Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes January 03, 2012

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 03, 2012
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Chris Hathaway, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, MAC
Blair Colby
Junior Bracy
I. Call to Order: 8:41 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
In reference to the December 06, 2011 meeting minutes, estimate for drainage work on Main Street at Islesford near the barge ramp, Richard Howland has contacted Selectman Beal in reference to the taking of crushed stone and cement slabs from the Town gravel pit at Islesford by Courtney Chaplin. It appears the materials were used for a private project at the Howland residence. Mr. Beal explained to Mr. Howland that he did not intend for Mr. Chaplin to clean out all of the materials taken.
The December 21, 2011 BOS meeting minutes: Phil Whitney questions Section IV New Business, subsection A, bullet one. This section references the discussion over drainage work which is included in the road bids that are expected this month for drainage work in front of the Valdina’s Loft and the Belousovitch property on lower Main Street at Islesford. Section IV New Business, subsection D, references the immediate action to improve drainage in front of the Acadia National Park Museum and the cleaning out of beach rock in the existing culvert near the barge ramp. The Selectmen made a motion to hire Courtney Chaplin to do this work.
Phil Whitney had suggested at the December 21, 2011 meeting that a proposed amount be budgeted for mowing at all cemeteries. State law requires that municipalities are responsible for upkeep of Veteran’s graves only. Richard Beal reports that some Veteran’s graves on Great Cranberry Island are sinking; the Town may need to hire someone to spread some loam on them. Mr. Beal suggests budgeting $1500 for this item. He also suggests that later on in subsequent years, stonework repair will be tackled for Veteran’s graves. Blair Colby offers some topsoil he has acquired as a gift from Goodwin’s to help save the Town some money.
Phil Whitney moves to accept the December 21, 2011 meeting minutes as written. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
The Deputy Clerk is approved for vacation by the Selectmen, February 11 through February 22, 2012.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
2011 Warrants:
Warrant #61: 4,766.66
Warrant #62: 23,544.83 (School)
Warrant #63: 1,291.70
Warrant #64: 14,965.28
Total: 44,568.47

2012 Warrant:
Warrant #1: 9083.82
A letter has been received by the Town Clerk from auditor James Wadman which requests permission for him to go through the Town finances for 2011. The letter will be forwarded to Richard Beal for signature as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen. The Selectmen as well as the Treasurer are audited yearly.
IV. New Business
A. Continue budget and Warrant Article Workshop
• Budget Review (Continue Workshop as needed)
In reference to a proposed warrant article question “to authorize the municipal officers to borrow funds in the original principal amount of up to $190,000 for the purpose of developing a plan for a construction of a new town office building on Little Cranberry Island…” the entire amount must be budgeted.
After going through the warrant articles, the voters are proposed to be asked to see if they “will vote to increase the property tax limit of $793,504.24 established for the Town Of Cranberry Isles by State Law in the event that the municipal budget approved under the preceding articles will result in a tax commitment that is greater than the property tax limit.” If voted no, then a motion will need to be made to reconsider previous warrant articles dealing with the budget. The Town Treasurer is requested to speak at the Town meeting in reference to the above.
It is recommended by the M.A.C. that the Town try to use Maine Municipal Legal when possible, as opposed to the Town Attorney. Legal fees were over budget for 2011. $25,000 is proposed for 2012.
Printing costs are expected to decrease this year as the entire Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands will not need to be reprinted in entirety.
In reference to a question of the Fairpoint bill for Zone 1, GCI Fire Department, Katelyn Damon has contacted Fairpoint and the reason for the $195.00 bill on the December 21, 2011 financial warrants was that it included a one time set up fee for internet. Monthly costs for both internet and phone at the Firehouse will be approximately $78.00.
In reference to the heating fuel bill for Zone 1, GCI Fire Department, over $2,500 was spent in 2011. Selectman Beal reports that the furnace has been totally rebuilt and costs for heating fuel are expected to decrease for 2012. Blair Colby mentions that there may be a couple of ceiling fans stored at the Firehouse that have yet to be installed.
In reference to electricity at the transfer stations, Southwest Boat has reimbursed the Town their $40 per month for their portion. The Board of Selectmen agree to add $500 to the proposed budget to go towards the Town’s portion.
