School Board Meeting Minutes December 21, 2011

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of 21 December 2011

(postponed from 15 December due to weather)

I. Meeting was called to order by chairperson Barbara Meyers at the Superintendent's Office, MDIHS, at 3:05 P.M.
Present: School Board members Barbara Meyers, Kate Chaplin and Ted Spurling, Jr.; Principal Carol MacRae; Superintendent Rob Liebow; Selectman Phil Whitney; Contractor Ben Fulves. Present at the Islesford School via PolyCom: Teachers Donna Isaacs and Lindsay Eysnogle; Assistant to the Selectmen Jim Fortune; Katelyn Damon, Melissa Amuso, Will Palmer and Amy Palmer.
II. Voucher was reviewed, approved and signed by all Board members.
III. Approval of Minutes of 17 November 2011: Discussion of a correction requested by Jim Fortune resulted in clarification to Item IV. F: Change second sentence to read, Jim said that he would check to see if it is a possibility [to lay fiber-optic cable] when the new electric cable is laid. Motion to approve, as amended: Kate; Second by Ted; Vote: Yes, unanimously.
IV. Principal's Report: (See also sheet from Carol MacRae)
A. Carol said that Sheila Krasnow has resigned as custodian due to a change in her other work schedule. Carol has hired Melissa Amuso.
B. Jason Pickering has built a raised walkway to improve snow removal.
C. Carol reported a wonderful concert at Mount Desert Elementary School, with Cranberry Isles students participating.
D. Thanks to Shira Singer for hosting a teachers' meeting (Professional Learning Community).
E. Through the TLC (Teaching and Learning Collaborative) the Student Council has organized a read-a-thon to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
F. Assessment Grading
V. Discussion/Possible Action Items:
A. Maintenance and Construction Projects: Ben Fulves led the discussion.
1. Remediation to outside staircase, Longfellow School
2. Rob had a question about lien-waivers for purchase of materials, to prevent a recurrence of recent fraud within MDIRSS.
a. Ben said that he will include language in the agreement to prevent this.
b. Rob said that all loopholes must be closed, and all financial arrangements should be cleared by Nancy Thurlow (Financial Officer).
c. Kate: Case-by-case, by contractors.
d. Ben said that he can be a filter.
e. Contractor to sign a lien-waiver from supplier and pay up-front; or to have supplier bill the School Department directly.
f. Ben will forward to Nancy any bills for fire escape to date.
3. Ben said that Longfellow School has been cleaned out over the
a. Barbara to work with Ric Gaither and assign some objects to the Cranberry Isles Historical Society.
b. Lights in Longfellow basement are complete.
c. Some plumbing at Longfellow needs follow-up.
4. Ben said that Jason Pickering has agreed to install egress hardware for windows at the Islesford School apartment.
5. It was agreed to solicit fixed-price bids from architects for the following:
a. Compile as-built drawings of Longfellow School.
b. As-built wiring diagrams, Longfellow.
c. List of actual drawings.
d. Same for Islesford.
e. Design second-floor access staircase.
f. Small landing/fire exit/steps, ground floor at both schools.
g. Boiler room/basement code compliance, Longfellow.
h. Design for hard-wired smoke detectors (both schools); lighted fire escape signs with battery backup (both schools). Ben said that architects must include design for these in order to submit to State Fire Marshall. Ben requested a vote on this. The Board agreed, without vote.
6. Basement of Longfellow School
a. Ben said that water enters through the stone foundation wall, and that this can cause deterioration of mortar joints with freezing, and can cause instability in the foundation.
b. Ben said that a solution could be to excavate around the building, create a membrane, and install a drain. Inside, cut a trench, install perforated pipe, crushed stone, pump (French drain).
c. Ben estimates $55,000 for drainage work. He said that this should be high-priority and should be done before the boiler room and before the code-compliant staircase
d. Kate said that we should go ahead and get bid specifications.
e. Ben asked if we should solicit bids now. Kate and Barbara: Yes.
f. Kate said that it would be good to go into Town Meeting with some information.
g. Katelyn Damon asked if funds meant for siding could be used for other purposes. Barbara: Yes. Jim Fortune said that because it is in the maintenance budget we can use it for other maintenance issues. Barbara said that the Board does want to be up-front with voters, but at the time the money was budgeted the current building inspection had not been done.
7. Ben said that he will place ads in the Bar Harbor Times, the Mount Desert Islander and Ellsworth American, and will also send e-mails to potential bidders. Ben will work with Nancy Thurlow, through School Department, on bid notices.
8. Ben said that the process for hiring for projects has different levels:
a. Under $2500
b. Under $7500
c. Ben said that he was not sure price alone should be priority and that we should maintain relationships with various contractors. He would like to have Whitney's Electric continue with this phase; Atom Electric on next phase. Barbara: How would this work if one contractor thought to re-do what another had done? Ben said that this is standard work, and needs to be code-compliant.
d. Kate moved to hire Whitney's Electric for Remediation, Phase I. Second by Barbara. Vote: Yes, unanimously.
9. Locks, Longfellow School: See plan that Ben has presented. Ben will get quote for next meeting.
B. Budget Considerations for 2012-2013:
1. Rob Liebow presented an overview.
a. Town appropriation for taxes.
b. Carryover of $33,770
2. Carol presented for salaries, health insurance, transportation, after-school care, benefits, safety factors, etc.
3. Kate said that the external staircase to the apartment should be included in Building Maintenance.
4. Phil Whitney said that it would be helpful to have an idea about capital outlay before the next Selectmen's meeting.
5. Rob said that we could plug in $100,000 for capital outlay, and with carryover could still ask for $22,000 less than last year.
6. The Board will vote on budget at January meeting, but this budget draft is very close except for capital outlay.
7. Preliminary figure:
a. $431,666 Total appropriation
b. $521,093 Total budget
C. Discussion on the following items was postponed due to lack of time, as Board members needed to get to the 5:00 PM boat:
1. Commuter Student Safety on the Docks
2. Update on Legal Questions Regarding Possible Cooperative Agreement with Mount Desert
3. School Emergency Management Plan
4. Update on Donation of School Car
5. Will Palmer expressed his concern about the move to boat students off-island to school. Kate apologized for the lack of time and that we needed to leave. Ted said that no decision was to be made at this meeting, only discussion at this point. The Board agreed not to include this item on the January agenda.
VI. Other Business: None at this time.
VII. Future Agenda Items: To be determined.
VIII. Adjournment: Moved by Kate to adjourn at 4:48 PM. Second by Barbara. Vote: Yes, unanimously, and with feet.

Respectfully submitted,
Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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