Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes November 30, 2007

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Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
November 30, 2007
Islesford Neighborhood House

Ted Spurling, JR, Chairman, Harbor Committee
Phil Whitney, Harbor Committee
Roy Hadlock, Harbor Committee
Richard Howland, Harbor Committee
David Thomas, Harbor Committee
Rodney Wimer, Harbormaster
Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Shay Conover, Island Institute
Sally Rowan
I. Call to Order: 2:30 P.M. by Chairman Ted Spurling.
II. New Business
A. Recommendations to Board of Selectmen for Harbor Committee Alternate Positions (2)
Reocommendations from the Harbor Committee for alternate positions are:
Sally Rowan, Islesford
Ed Gray, GCI
Barbara Stainton, GCI
III. Old Business
A. Manset Seawall
The Town has received a report from Kleinschmidt Associates in reference to repairs to the Manset Seawall. It is recommended at this time to pin at the bottom, restacking the rocks, and adding some rip rap at the extended edge. The estimate for a long term fix of the repairs is between ten and fifteen thousand dollars. No building permit would be needed for less than fifty percent repair needed. The Harbor Committee recommends notifying the Town of Southwest Harbor before work is initiated.
IV. Other Business (Taken out of order)
Welcome to Shay Conover of the Island Institute. Shay discusses the harbor mapping project. The immediate goal is to map the moorings we already have in the Town of Cranberry Isles. It is estimated that there are approximately one hundred moorings at Islesford, less moorings than Islesford at Great Cranberry Island, approximately nine moorings at Baker Island, and undetermined amounts at Sutton and Bear Islands. Some, but few, mooring data sheets have been submitted by mooring owners. It is estimated that it would take one to two days to complete the data collection by GIS. A lobster boat will be needed, as some of the chains may need to be pulled up. Ted Spurling agrees to use his boat for the process, but recommends that it take place this coming summer when all the moorings are rigged for the season. Ms. Conover will be out for maternity leave until June 2008. Hope Rowan of Tremont may be available to help in her place if the project is to happen before June. The Harbor Committee recommends that the mapping take place at the end of June, beginning of July, or August. Ms. Conover has brought some sample maps for the Committee to see what type of information can be produced in map form. The first step would be to map the location of known moorings and their owners.
B. GCI Dock Repairs (revisiting Old Business)
At the November 15, Special Town Meeting voters approved the borrowing of up to fifteen thousand dollars for the engineering work for the GCI Dock repairs. David Thomas has recommended the possibility of adding another set of stairs on the west side of GCI Dock. The Harbor Committee agrees that stairs on the west side could provide for safer passenger landings during inclement weather. The Harbor Committee recommends to the Selectmen that the cost of the stairs be included in the engineering analysis. A Small Harbor Improvement Program (SHIP) grant has been applied for by the Town in the amount of $138,600.00 for dock repairs at GCI. There has been no news on a decision from the Department of Transportation as of yet, but hopefully a decision will be made by the end of the month.
Harbormaster Rodney Wimer has requested a town email address for electronic mail. The Facilities Supervisor will follow up on this request.
C. Budget Requests 2008
The Budget Committee has received the requests for Harbor funds for 2008. The Harbor Committee has requested that four hundred dollars be added to the administrative costs in the budget. This money is intended to be used for boat rental for two days during the harbor mapping project. Rodney Wimer will get an estimate for electrical lighting at the Manset Dock. Matt Knox and Danny Chalmers will be contacted for estimates on the cost of adding a third TCI mooring at Manset by the Facilities Supervisor.
IV. Other Business
• It is reported that Ellis Boatyard may be offering a captain’s license course in January. Working Waterfront professional grant money is available via the Island Institute for islanders wishing to pursue maritime education. Applications may be obtained from the Island Institute or at the TCI Town Office.
• Phil Whitney mentions some architectural drawings that were done for the Manset Dock Enhancement. Copies of these drawings are on file at the Town Office. Manset Dock Enhancement will be added to the agenda for the next Harbor Committee Meeting.
V. Adjournment
Teddy Spurling moves to adjourn the meeting. Richard Howland seconds the motion. Motion passes.

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