In reference to Solid Waste extras (stuff paid to get rid of outside of contract, metals, universal waste, etc.), the Selectmen have added $1000 to the proposed budget.
The Board of Selectmen agree decrease the proposed budget for tipping fees under solid waste to $10,000, ($9708 was spent in 2011).
The Board of Selectmen agree to propose $8,500 as a budget item for CEO / Plumbing, ($8,400 was spent in 2011).
Unexpended General Assistance funds roll into the General Fund at the end of the year.
The Selectmen still have received no input from the School Board in reference to budgeting requests for 2012. The Board of Selectman agrees that Richard Beal will contact the Superintendent of Schools to ask for information for a layout plan for both schools. Mr. Beal will also suggest that a School Board member should speak to these goals at the Town Meeting and be backed by the Superintendent. An advertisement has been placed by the School Board in local newspaper for architects for both Islesford and Longfellow Schools. Katelyn Damon, who attends School Board meetings on behalf of the M.A.C., reports that it appears that life safety issues will be the focus for the coming year. Phil Whitney suggests that the time of day of the School Board meetings do not allow enough time for all business to be covered. Meetings have recently began at 3:00 P.M. and those who attend the meetings at the High School must catch a 5:00 P.M. boat back to the Islands.
In reference to Donations, the Treasurer will change to title within the budget of the GCI Historical Society to Cranberry House, as requested by Phil Whitney. The M.A.C. has recommended that donations this year be kept at $2,500 total.
The Treasurer reports that following an audit by the Municipal Bond Bank, the Town Of Cranberry Isles has gained a performance credit and bond payments have decreased, saving the Town approximately $15,000 this year.
$4,000 is proposed for grounds maintenance at Manset. This item has been moved to Division 50-12.
$5,000 is proposed for Manset Enforcement.
Under Wharves / Floats / Ramps, $2,000 is proposed. Maintenance for Wharves / Floats / Ramps is proposed at $3,000 each for Islesford and Great Cranberry. $2,000 each is proposed for Iselsford and Great Cranberry Island. Sutton Island has no moorings that are maintained by the Town. Approximately $25,000 is in ramp fee reserve that could be used if needed.

The Board of Selectmen request that Jim Fortune send certified letters to Prock Marine and Acadia Fuel barging companies in reference to paying ramp fees for use of TCI barge ramps. Prock Marine has been called by Mr. Fortune and no reply has been received. Acadia Fuel has not been notified as of today’s meeting. Beal and Bunker and Southwest Boat pay ramp fees regularly for use of the barge ramps.
Richard Beal moves that barge companies will lose the right to use our ramps if they don’t submit ramp fees. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.

Phil Whitney suggests that engineering for a year round accessible dock at the Manset Facility not be included in this year’s budget for the sake of other hefty projects. $4000 already budgeted will roll over in to Manset reserve fund for 2012.
In regard to repairs to Manset Dock, funds needed for 2012 could be taken from ramp fees.
Safety issues identified by the Transportation and Harbor Committee will appear on the agenda for the next BOS meeting.
No invoices were received for heating fuel for the Manset apartment in 2011. The Administrative Assistant will contact Steve Pagels to clarify terms for off-season expenses. The Selectmen propose $1,000 for 2012.
$900 is proposed for Manset sewer and water charges for 2012.
Invoices for restroom cleaning at Islesford came in at $3,300 for 2011. Islesford Dock Restaurant reimbursed the Town in the amount of $1,205.68 for its share. $1,200 is proposed for 2012. It is reported that the first cleaning invoice for the year in 2011 came in unusually high. The Administrative Assistant will contact Amy Palmer and request a brief explanation of basic duties and any extraordinary circumstances she may have met for 2011.
In reference to pumping of the septic at Great Cranberry Island restrooms, the Town is over $786.00 for 2011. According to the lease, the second pumping for the year is supposed to be paid by Cranberry General Store, but the contractor (Haslam) was not paid and the Town paid the bill. The Administrative Assistant suggests contacting the owner of Cranberry General by letter in reference to this bill. The Selectmen will discuss this issue again at a later date.
