees.
Four bids were received for construction of a 20’ x 20’ marine float:
• Newman and Gray Boatyard, Inc.: $11,900.00
• Chalmers Enterprises LLC: $13,490.00, Chalmers has reviewed the proposal and would like to offer their bid with the following design modifications to the Construction Specifications as stated for the project:
1. NAILS AND BOLTS: suggest using stainless steel ring-shank stick nails, gun driven; less labor, better holding power, and longevity advantages
(Bid specs call for “Hot dipped galvanized steel common nails, spikes and carriage bolts. Decking shall be hand nailed. Minimum bolt size to be ½ inch diameter.”)
2. FLOTATION: suggest using ACE ROTO-MOLD plastic float drums; longevity and maintenance advantage; no price difference
(Bid specs call for “Provide not less than twelve (12) – 10 inch by 20 inch by 8 feet Styrofoam flotation billets placed and secured as shown. Adjust location as required to enable float deck to be at the same height above water in a level stabilized position.)
• Courtney Chaplin: $7,757.50
• Krasnow Homeworks: $13,000.00

The Selectmen request that the Administrative Assistant to update float bid specifications for future projects as they have not been reviewed for seven years. The current bid specifications states that “The Town of Cranberry Isles will consider alternative details o r means of construction if suggested. Changes must be approved in writing if offered after issuance of a contract. If suggested before a contract issuance, the alternative method should be fully disclosed in the Contractor’s bid proposal.” Discussion takes place over why the Chaplin bid is so much lower than the other three bids. All bidders were presented with the same specifications, and “the Contractor shall notify the Town of Cranberry Isles when construction is completed so that a representative of the Town can inspect the work prior to delivery.”
Phil Whitney moves accept the bid from Courtney Chaplin in the amount of $7,757.50. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
B. Budget and Warrant Article Workshop
MAC 2012 Preliminary Budget Proposal
The Board of Selectmen is presented with the preliminary budget as suggested by the Municipal Advisory Commission. The Selectmen discuss their own recommendations on the MAC preliminary budget. The MAC will meet to work on the budget again on December 16, 8:30 AM at the Islesford Neighborhood House. It is hoped that some budget information will be available from the School Committee before this meeting.
Copies of the preliminary budget may be viewed at the Town Office.
The Selectmen request the Tax Collector to ask the Tax Assessor if the Town is at or near the time for a town wide re-evaluation. The Tax Assessor will be at the TCI Town Office on Tuesday, December 13, 2011.
The MAC has recommended hiring four professionals who are EMT and Firefighter certified as staff for Great Cranberry Island. It has also been recommended to hire a public safety officer to continue research and organizational services for emergency services. The MAC and the BOS agree that Katelyn Damon who is already working with the fire departments and EMS, and continues with training in these areas, would be the candidate for such a position if approved by the voters. The Selectmen request that the MAC prepare a job description for the January BOS meeting. The job description would need approval of the Selectmen in order to be placed on the warrant for voter approval at the annual Town meeting.
Katelyn Damon presents the Selectmen with information regarding Emergency Voice Broadcasting Services for use by Emergency Personnel. Database Systems Corp. provides emergency notification services using voice broadcasting and IVR technology that can simultaneously dial hundreds to thousands of numbers to alert your community with prerecorded warning phone messages. This service would reduce the amount of radios needed by Emergency Personnel. Cost for this service would be approximately $35.00 per month and is requested as a budget item.

The MAC recommends a donation to the Islesford Scholarship Fund be included in the budget for 2012. The BOS agrees with this recommendation.

The MAC has recommended that the new town office not be included in the budget for this year as there are other priorities that need attention.
Richard Beal moves to put the new town office article in the town meeting warrant. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
• The Administrative Assistant has received a notice from Civil Engineering Services, Inc. (CES) that it has cost CES more to design the Islesford Main Street reconstruction project than initially estimated. The initial estimate totaled $4,000.00; the actual cost to complete the project is $6,791.40l, resulting in an overage of $2,791.40. The overage amount will be paid from the Selectmen’s contingency fund.
• The Administrative Assistant has received a proposal for engineering services for Sandbeach Road Improvements at Islesford. The amount of the proposal is $6,000. The Board of Selectmen wishes to wait until after town meeting to do the engineering work for Sandbeach Road. The Administrative Assistant is requested to seek other estimates for the work, S.W. Cole to be included as they have a lot of data on TCI Roads.
• The Administrative Assistant has received an estimate for drainage work on Main Street at Islesford near the barge ramp. The estimate received was from C.W. Chaplin Construction in the amount of $1,575.00 for digging out and regarding ditch along the museum property line, to place and compact a lense of 2” to 3” stone for soil retention and to add more stone to drop-off area in parking lot. A note is attached to the estimate: “My quote includes ordering an entire dump truck load of stone, even though only half would be used for this project. The Town could save the other half for later use. In the long run, this will save the Town money in delivery (both for the barge and trucking time), which is why I recommend this for now."
Discussion takes place over storing excess materials for future use at the Islesford Town Gravel Pit. Some crushed stone and larger stone pieces left from the new barge ramp project have been taken by Mr. Chaplin for private projects and never replaced. Selectman Beal states that Mr. Chaplin contacted him and stated he was in a bind and needed to borrow a load of stone from the town while he was waiting for his own load, which was to be replaced when he got his own stone. The larger cement slabs were also taken by Mr. Chaplin for a private project, as well as most of the rest of the crushed stone. The Board of Selectmen do not accept the offer from Mr. Chaplin to "ordering an entire dump truck load of stone, even though only half would be used for this project."
Estimates for the drainage project were not requested from other contractors. The Administrative Assistant is requested by the Selectmen to seek other estimates for the drainage project.
• The Administrative Assistant has received a proposal from Kleinschmidt for engineering services for a new pier at Manset. The cost of the proposal is $7,800. A conceptual drawing of a proposed pier and float plan was done already in 2006 and is on file with the Town. The Selectmen wish to make sure that some of the work was not already completed in 2006 before agreeing to a new proposal. James Fortune will locate the drawing and contact Kleinschmidt.
• Malcolm Donald, TCI Representative to the Maine Islands Coalition (M.I.C.) has sent a memo to the Selectmen which refers to a request by the M.I.C. to send a second representative for the community of Islesford. The bylaws for the M.I.C. specifically calls for fifteen island communities, Great Cranberry and Islesford being two separate communities to the M.I.C., even though both communities are from the same town. Mr. Donald estimates that it would cost $200 extra per year to send an additional representative to all meetings for dues. Mr. Donald has always paid for lodging and meals to attend these meetings out of his own pocket. He also recommends that the two representatives’ alternate attendance at the meetings, and possibly the M.I.C. would consider this as one representative. Mr. Donald also anticipates retiring from the M.I.C. within the next year. The Selectmen will consider this request.
• A special thanks to Ann Fernald of Islesford who prepared an impromptu lunch for participants of today’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

Due to time constraints, the Board of Selectmen will continue the rest of the agenda items at a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at Islesford Neighborhood House.

VII. Adjournment: 2:13 P.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting, Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.

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