$2,310 was budgeted in 2011 for cleaning the restroom at the Manset Facility; $2,580 came in as expense for 2011. The staff will check to see if there was a contract increase for 2011. The Town also pays for one half of a seasonal ticket with Cranberry Cove for Karin Whitney to travel to and from the Manset Facility for cleaning of the restroom. Richard Beal and Chris Hathaway propose $2,600 for 2012. Phil Whitney recuses himself from the proposal.
Richard Beal suggests that permits will need to be sought due to wetlands, if the new Town office is approved by the voters to be located at the gravel pit at Islesford. A septic system is proposed for the site. The Treasurer will separate the GCI gravel pit and Islesford gravel pit into two categories. $3,000 is proposed by the Selectmen for Islesford. The Deputy Clerk asks if permits were secured for the drainage work on lower Main Street. Richard Beal reports yes.
$1,625 was spent on mowing the Town Field at Islesford. The Town pays for the portion of land it owns.
$1,200 is proposed for upkeep of veteran’s graves at cemeteries for 2012.
$30,000 is proposed to be budgeted (Department 51) for the proposed position of public safety coordinator for 2012. Further work continues on the job description by a subcommittee of the M.A.C.
The Treasurer reports increased revenue for 2011. Acadia National Park increased its payment in lieu of taxes from the usual $650 to $14,000 in 2011.

Selectman Whitney will be on vacation from January 31 to February 15, 2012. The BOS meeting which would normally take place on the first Tuesday of February is scheduled to take place on Friday, January 27, 2012, 8:30 A.M. at Islesford.

A public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, January 18, 2012 to take public comment on the proposed amendments to the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands, proposed amendments to the Harbor Management Ordinance, and a proposed Fireworks Ordinance. A hearing will be held at Great Cranberry Island at 9:00 A.M. and another hearing at Islesford at 1:00 P.M. on the same day.
• Review Warrant Articles for 2012 Town Meeting
• The numbering sequence will be adjusted on the draft warrant.
• In reference to an article to elect by ballot three members of the Municipal Advisory Commission, the members of the M.A.C. are elected and will be volunteer property owners or registered voters of the Town Of Cranberry Isles, according to the M.A.C. charter.
• In reference to an article asking voters to collect interest on all 2012 taxes not paid by December 01, 2012, the maximum rate of interest that can be charged per Title 36, MRSA §505.4 is expected from the State any day now.
• The Board of Selectmen agrees to propose a 2% discount on all taxes which are paid in full within thirty days of the date shown on the original bill as submitted by the Tax Collector.
• In reference to an article proposed to authorize the municipal officers to borrow funds in the original principal amount of up to $110,000 for capital roads projects on Little Cranberry Island, (700 feet of lower Main Street from the barge ramp to Maple Avenue), bids are due in at the end of January for a better idea of the true cost of the project. This is also true for a proposed article asking the voters to authorize the municipal officers to borrow funds in the original principal amount of $65,000 for capital roads projects on Little Cranberry Island (600 foot section of Sandbeach Road). A survey for the proposed Sandbeach Road project is expected at the Town Office hopefully sometime this week.
• A proposed article asking the voters to authorize the municipal officers to appropriate and expend funds to continue the Cranberry Isles Commuter Ferry Service is based on what has been spent in the past year.
*Note: The Town Of Cranberry Isles actually spent $58,267 in 2011 on the commuter ferry service. So far $19,511has been received from the Federal Transportation Administration grant for 2011.
• In reference to a proposed article asking the voters to authorize the municipal officers to raise, appropriate and expend $30,000 to hire a Public Safety Coordinator for the Town Of Cranberry Isles, the BOS requests the addition to the article stating: “Funds not expended in 2012 will be applied towards 2013; this position shall be reviewed after three years.”
• The proposed Fireworks Ordinance will appear in the annual Town report. A brief report on the proposed amendments to the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands, the Harbor Management Ordinance and the Vehicle Waste Disposal Fee Ordinance will be written by the Deputy Clerk and included in the annual Town report. The fine for violating the proposed Fireworks Ordinance will be $500. The amendment to the Vehicle Waste Disposal Fee Ordinance is in regard to who may enforce the ordinance. Richard Beal will forward the proposed amendment to the Deputy Clerk this week.
• The voters are proposed to be asked to authorize the Board of Selectmen to accept the ownership transfer by deed of the structure known as the Great Cranberry Fire House, located at 191 Cranberry Road, along with all fire trucks, associated fire fighting equipment and all appointments located therein. Selectman Beal reports that four members of the GCI Fire Club have agreed to transfer the deed if approved by voters. Some of the land under the fire house belongs to the Bracy Family and is exempt from property tax as used for Town purposes. Part of the land also is owned by the Peterson Family and the Town has an easement for that land as long as there is a Fire Department.
• In reference to an article asking the voters to authorize the Selectmen to enter into a five month lease agreement in 2012 with the Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland, Maine, for parking of residents of, and visitors to, the Cranberry Isles, no news of any expected increase in the lease price has been received for 2012.
• A warrant article is proposed to ask the voters to hold the next Town Meeting in 2013 on the third Saturday of March at Great Cranberry Island Fire House, Maine and to open the meeting at 8:45 A.M.
• The notice at the end of the warrant will be changed to reflect date of the BOS meeting when the warrant is expected to be reviewed and approved, (January 27, 2012).
11:59 A.M. Phil Whitney moves to adjourn for a five minute recess. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
12:04 A.M. Meeting returns to session.
• Selectman Whitney compliments Wanda Harmon Porter, Richard Howland and Norman Sanborn, II on their requested reports for reimbursement of stipends.
• Selectman Whitney asks if the edited report of the Manset Dockmaster may be too long for the annual report. The Deputy Clerk will send all reports to the BOS after formatting is complete for their approval.
• The Baker Island Fuels Reduction Briefing Statement will be included in the annual report. The Deputy Clerk will contact Acadia National Park to ask for a digital copy of the map.
• Richard Beal would like to visit Pioneer Print to approve the final report before printing.
B. Certification of Proposed Ordinance Amendments (LUZO & Harbor Ordinance and Proposed Fireworks Ordinance
• The Deputy Clerk will send the Harbor Management Ordinance Amendments and the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands amendments, with highlights of changes, to the BOS.
• The Board of Selectmen approves the proposed amendments to the Harbor Management Ordinance, the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands and the proposed Fireworks Ordinance.
C. Estimate for Repair Work at GCI Gravel Pit (access road repair)
A letter dated November 09, 2011 from Blair Colby was received by the Selectmen. Mr. Colby requests to repair the road to salt shed and transfer station on Great Cranberry Island. The cost would be $600 and includes digging 12
inches, installing fabric and using existing material to build up the road so vehicles don’t sink. Richard Beal suggests using the leftover slabs that have been stored at the gravel pit for future use since the barge ramp
replacement project. Mr. Beal will contact Mr. Colby and request a price and will report at the next BOS meeting.
D. Appoint Planning Board Member (replacement due to resignation)
A replacement for the Planning Board has not been found for nomination. This item will appear on the January 27, 2012 BOS meeting agenda.
The Board of Selectmen appoints Edward Gray as Harbor Committee member to finish the term for Bill Dowling, term to expire in 2013.
The Deputy Clerk will forward the updated safety study items and recommendations from Dennis Dever to the BOS before the next BOS meeting.
E. Discuss Sutton Island Path Research
1. Attorney Dale Worthen of Eaton Peabody has presented the Selectmen with his research findings on legal right of way at Sutton Island.
Mr. Worthen further communicates:
A “public easement” is defined in 23 MRSA §3021 (2) as follows:
Public easement” means an easement held by a municipality for purposes of public access to land or water not otherwise connected to a public way, and includes all rights enjoyed by the public with respect to private ways created by statute prior to the effective date of this Act (Emphasis added).
A “public easement by prescriptive use” would be a public easement as defined above which the town claims via “prescriptive use” as opposed to a claim by municipal layout and taking. The term “prescriptive use” to acquire an easement is similar in concept to someone acquiring land by adverse possession. In this case, town acquisition of the public easement via “prescriptive use” would relate to and depend upon the history of town maintenance of the facts of town maintenance to be as follows: that an intended purpose of the maintenance was to allow public use and such town maintenance has been continuous for at least 20 years under a claim of right by the town or public adverse to the individual landowners, and with the landowners’ knowledge and acquiescence, or by a use so open, notorious, visible, and uninterrupted that the landowners’ knowledge may be presumed.
Given the twists and turns within the definitions of “public easement” and “prescriptive use”, there is little incentive for the town to assert such a claim unless two conditions exist:
(1) the facts about town maintenance of the Middle Path/Burnham Path strongly support a town claim within the above definitions of “public easement” and “prescriptive use”; and
(2) there is a strong public sentiment throughout the town that public maintenance of some or all of the Middle Path/Burnham Path north of the town road is needed and appropriate given the Middle Path/Burnham Path history. As a possible example, long-time public use may exist for part of the Middle Path/Burnham Path near the town road for access to the Fernald Cemetery located within Lot 12. It is possible there has been a long period - beyond 20 years – of something similar to or equal to “public use” of this part of the Middle Path/ Burnham Path. If town maintenance for this part leading to the Fernald Cemetery has been continuous for 20 years or more and if the Board supports the idea of publicly maintaining this access along the Middle Path/Burnham Path to the Fernald Cemetery (or beyond), it is possible the history of public use and town maintenance would support a town claim of a public easement by prescriptive use to that portion of the Path.
Initial review recommendations from Mr. Worthen are as follows:
1. The Board of Selectmen look at the history of town maintenance of the part of the middle path now known as the Burnham Path north of the town road to see if the facts of past maintenance and use are supportive of a claim to “public easement” by “prescriptive use” as those terms are defined above.
2. The Board of Selectmen look at potential Board and town support of the concept of public maintenance of some or all of the Burnham Path. If the facts and support for town maintenance are not strong for the entire length of the Burnham Path, the Board may want to see if there is a stronger evidence of public maintenance and public use for some portion of the path.
3. Depending on the facts developed in the Board’s initial review, the next steps should be toward one of the following official Board actions: (1) to assert a claim of “public easement” by “prescriptive use” and to continue public maintenance of the Path under that claim; or (2) to find no “public easement” by “prescriptive use” or, at least, decide not to claim such a “public easement” and proceed to discontinue public maintenance of the Burnham Path.
Mr. Worthen did not attempt to determine when or how, in the history of the Middle Path, the pathway southerly of the town road became the “Dock Path” as distinct from the pathway northerly of the town road now called the “Burnham Path” as shown on Exhibit A. He did note, however, that a 1935 deed to George L. Paine from the heirs-at-law of A.C. Fernald and Nancy L. Fernald (dated September 4, 1925, and recorded in Book 599, Page 353) did recite the “Town road” as crossing through the parcel at the time. This 1925 deed also recited the parcel to be the homestead parcel the private Fernald Cemetery as property belonging to the heirs-at-law of A.C. Fernald and Nancy L. Fernald and their heirs and assigns.
This review was not as extensive in Registry of Deeds research as an actual “title search” on the Burnham Path, but was sufficient, in my opinion, to the report the general conclusions and initial recommendations as to the Burnham Path.
The complete document of Mr. Worthen’s research may be viewed at the Town Office.
Selectman Beal reports that “the purpose of the Sutton Island question is for a definitive answer as to legal status of the paths since the Town is providing funds in some cases over on Sutton, and whether we are doing it on private property or public property. There is no intention of trying to take over any property on Sutton Island.”
Any money spent on private property would have to be by direction of the registered voters. Courts have deemed spending public money on private land is unconstitutional.
An email, dated November 21, 2011, from John Nevius, President of the Association for the Preservation of Sutton Island, and Sutton Island property owner. The email requests participation in the consideration of these matters. The email further states: “I think I am completely safe in saying that no one on the Island wants a path to be made into any sort of improved road. My constituency is very much interested in quiet enjoyment and, to a certain extent, simply would like to be left alone. However, there are certain practical concerns, including utility service(s), etc.”
Bangor Hydro does have a legal easement at Sutton Island.
The Board of Selectmen members request a copy of the map included with the research by Mr. Worthen. The Town Clerk will arrange with a printer to have the map sized down.
Selectman Whitney still has questions about the reference to “Town Road” in the some of the research. In question is the part of the middle/Burnham Path from the dock to the so called “Town Road” as referenced on the TCI tax maps. Phil also questions the “Middle Road”, North to South across the middle of the island. Phil Whitney also presents a copy of a Paine deed, with no reference numbers for book and page, dated March 24, 1956, which deeds the pier, float and bridge, as well as a right of way across the pasture to the inhabitants of the Town Of Cranberry Isles. Richard Beal will request further research.
F. Discussion Regarding Possible Harbor Master Position for TCI
It is reported that a private float owned by Edgar Blank is sinking in the harbor at Islesford. It is suggested that a notice be placed in the local paper.

It is also reported that an unidentified float has washed ashore in pieces on the Peirce property at Sutton Island. The Administrative Assistant is requested to contact the Southwest Harbor Harbormaster in hopes of identifying its owner.

In reference to expanding Dennis Dever’s duties to Harbormaster for Islesford and Great Cranberry Island, Phil Whitney suggests that Mr. Dever be contacted to see if he is interested. This item will appear on the January 27, 2012 BOS agenda.
Junior Bracy states that, in his opinion: “it’s a waste of time and money for what he does at Manset, let alone anywhere else.”
G. Discussion Regarding Possible Economic Developer/Marketing Consultant or TCI
Great Cranberry Island is in the works of preparing a brochure to promote the island. This brochure was funded by the Astor Street Foundation. Thank you to Sarah Zimmerman.
V. Other Business
• The Administrative Assistant will check where the boundary encroachment / right of way issue at the Manset Property was left off.
• The Administrative Assistant will send a certified follow up letter to the owner of the Brown House in reference to the fence the owner installed on TCI property at Manset.
• The Administrative Assistant is asked to replace two missing stop signs at Great Cranberry Island, one at Harding Point Road and one at Dog Point Road.
• The Administrative Assistant will work with Norman Sanborn, II in getting identified dock repairs accomplished at Great Cranberry Island.
• Phil Whitney reports that he attended the Personnel Practices workshop on November 1 5, 2011.
• Katelyn Damon and Phil Whitney have been attending monthly meetings of the League of Towns. In reference to public safety, land is being sought on MDI for a training facility which may be valuable to our Town as it is nearby. Feasibility of joint training sessions is also being researched.
• The Administrative Assistant will send a certified letter to the owner of Cranberry General store, with the bill paid by the Town for the last pumping of the septic on Great Cranberry Island. A response will be requested in time for the January 27 BOS meeting. The Board of Selectmen are prepared to back up this letter is further action is needed.
• Skip Stevens and Ron Axelrod will continue to work on the job description for the proposed safety coordinator position.
• Draft invitations to bid for float contracts for TCI and also for Manset are presented to the Selectmen. The Administrative Assistant will make the necessary corrections of typographical errors. The invitations to bid will appear on the January 27 BOS agenda for approval. Bids will then be posted and awards will be announced at the March 2012 BOS meeting.
• All leases for storage at the Manset facility have been signed and returned.
• Katelyn Damon may be interested in serving on the Maine Islands Coalition (MIC). Ms. Damon will speak with Malcolm Donald. This item will appear on the January 27 BOS agenda. Malcolm Donald is retiring as MIC representative for Cranberry Isles.
• The Administrative Assistant will put the surplus float from Sutton Island out to bid. Bids will be opened at the January 27 BOS meeting.
VI. Audience Communications
Junior Bracy wishes to discuss the equipment owned by the Great Cranberry Island Fire Club. Selectman Beal reports that three members of the Club turned over the equipment to the Town by lease and the Town has been maintaining the equipment ever since. Mr. Bracy states that according to bylaws of the Club, a quorum of members needs to vote on such a decision. He further states that the land that part of the firehouse sits on belongs to the Bracy Family by agreement. The septic for the fire house is also on Bracy land. Selectman Beal reflects on the fact that the white fire truck was taken off for repairs by Blair Colby and the bill in the amount of approximately $28,000 was paid by the Town. Mr. Beal and Mr. Bracy agree that the Fire Club should have authorized the repairs before the truck was taken off for maintenance.
VII. Adjournment: 2:00 P.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.

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